Tuesday, 30 December 2008

India vs Pakistan :Orkut problems!!!!

I hate this crap so much...
i have no idea what do people get by doing these kind of things....
i opened my community list in orkut and saw one with the name "ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN" ... i was like wtf yaar??? wen did i go so crazy that i joined a community with that name???? or is it that one of the general communities (on any other thing) that had been created by a Paki has now been renamed.... whatever... i clicked on the comm to unjoin it.... and then i see.. oh! once again.... it was an INDIAN community and has been hacked by a Paki...... has happened many times before this.... this is the crappest thing that you can do... now this comm is full of "Pak is grt" kind of stuff.....
surely there are Indians doing the same ....but i cant say nething bout that coz firstly i haven come across such a comm (and how wud i ???) and secondly, i'm not a Paki.. so i wudn FEEL it , you know..... and finally, writing bout Indian hackers troubling Pakis is the work of Paki bloggers.... aur hum kisi se uska haq nahi chheente.... newaz....
to all orkut users..... plz chek ur comm lists....to avoid any 'unnecessary' comms.
here's the link of the comm i spoke of islamic repub of pak


Dearest Allah
Am so so sorry for being such an ungrateful girl…. Plz do forgive me….. I’ve been stupid, not to think of all that cud have possibly happened to me…You know it well that I didn’t make fuss over it…. I just complained. Im sure You understand. See, I’m being stupid again in saying ‘I’m sure’…. Of course You do :) But am just a mortal and I go wrong so frequently… so, am sorry… please cure me soon and also cure my vitiligo and most importantly cure my heart from all the diseases. And help abbu and mummy and aapa and bhaiya and Azhar and Fiza and Faaris and me to be grateful…. We become what You make us… You make us what we want to be… Help us to want to be what You want to make us. And again forgive me and all of us….plz hum log ko maaf kar do.
Huzur ke sadke mein


How wud you feel if you were pursuing a course that never has a vacation longer than a week and that too at a place where these one week vacations are only for Onam, Christmas and Easter? How wud you feel if your home is an island, reaching which takes up a whole day and that leaves you with five days at home? How wud you feel if only one side of the journey costs you a minimum of 15-18 thousands making it a beautiful 30-36 grands spent for five days? How wud you feel if, just to make up for the money, you cut a month of Medicine clinics and loads of theory and visit home? How wud you feel if during the first week of that one month your darling nephew and neice fall ill? How wud you feel if you have to return back to college only 2 days before your exam? How wud you feel if you haven’t prepared for ur exam and had left it for the last day?

And then tell me.. plz do tell me how wud you feel if you fell ill on the last week of ur stay at home???????????????????????????/ how wud you feel.. tell me how wud u feel if u had to spend those last precious moments at home suffering hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhhhh fever, pharyngitis and as if it was not enuf…. Also.. conjunctivitis?????????????????? How wud you feel if you wont be able to meet your neph and neice fearing they might get infected? How wud you feel if you had to miss the 31st night dinner at a resort coz you are a chalta-firta bacteriological warfare ka weapon from which germs are oozing out and which is surrounded by a misty cloud of bacteria all around it????

However you’d feel….I am definitely not feeling great…… :I

Allah hafiz.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

TSUNAMI - 26th Dec 04- thru my eyes!

The morning of 26th December, 2004 began as usual for a few of us….. only a few..the very few who get up before 7 on Sundays…. For most other people, it was going to be a very different way to begin their Sundays…..

I don’t remember the time when I got uo exactly.. but, newaz.. I was ready at 6.45am to leave for my Mathematics tuition that was to start at 7….it was during the time, I was making my first attempts to cover my head… I had wrapped the dupatta of my white and sky blue salwar kameez round my head… and I vividly remember my mother scolding me… telling me how odd it looks…and how young girls shudn be so bothered bout head-coverings… dressing decently wud be enuf, she said…. i was upset, but chose to listen to mummy, and removed the dupatta, and wore it the normal way….
I then left for the tuition with my father….

R.P.Bharadwaj Sir’s house, Mansarovar colony
We were 15-20 students (same batch, same school) sitting on stools trying to solve our Maths problems… when suddenly others look at each other.. and sir says, “you felt that?” (I hadn’t…..)… the others start laughing….
Earthquakes are the commonest things that can happen to our place…Alhamdulillah, we have survived earthquakes that are stronger than the ones which can destroy whole cities… (probably coz’ of the lack of high rise buildings here!!)…and earthquakes hardly do cause any trouble… they just find a small mention in the right hand bottom corner of the 2-page daily newspapers of the Islands…. ‘India’ (meaning mainland India) doesn’t really bother with the news from these far-away Islands…
So, everyone laughed (me too) with an oh-once-again look on their faces… Little did we know that it’d turn out to be something that we’d never want again….
I remember… even as i was laughing… my eyes started to lose focus….. and I noticed …
No one was laughing anymore…………. Sir told…… “Niklo.. jaldi….” (meaning- “get out, fast”).. all this within 1 minute….. let’s say 1 and a half minutes… twas around 7.30am.

Towards the road
We knew it was a strong jolt…. I still don’t know how I managed to wear my sandals (many cudnt)…but, what we didn’t know was that it wud get stronger….
Sir’s apartment was on the second floor… and trust me running down those stairs with absolutely no eye focus… I felt I was climbing down a 100 storey building…
By ‘ no eye-focus’ , I mean that our eyes couldn’t focus on anything… just hold a book or something in your hands and shake it violently in front of your eyes… and then also try to shake your head as violently… how well can your eyes focus on the book???? Well, it was worse than this….
I kept my eyes down (don’t know why) so I couldn see the buildings and trees swaying as you’d hear from EVERYONE. I just saw…. Nothin except a ground that just didn’t stay in place…. Believe me .. it isn’t easy to run down a stairway that’s moving beneath your feet (or however you want to put it!) and that too, when you are running for dear dear life!!!!!
The next run was from the main door to the road… it was a slope actually and there was construction work goin on.. so there were these heaps of sand and stone chips… from the corner off my eye I cud see, these heaps break one by one (starting from the top towards the bottom of the slope) take a plate and put some flour on it making a heap.. and then slowly, very slowly, tilt the plate.. you’ll understand what I’m talking bout…
Soon there were , you can say, rivers of sand and stone chips ‘flowing’ on the two sides of the way thru which we were running…. And how can I forget .. the falling bikes and sliding cars….. all moving down the slope ever so passively….
I can only tell bout the ground.. I didn’t look up even once uptil then…

On the road
Till then I was trying to get the hang of what’s happening….but once I was on the road, I knew it.. I just knew….. it was Qayamat… the world was ENDING… and so I started chanting (can say, shouting) ‘La ilaha illallah Muhammadur rasulAllah’ and I was thinking of all sorta things like ‘I hope mummy abbu are reading the Thayyab…’, ‘the world’s ending but what happened to Jesus????’, ‘Jesus came and went and people didn’t even come to know’, ‘and Mahdi?” , ‘but it was supposed to be a Friday and the sun is also very much in place!!!’……and I’m sure you got it!.... now, when I think of it, it’s kind of funny…. Coz’ most of the other girls were crying out “MUMMMMMYYYYY” and the boys were trying to look for a place (with their oh-so–out-of-focus eyes) where there were no trees (trees cud get uprooted and fall on us…. There were HUGE trees on one side), no buildings (they too cud fall on us.. the other side of the road had five storey ke buildings), and no electric cables( supply cud b on and we mite get electrocuted if the elec poles fell on us….. there was a pole very close to where we were standing )….so, we were all set to die….after all it was Qayamat……. I looked straight ahead once.. just once and saw a BIIIIG tree, I lukd down again……actually I missed my chance to see swaying buildings…. I don the real duration.. but ithink twas 4-5 minutes…………….. then it stopped…. After alllllllllllllllll this, people started coming out of their houses…. You see … we loved our lives most :) :) :) .. we were the first to run….. prolly coz it was a Sunday… most of the people were woken up from their sleep by shaking beds… you cud make them out by their messed up hair… many men were in towels…. The only really dressed people were the tuition waale students (there’s also a Bio and a Chems tuition centre nearby)……all the Uncles were telling the same thing “Bohot zor ka tha bhaiya…. Hum log ka time mein pehla baari” ( twas really strong. The first to be so in our times) Saheba’s papa was the first to arrive… next came my father…. I wished Sir, and left…

Back at home
My house is one house away from the Jama Masjid…. I saw that the minarets were broken….. when I reached home, mummy was at the door and we hugged…….
When I started to remove my sandals while entering (we don’t wear shoes inside the house), mummy told to keep them on…. I understud the reason as soon as I stepped in…… there were glass pieces all over the floor……. You see….. things from the shelves and tables and all such high places had fallen to the floor….. Ours is an ancient wooden house…. So it got all the more dirty… all the dust from in between two wooden blocks were now on our floor….. how many show-pieces broke, I don’t remember… but there was this really nice matka… earthen pot…. In which we kept water… coz earthen pots are really cool…. And it’s a natural cooling method…..this pot was there in our house from ever….. it shattered to pieces…. :( :(
Btw.. I forgot to mention… on the way back we cud see some spots on the road were wet.. as if it had rained only in those places…. Can u guess what it was????? You know those Sintex tanks that we keep on the terraces…. The water spilled out and fell on the road…. Not really Qayamat…..but was it just a break in Qayamat???

Here comes the SEA
Now, all of a sudden, we see people rushing down the road….. started slowly but soon there was kind of a jam…. Wat was wrong????? We went out and found from others.. that they were going to see the sea….. something was terribly wrong.. “The Sea Was Boiling!!!!”…. oh!!!! So, it WAS Qayamat, after all….. we were sinking…. :( :(
Mummy and I were amazed at how people can rush to see something so horrific …… … Drowning in water wasn’t that gr8 an idea!!!! We actually live atop a hill….and so… we cudn see the shore from our place.. we need to walk around five minute to see the sea and another five minutes to reach the shore….. abbu went out… but Mummy and I refsed to leave home…. If we were to die, we’d die at home.. not making a tamasha (not getting the English word for it) out of death…..
In no time we see people from all coastal areas (remember we live on an Island??????? Sooooooooo….. coastal areas.. mean .. like… 3/4th!!!!! Ok?) rushing to the ‘raised places’ like our own hill…. Then, the secretariat and Court wala area (wat’s the name of that road????)etc….
An hour or two down.. the sea had retreated………. (no,it wasn’t Qayamat)…. All were telling how it had reached till the Stadium…. And we got news that it had even entered the Junglighat colony and there was water filling up many roads…….. there was no current….. we all were telling ki ha…. Such a terrible thing has happened here .. but, “Mainland India” wudn bother…..she wudn bother at all….. we had no idea that what we had gone thru an hour or two ago was something so vast that not just India, but the world wud bother………….. till then……… there was no news from Nicobar, or Tamil Nadu or the Neighbours (Thailand, Burma, Indonesia etc.. … my state “Andaman & Nicobar Islands” is closer to these countries than to “Mainland India”)……..we had no idea of the damage………and no idea that this was just the beginning of a long mental trauma (for us it was only a mental trauma, Alhamdulillah!.... but there were people, not far away, but in our own state……on the unluckier side of the Islands…. Who have lost EVERYTHING…………)

Yesterday marked the 4th anniversary of the fateful Tsunami that hit the shores of The Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal……………… reaching upto the Eastern coast of Africa …….. the Earthquake that triggered this tsunami had its epicenter in Indonesia, only minutes away from the southernmost point of my state….. it measured 9.1 on the Richter scale (some say 9.3)………….
We were soon to add a new word to our vocabulary “TSUNAMI”……..which is a Japanese word meaning “harbour-wave”…….







also see the following links


Tsunami- Primitive Tribes



More to come……
Allah hafiz

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Brow Blues

The latest problem in my life is ‘my eyebrow ka shape’… I had those really thick, broad, mota, tropical-forest-kind eyebrows till 9th standard….. when I finally decided to ‘go under the thread’ (as in ‘go under the knife’ :D)….
On one of the occasions, in an attempt to get an ‘arch’, Surya aunty (the parlour wali aunty) did something which made me look close to eyebrow-less… newaz… baal to dobara ug hi aaye the… but the shape changed each time I went for threading…

I always told the didis (the chhota-mota gals at the parlours) only to remove the extra hair that grows…. And they kept plucking out the extras….the extras below the ‘shaped’ part and sadly also the extras at the ends... this not only reduced the thickness of my brows but jaane-anjaane me, they reduced the length too…(coz’ towards the lateral end, my brows weren’t that thick.. they were in fact sparse and I guess they thot it better to remove them) and finally now, I have eyebrows way shorter (that’s how they appear to me !!!) than their original length…..

What I’m trying to do now is grow my eyebrows back, as much as I can till the end of ’08. and then I will go to aunty and tell her to shape them again PROPERLY (in way that wud suit me) and still keep them thick and long (i.e. allow the sparse tip to remain)…

I’m even thinking of applying ‘Zaitoon ka tel’ with a ‘matchstick’ at the tip…as told by my mummy…. And Shikha didi’s bhabhi … and Surya aunty herself….

But there’s another problem… I generally don’t get my eyebrows done during or immediately before any papers….. sadly, I’ve got my first sessionals from 5th.. and getin eyebrows done on 31st or 1st doesn’t really feel good…..im super-superstitious!!!!

Let’s see….

P.S.- a reeeeallly big dream in my life is to InshaAllah write a novel…..and if God fulfils this dream… inshaAllah I will name it ‘Zaitoon’ :) … (not after the tel of course!!!)

Allah hafiz

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Oh!! To Be a Doctor !!! :) :(

xams frm 5th.....final year subjects included.........as always..am screwed....
and know wat...in gynaecology, we have dat whole Obstetrics text for this sessional... And the best part is that i didnt bring that book home... :( :(

Allah! help my poor soul!!!

nice quiz :D :D :D

got this from Simply Muslimah's blog
:D :D :D
here are my results..
You Scored as Islam

You scored as Islam. Your beliefs are most similar to those of Islam. Do more research on Islam and possibly consider taking the shahadah and officially becoming a Muslim, if you aren't already. Despite the actions of some - who go against the teachings of Islam - Islam is a religion of peace; the word "islam" means "peace through submission to God." "Muslim" means "one who submits to God." Islam is the third of the three Abrahamic faiths, and it shares much with Judaism in Christianity; its differences are the acceptance of Muhammad as the last and final prophet, and the oneness of God - in other words, that Jesus, though he was a revered prophet, was not in fact God, and only one God exists. Apparently the Taliban could not read (though their name means "students"), because the Qur'an states that men and women are equal as believers, and that all believers should be educated and seek knowledge. Modesty in dress and behavior is required in Islam for both men and wom

Islam 100%
Confucianism 55%
Buddhism 55%
Judaism 30%
Christianity 30%
Paganism 30%
Satanism 30%
Hinduism 30%
Haruhism 20%
Agnosticism 0%
Atheism 0%

:D :D :D :D
Allah hafiz

Don't You Cross That Border.......

Am watching Sahara Samay and they are showing (as usual) clippings from The Great Indian Laughter Challenge … and the contestant whoz (badly) trying to make us laugh is Wali Sheikh (or is it Shah??). Hez a Pakistani.. just a few minutes ago, we heard the great Mr. Raj Thackery on Zee News… He was repeating the point his party had made a few days back.. that the Paki artistes shud go bak to their country…they wudn be tolerated in Mumbai or even the whole of Maharashtra…..hmmmm ..Probably the first time, I seem to agree with this party..
Not that the entire country is demanding it… it’s just one political party from one state…. Par fir bhi…. If we apply it to India…. To kyahoga??? The one person whoz goin to be reeeally reeeally happy if this happens is my mummy… shez been saying this very thing from ages… whether relations wid Pak r goin well or not.. my mumma has a very clear stand on that matter.. :D
The other day, my sister too was telling the same thing…
Newaz… now, initially.. I too thot it’s the right thing to be done…I mean , not allowing these people to come to India…..coz just see the way Pak is behaving… a little example..

Masood Azhar has been arrested…. Masood is under house-arrest….and recently… Azhar faraar…. Pakistan main nahi hai Azhar….

Gr8.. isn’t it????

But, if I think a little more (coz I have that tiny little soft corner for Pak….. and a soft corner, however little it is, is after all a soft corner :( :( :()…. I realize that such generalizations can be made anytime on any group of people….. That I’m a Muslim, only makes it easier…. Like we get so mad at people who blame Islam or Muslims in general for the terror attacks… how quick we are in telling that no, it’s just one fraction of the people…so, don’t blame us all…what they are doing is definitely wrong…
The same kind of a generalization was made against the Americans under Bush…ek Bush bura to pura Amreeka bura…… I too had been so anti-American … Obama has somehow erased that Amreeka-khilafi feeling from us (at-least from me…. Don know bout my other friends.. )…
So, wat I mean is.. will it be rite to say that since Pakis are killing us, we shudn let other Pakis enter India?…..…(and by killing, I mean the terror attacks… not the killings at the front… so it doesn’t cancel out, you see…. I haven’t yet heard of a bunch of Indians entering Pak illegally and blowing up places, something that Pakis did to India only weeks ago (and not for the first time)….)
Of course, we can be given innumerable reasons based upon which we can deduce the answer to be a ‘yes’… like, they earn money in our country and then use it against us…. Or.. this is the way we Indians show our anger…. Etc. etc….

Star News showed this mast item yesterday (or was that the day before?) wen India refused to play the cricket series in Pak….. It wasn’t overtly anti-Pak…but was suffused with patriotism…. They told this decision of not going to Pak (given the fact that India had played matches in Pak, wen many other countries had refused to do so owing to security reasons) is a kind of silent resistance….ab mere khayal se, this was a wise thing to do…..i haven’t yet been able to find out the difference between ‘not playing Pakistan’ and ‘not allowing them into India’.. fir bhi, I’m quite in favour of the former thing…. About not allowing the Paki artistes..mmmm.. I don exactly know.. I mean, I’m like.. 9/10… they shudn be in my country.. for reasons so clear…. But the ‘1’ that remains makes me rethink the situation… and also rethink bout wat a gr8 hypocrite I am…
After all, we are Indians… will it be ‘Indian’ to behave this way????? The French secularism wants a hijabee to remove her headscarf in order to be truly secular.. The Indian secularism entitles a Muslimah to wear the headscarf, a Sikh to wear his turban, a Hindu to wear the tilak and Rudraksh and all ‘symbols’ that proclaim our religions and yet be secular…..There had been that time wen India was so hell-bent on going on a war against Pak (a few years bak, don remember the year xactly), but, still at the end we didn’t…. many criticized this act… but, still there were people so happy that India didn’t go nuts and just went and attacked….(a similar situation bout war has come up abhi also) What I mean is, India has her own way bout doin things…. Will it be Indian to let them in? Or will it be Indian to stop them????

Like I had told in a previous post as well…. ‘aa bail mujhe dhoondh dhoondh kar maar’ is not a wise thing to do,,,
Not that Raj Thackery or Manhoman Saab or anyone else will come down to the Islands to ask me ‘To Kiran beta kya socha hai?kya karna chahiye??’… but fir bhi.. you know… …..the ‘that ways’ :)

btw.... plz do read this blog post by the Girl with big eyes
and here are some really nice pics of the Wagah Border..:D :D
i came across these blogs bas abhi abhi.. :)
On a confused note…
Allah hafiz


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