Wednesday, 2 July 2008

slllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeppppyyyyy post

Im sitting at the kamaraj domestic terminus, Chennai…. And am feeling so bloody nostalgic, jiska had nahi hai……..
I have been to this airport so many times, and mostly with azhu..and here I am sitting alone….. waiting for the flight .. feeling so dead sleepy…….. had he been here, wud have been chattering.. bakar bakar ..he is such a strange boy, just doesn’t like answering my questions.. ya to shayad I ask way too many questions…
Now im not all that scared bout losing charge coz ab to inshaAllah ghar hi jaana hai…
Well, to let me tell u bout a few things that happened in the past 2 days.. not that they are important in anyway.. but still… to, Monday ko I had gone to town to get money for july.. now, since the 2nd best place in Alpy is my college bus ( after my room, of course), I luv to ghumi in the bus.. so, I thot that y not go in the 5 o clock bus, which goes round the whole town and then get down at MCH junction…. So, I boarded the bus and sat at the only seat available, just behind driver uncle…and kept my lovely pucha kuda ( cat umbrella, since it has got catty babas printed all over it)… near that big thing jaha gear hota hai ( I don’t know uska name)…but at the station, when all got down… I got a seat near the window.. so I moved there .. but forgot to take the pucha kuda…{{{{{{{{ now, a short history of the pucha kuda.. well 1 puch kuda was brought by my parents from John’s in Alpy when I was in first year….it was green in color.. and had lots of puchas all over it.. I simply loved it…. But, as happens with all man made things(for thatb matter , even with things made by God), this darling kuda of mine.. fell ill… khaasi, sardi , bukhar.. kya nahi… and all these jeevan ka thapeda made it punctured at innumerable places….and one dandi also broke off… so, finally with a heavy heart I decided to replace it…but, I was postponing this painful act, coz I cudn bear to do it alone…:P. …hee hee.. nahi yaar.. Azhu was bout to pay a visit, and we don’t have anything to do ,, so I always try to keep a shopping list ready whenever we meet.. so that we have atleast something to do…………
Khair.. to when azhu came, we went to John’s (us din bhi ladai hua tha coz hero wanted to go by auto, but I told ki kareeb hai, so, we can go on foot…. But shayad Hyderabad ke nawab ko distance thoda zyada laga… huh)…ab waha jakar I asked ki chetta show me a pucha kuda.. the poor fellow didn’t understand, but sale ko itna drama tha ki didn’t even ask the meaning.. yuhi kept lukin here and there, and after quite some time asked ki what exactly are you trying to tell…(this kind of attitude is one thing which really makes me go mad at Alpy)..newaz then I explained him in my fantastic Malayalam :D….and probably he did understand.. coz thodi hi der mein.. guess what I see????? My own pucha kuda comin to me………….yupps .. you got it…. I got a second kuda of the same print….yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeee….. I was so happy… and luckily, . uska udghatan bhi usi din ho gaya tha.. coz it started drizzling and we used this naya kuda instead of the old one…}}}}}}}}}}}}
To now you must be able to understand, how special this kuda is to me…..(if you still feel its not important……………………… GET LOST. Coz I care a shit)
To ab imagine ki how id have felt jab I realized ki mt kuda is missing………. Khair… I finished off my work and returned…. And decided ki the next day id go to college b4 the first bus leaves.. so that I can take the bus.. but, pichhle kuchh dino se my day-night cycle itna bigad chukka hai ki I knew that I will sleep late and get up late and will lose my darling kuda to sum insensitive asshole… so, I decided to stay awake the whole night and sleep only after I have finished my work ( Wow, Im so clever at times, huh!!!!!!)
Newaz, so I stayed up sseeing sarkar raj the whole nite, wich got over at 5 in t he morning… and then I thot ki bas thodi der let lete hai…and ho gaya jhinga lala huhuhu…
I slept and got up at 6.30… only 1 and half hours ka neend….. khair… chhatri to jaise taise karke 9 baje mil gaya.. and then agn I went to ghumi in the 9 o clock bus…(mere ko ho to hai na keeda ghumi ghumi ka :D ).. when I returned , tabhi yeh episode shuru hai… yahi ghar aane wala….
I wrote AAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL this only to help u to understand ki how dead sleepy am feelin rite now……………………:D :D :D
Kochi- Chennai me bhi I was sleeping… do baar neend khula… pehla jab aunty ji khana lekar aayi.. and dusra jab plane land kiya.. to who dhakka lagta hai na.. usse…:D :D :D..

Just 1 more thing and I will end… I had only eaten thoda sa puttu kadla in the morning…so, I was hungry, isliye I told driver uncle of the taxi to stop and get me paani and biscuit.. who thoda sa hi khaya( 50-50, yeh ek biscuit ka naam hai), tried controlling my hunger , but, finally I cracked, and got myself veg tikka sandwich…………..and usi waqt manhoos announcement – “ passengers flying by Kingfisher Airlines flite IT-2683 are requested to proceed to the boarding gate……….
Nonsense- kameena… :D :D :D
I ate had-bad had-bad and went to the gate , and told that red aunty “ Chennai”. She told “ Are there any more of you remaining, Maam”.. well, guess my sandwiches got me late..
Newaz daud daud ke plane pakda(mere zindagi mein chain se to koi bhi transportation nai milta hai)…and waha ka bindaas wala khana nahi kha paaye….nonsense ho gaya
Waise mere flites and airports se related bohot kuchh hai… hope to write someday…
Abhi ke liye…kaafi hai………….
Im sooooooooooooooooooooooo sllleeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Allah hafiz

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