Thursday, 18 September 2008


I haven’t studied anything today, though I really wanted to… don’t know why… !!! im so sad, and I know why, today is again one of those days when the fact that I’m so lonely here, comes haunting at me…
I hate everyone… I hate the people who talked shit bout our medical exhibition, saying that if other medical colleges come to know of it, … we’d be a laughing stock….
Ok, so if fools want to laugh at us, let them… we are WORKING to make things happen, we are not in that gr8 a city that we’d get as many sponsors as them, or watevs… I care a shit…. And I hate you
I hate the people who tell that ther’d be fites during this intermeds, ‘alpy apna aukaad dikhaega, it seems’

Go fuck yourself. Alpy MC, is made of people from all over the state and some from other states as well, so jo bhi aukaad hai, hum logon ke badaulat hai.

I don’t like the fact that im all alone here
I hate it that I aint studying
I hate studying
I hate those who create ‘HATE ISLAM’ communities on orkut
I hate those dumb, deaf, blind fools who give lame reasons to why they hate Islam, when they can very well say that they hate Islam just because they hate Islam.
I hate it that MS word gives a capital ‘C’ to Christians and Christianity , capital ‘J’ to Judaism but not a capital ‘I’ to islam and ‘M’ to muslims… but it makes no real sense… see these words jesus, god, mary , hindu, sikh, Hinduism, jew… newaz, Muhammad mecca medina Bethlehem moses Abraham Jacob, bible, torah quran Koran adam eve Ishmael Nazareth ……I don know the why how who which where when of it… not really to do with the punctuations, if you notice, newaz I don’t have the time to chek so deep into it.
I hate it that I’m still using MS word
I hate it that I will continue to use MS Word
I hate the nuclear deal between the US and India
I hate the US
I hate it that India has changed so much, all in the name of development
I hate it that India is losing her principles, just to win the race to become a superpower
I hate it when I say I will defect India
I hate it that I will never have the heart to actually defect her
I hate it that skin theory class starts at 8.30
I hate it that I still don’t know Malayalam
I hate it that we will have an end posting in skin
I hate it that I always miss the bus
I hate it that I am always late
I hate it when those chaddiwala fools speak bad bout Jesus
I hate it that the world speaks bad bout Huzur
I hate facebook
I hate those who hate orkut
I hate those fuckin lizards which enter my room
I hate it that I cant find the interpretation of my dreams
I hate it that mermaids aren’t visiting me anymore
I hate it that there’s no tata indicom at home
I hate it that all is such shit
And I hate it that I hate hate hate

The only things I love right now are
My god (whom ms word doesn’t give a capital “G”), my prophet Muhammad ( with the capital “M”), my family
And Links , my MS assistant , the cat, she’s chasing the blue butterfly now… she’s a darling.
And Ahmadinejad…….. I love this man.

I’d only get bak ‘in’ mood
If Israel gets dissolved as I type this…
If the north American continent sinks deep deep down
If Bush collapses due to petroleum poisoning
If Bush loses his mental faculties
If Bush gets slapped by Rice
If Bush gets a slap from anyone, for that matter
If anything deplorable, disgusting, embarrassing happens to Bush.

Im goin to sleep… prolly I’ll have kurkure now, then I’ll go to sleep… Its almost 3 .. I don know if I’ll be able to get up for that darned skin class..
But, skin is good, and difficult, and I don’t know
Im going
Allah Hafiz

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