Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I Don't Want To Write!!


This was probably when I was feeling too lazy to write something… (God knows what!!! I could have written it, after all…. Lookin at the mess I wrote ultimately :D)

I Don’t Want To Write!!!

Blinking at the blank pages
I sit down to write,
My thoughts are on the move
My fingers don’t stir a slight.
Such a lot has happened,
Such a lot has changed.
But, no, am unable to…
My fingers don’t stir a slight.

If only there could be something that
Captures what’s in my heart,
I wouldn’t need to put words to my feelings-
That would be its part.

I’d just carry this little wonder
Wherever I’d go,
And all my feelings would get stored
Just as in my heart they flow.

Then each day there’d be loads and loads of stuff,
All written by this magical thing.
I wouldn’t bother to think to write,
Just to my heart I would give wings!!

I wouldn’t look for solace
To find the right word for what I feel.
This awesome thing would show every emotion
Like a movie playing from a reel.

But, until I find this little gift
For me sent from the heavens above…
I’ll take the pains to think and write
Tales of jealousy, hatred, fun and love. :D :D :D :D


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