Friday, 4 April 2008

Kerala Backwaters. . . 2nd trip.

Assalam. . Today my batch has come for boating in the alleppey backwaters. . In kerala. . .its been sponsored by the community medicine department of our college. As a treat for the survey we conducted on the consumption of DEC tablets for filariasis... . Its a beautiful experience. . . . The first time i had gone was with my boyfriend. . It was in a smaller boat. . .But since it was my first time, i found it simply superb. . . Not that today was boring. . .Still, relatively. . .My sis too has been to the backwaters , in one of those big house boats. . .But she didnt enjoy much. . . Shes mad. . . I would die to go in those beautiful house boats with my husband. . . I wish i get a chance. . . I love water. . . You know. . .i am a JaLpArI. , :-) :-) :-) Allah hafiz. .

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