Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I Wish I Had A Magic Stick


This had been put on the college wall mag

I Wish I Had A Magic Stick

I wish I had a magic stick
I’d change things in an eye’s blink.
I’d never let a drop of tear roll down my parents’ eyes
We’d have a lot of friends to love and be loved by…
The world would be a big kingdom with happiness everywhere,
No sorrow, no pain, no tensions would be there!
And of that kingdom, Fiza and Faaris would be crowned Prince and Princess,
Abbu and ammi, King and Queen; bhaiya and aapa, Chief Ministers.
We’d have big palaces in every city we’d go…
There’d be no air sickness and ticket fares would be low.
There’d be no unemployment and poverty would end,
No sickness, no diseases, only laughter’d be the trend!
There’d be lots of trees and also large blue seas…
I belong to an island and can’t live without water around me.
Whenever I’d want summer, there’d be sun shining bright,
And on asking for winter… snow would slowly fall from sky.
My brother-in-law would be lovely; he’d never scold or scowl
My sister wouldn’t have to work; she’d play with her kids throughout!
I’d have a palace built where all the cats would live
And all the dogs would be packed in a box and sent atop a hill.
Most importantly, with my magic wand, I’ll remove jealousy from earth;
Only calmness, happiness, love and prosperity would take birth.
But, now, after writing so long, I really think it wouldn’t be fair…
To have a world with all things good, it really does look bare!
Coz’ a pinch of salt, a dash of lime is needed for delicious meals.
Some good, some bad and Judgments fair were part of Allah’s deals.
So, I think I’ll let go off the magic stick and just make a simple wish…
Some wisdom, some care and feelings rare that’d make my life bliss!!!

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