Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I miss you Anu, Shilpa


Its 3.35 am in the morning…and as usual, I haven’t had a blink of sleep till now. Had been tidying up my room, my table in particular, when I came across these few “words” scribbled on bits of papers… perhaps written during some intolerable lecture classes, where the ‘mind’ never rests where it ideally should….
I shall post each piece of my heart in a different post. Ok?

“Anu, Shilpa – I miss you both so much. It’s good you two are with your boyfriends. You don’t have to feel what I do. You both have friends. I know what kind of friends! Still, someone to be with you… and best is they are your kinds, not too extro, or intro... Just like you guys. You live in good places, have good food. You study when it’s time for that, when you want to go out, you can... and sunset is no limit... I’m alone here... if I want to live happily, I have to live alone... Strange!! Of all people, Almas is alone... I remember how Shilpa and I used to stand in front of the class... When I came here, forget bout me...
Moral science also teaches… people’s differences are not that important, but you know? They are!!... Damn important!!
Shilpa, I think bout you so often... you have people... Aneesha, Abhinav and all others... you can meet Pavan, Priya, Nidhi, Abhishek. I’m so alone, I miss you so much! My batch is going for a tour... I miss you so much. Remember our picnics?
All over the place only
Water and sand
Life’s a bliss when friends
Walk hand in hand….

I won’t go!
I’m so sorry life!
I love you… Trust me!
I only don’t want to hurt you-
Your sentiments or your pride!
We’ll wait…
The sun will surely rise!!!”

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