Thursday, 16 October 2008

1920 & Phoonkh

i saw 1920 yesterday. . .. . . . It is a too good film yaar . . . . ! ! Scary in the true sense of the word. . . . Besides, i liked the story too. . . . I mean its not just lots of bhoot with no story. . . I found the kahaani kaafi interesting. . . . There are a few things bout the film that really deserves to be written bout :->
1. the actor. . . . Don know his name.. . . And don even know if it was his debut or not. . . . . But . . . He looks too good in the movie . . . (maam just scolded me for smiling, chudail) . . . I never liked him before this . .
2. It doesnt give credit to 'medical science' in the end. . . . I would have hated it, totally, had it shown some crap like that. . . I believe in the supernatural with all my heart, and i know medicine cant cure everything. contrast it with bhool bhulaiya which shows some stupid thing. . And Phoonkh , where in spite of knowing that the gal was cured by other means, the (smarty)husband lets his wife give credit to the doctor. . .
3. The last scene. . . . Where the guy recites the Hanuman chaalisa (wel, am nt a Hindu nd so i cnt b sure if it was Hanuman Chaalisa or nt, am sory if im wrng). . . Its just such a lovely scene. . . . I mean, . . . . Well , watch it for yourself. . . :)
4. The gal , wasnt really good lookin. . I mean , i didnt like her ... Maybe coz i liked the boy so much ;) newaz. . . I liked gayatri better. . .

Phoonkh, which i saw long back, was ok kinds, i had liked it then but due to that last scene where the husband remains dumb when his wife is all praises for the doc, i didnt like it as much as i would have liked it otherwise. . . It was not scary (in spite of the fact that i saw the movie in an almost empty theatre, there was only 1 old uncle, and the the boy who checks your tickets at the door , who saw the film along with me. . ) except at a very few scenes, 1 being the hero' s nightmare. . . The movie, instead of causing me any fear, made me think of the way Azhar dresses up and how nice it would be to be a husband rather than a wife. . . Etc etc. . .
the worst part of phoonkh was however, the way the grandma's hand extends long long long. . . We saw a similar thing long back in another movie, bees saal baad was the name i think. . .
newaz. . .
if you haven seen 1920 and phoonkh. . . You shud go for 1920 and never regret nt havin seen phoonkh :)

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