Friday, 24 October 2008

24th October, 2008 messages

Here are the last 10 messages in my inbox and sent items

Azhar : Jaan , kya karta?
Harish Kammath : Business card
Azhar : Jaan, how s your mamma?
Azhar : very sick kya? Hospital main test hua kya!!!
Azhar : acha kya hua
Azhar ; acha are you angry with me?
Azhar : no I thought you are, by your replies
Azhar : nothing its k
Anisha Fathima: A new born baby asked the nurse: “ do you have a mobile?”
Nurse: “yes, but, why do you need it?”
Baby: “ I want to give missed call to God to inform that I’ve reached here”
Mohsin Ali : Being happy doesn’t mean that everything’s perfect,
It just means, you’ve decided to see life beyond the imperfections.
So, don say you r happy coz everythin’s alrite…
Be happy coz’ everythin sucks, but u r doin just fine!!!

Sent Items
Azhar : nothing
Harish Kammath : Do you have Manju Maam ka no.? Please…. I need to ask something bout medicines… Please
Harish Kammath: Thanks dear:)
Azhar : sick
Azhar : will message later. Bye
Azhar : she is very sick, tests will be done tomorrow, inshaAllah
Azhar : no, why shud I be angry with you?
Azhar : no, am not. How am I supposed to reply now?
Azhar : ok
Azhar : I’m sorry for not replying properly. Was tensed. Ok?

Allah hafiz

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