Sunday, 7 September 2008

"current" problems

A little wittle experience:>
2 dino pehle .. something happened (these people are telling something bout high voltage, backflow of current etc etc… but I really wonder what happened to the ??thing/mechanism?? Called fuse???????????????) and mere room ka fan ud gaya.. I woke up at around 5.30 am with some burning smell… I didn’t get up though.. (I just started imagining a fire in the hostel (outside my room, to be noted), and what wud I do.. suppose I open the door and see flames, wat wud be the thing I shud save… my cel, my books..or………………)and tabhi there was this horrible noise from my fan and I got soooooooooo scared ( 2 points to be noted here..1> I had noticed that the fan was moving too slowly, but didn’t bother to think bout it.. 2> I always have this strange feeling that the fan will breakoff and fall… on me….. coz I sleep on the floor, .. on a mattress I mean.. :D) I jaldi se got up and switched off the fan… only then did I realize that the burn smell wasn’t from outside the door, but very much inside the door, in fact, from atop my head…. Yupps.. the fan got burnt… (fan ka something got burnt…. That something’s name is :-> COIL, as told by Azhar
ARMATURE, as told by mummy
CAPACITOR, as told by abbu
CONDENSER, as told by Dr. Shikha
Instead of considering them paryayvaachis of the same word, I choose to believe that they are all different parts in a fan… and if that is right, according to these 4 people.. almost the whole of the fan burnt up (or is it burnt down?).. except the blades, of course….. so, lets go with what I wrote…. The fan got burnt)…ab to check if there is really some problem.. I switched on the tube lite.. and there was this very strong lite… it wasn’t a spark.. and I don’t even remember seeing a lite.. but I assume it was a lite.. I mean all I remember was that, as soon as I switched on the tube, I got blinded for some seconds… it was so strong (that assumed light), ki I switched it off as soon as I had switched on.. and then inspite of blinking my eyes twice to thrice, I still cudn see anything.. I was like “Allah Paak, am I blinded?”..i groped for the door and opened it.. and then slowly, I cud see…(while writing it seems very long.. but it took only around 15 seconds)……. I was scared like shits….and then I called up Azhar…. He told me to switch on the two things and see… but first to wear chappals… I asked him rubber chappals na? :D…..lolz.. newaz….fan bhi nahi chala and even the tube only blinked at the two sides, didn’t light up…. And in a next minute current chala gaya.. I came to know coz there was peace suddenly…….. warna mere bagal ke kamre mein rehne waali gal (her name is PINCHU, can you imagine???) ka fan itna shor karta hai ki poochho mat….
Khair to all I cud do was to wait for electricity….
Cutting short the long story… we waited for current the whole day.. paani khatam ho gaya.. we started carrying ground water from the tap outside…3-4 baar complaint kar diya, sisters didi se aur mere se pareshan ho gaye (coz, current na hone se sab se zyada pareshan hum hi hote hai…you have no idea, how passive the gals here are.. I don know if it applies to the whole of kerala, or the whole of alleppey, or just my hostel…. But the real meaning, the true meaning of “passive” humko yahi aakar pata chala), I packed up my things to go and stay the night in LH( coz even if current aa jata, I wasn’t sure agar mere kamre ka fan chalta ya nahi and for that to get repaired or replaced, current ko jaldi aana chahiye warna agar late ho gaya to sisters mera karma thhek nahi karaengi) and tabhi Father came and did something (again, I don’t know what something, thankfully I didn’t ask anyone or else I wud hav got 4 different words for it) and baaki saare kamro me current aa gay but mera to sab kuchh ud chukka tha……..:( :-(
Khair.. I made such a big fuss :D that sister had to go and call one chettan who changed my lite.. (replaced it with one from the study hall), and assured me that I wud get the fan the next day… :D, then I set up my connections only to find out ki during that Light Dhamaka, my charger was in the plug.. and so, my baby mobu ka charger bhi ud gaya… :( … so sad… khair.. Thanks to Allah ki phone ya lappy ya lappy ka charger nahi tha…
Hmmmmmmmm. To kal fan bhi mil gaya…. And uske baad se 101 baar current ja chukka hai….somethin is really wrong with the current vibhag in alleppey..

Hope this never happens again……………………
Khair, now for the next post.
Allah Hafiz.

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