Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A Feeling Divine

With all its rays, it shines really bright,
Tearing apart the darkness of the night.
As a diamond in coal entices your eye,
So does this glow in a pitch black sky.

With the wholeness of a pearl, or the crescent of a smile,
It compels you to stop, look, and admire it for a while.
A single look can wipe off pain, the sense of chill or that of heat,
The dwellers of the world? Oh well!. . . Their hearts skip a beat.

Like the eyes make friend with the glittering tears,
It travels through the night with the stars as its peers.
As its reflection dances on the seas and streams . . .
. . From the sky it slowly enters my dreams.

Just as love can only be shared, not borrowed or hired,
Its eternal beauty, too, can only be desired.
Sensing this beauty is a feeling divine,
That person's lucky who can say,
"The MOON is mine."


{in 10th, age -15, in memory of Prince}

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