Thursday, 18 September 2008

17th September, 2008. . . Morning

i dreamt of the sea . . . Huge placid . . . And of a road in between. . . Im in a car with some male and i am sacred that i will drown. . . Its the sea between blair and ross . . I get that feeling . . Though i cant see any coast, i can see a big sea. . And i am sacred. . . For the first time i am sacred of water, though i aint drownin. . Then there is a water park in the sea. And i am sacred. . And there is a lecture hall, floatin on the sea, and i am sacred.
and i see two moons. . One bright one dull . . And i try to take a pic. . But i cant . . Then i see them as constellations and azhar is mockin at me . . .
Allah hafiz

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JaLpArI said...

Lolz. . . Sacred =scared. . . Whenever you see this highly amusing spellin mistake. . Just know dat i hav been typin on my mobile wid d dictionary 'ON'

:D :D :D


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