Sunday, 13 April 2008

MJ. . . . A muslim ? ? ? ?

A few days back i was in one of those orkut communities. . . . Where everyone hates Islam and everything related to Islam. . . There someone had posted that Michael Jackson's conversion to Islam speaks a gr8 deal bout what Islam is and the kind of people Muslims are. . .
now. . . i had no idea of this. . . Newaz. . Last night. . I searched google and found that MJ had been into some organisation called "Nation Of Islam". . Had something to do with the blacks in America. . .That site gave names of many many famous black Muslims of the U.S . . Who had reverted to Islam when in jail . . Mostly for grave crimes like murder and rape. . .One famous name i remember now is of Mike Tyson . . All these people reverted when faced with mishaps in their lives. . . The site presented is a racial dilection towards this religion. . . They were not being overtly criticizing. . But a very subtle demeaning of Islam was done. . (or perhaps i imagined) well. . . I called up Azhar . . He too didnt know anything bout. .Perhaps coz we are away from home. .And not in that gr8 an access to tv. . . Well. . MJ now lives in Bahrain and has reportedly bought a big mosque there. .

how much of it is a truth. . . I have no idea. . . But i just hope MJ stops his doings . . At least now that he is in Islam. . .Otherwise as one of the comments read. . . No country can make such a mockery of Islam as can the conversion of MJ to Islam can. . .

seeing that he is so out of news now. . . Probably he is being a good boy. . Lolz :-) May Maalik keep him out of news. . . aameen

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