Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Dearest Azhar

Asslam azhu
I love you. Thank you for being with me through everything. I don't know how my life wud hav been, had u not been wid me, or, how it'd b if you go away. I want to b wid u always... always, always, always.
Watch tv while on phone, read newspaper while on phone, I want to travel with you. I want you, i want you, I want you.
I was a little gal
Thanks for being all that you've been.
I hated your last 7-8 months in college, coz' you were no longer my azhu...
I love your always ironed shirts, if you remember, a beautiful school bag with something violet somewhere, the blue shirt you wore for your farewell, those big Lee Cooper shoes, the way you always carry a pen, how you always order for beef fry as a sidedish, the way you ran to get me back the purse i'd lost in Chennai Central, the place you take me to see planes land and take off....
dyu remember that navy blue striped shirt you wore so often?
the way you always looked the other side, whenever you passed by my classroom, the way you sat at the railings,the 11th std. staircase, the zero periods..
the greeting cards you gave me...the blank greeting cards...
the first gift you ever gave me.. it's still in my showcase....
how you gave me register and notes of Gyan Sir.
I love you Azhar, your comments on each living person you meet, the way you always made fun of my 'slippers', the rasgullas you ate (never ate) in my home...
how you got me the barbie doll i wanted since childhood,the toy violin, all the cards that i tore....
your handwriting, the Vote of Thanks you gave, the volley ball matches you played...
the way you switched from Jyoti to Shanti coz' I was the Shanti house captain...
how you called up daily from Chennai during your 1st year...
the way you went out daily to buy pilot pen's ink, to be able to call me up...
the way you never forget to ask how my family is doing,
your smile, the way you fight with me,
the first day i heard your name,
the first day i saw you,
the first day i spoke to you,
the first day i met you.........
the way you forgot to go for your exam while fighting with me, the way you came to drop me to the airport on the day before your semester exam,....
the day you didn't clear Cognizant, the day you got thru your Elxsi interview....,the way you called me up after your placement... I love you azhu...
the way you don't shave when you come to meet me, coz' I like you that way...
i love that fragrance which came from you and also your house, and I used to make fun of you saying that you use room freshner instead of perfumes.....
the way you always wear perfume...
the way you always wear such a lot of perfume,,,
I so love the expressions on your face..
I miss you..
I wish school had never ended....i wish things to be as beautiful always...
your eyebrows, the swatch that you never wear, your peculiar way of walking..
the way you ask for salad, pappad, achar (8 varieties), sauce, chutney, etc. etc.etc before you start having your lunch that consists of not more than 4-5 morsels..How you order for all the food in the world and let me eat everything. the way you always try to calm down my anger by offering Fountain Pepsi,
the puchka store in Spencer, which we never fail to visit....
our search for Sea Shells, which you were telling was a wite building and I was teling, was a black one & we made the auto wala go crazy and newaz.. finally found it... it was beautifully black..:)we went there coz' it's famous for it's sea food but, ordered everything but sea food!!!
How you make autowalas stop rite in front of the shops we have to enter, something i'm fed up of tellin you not to do..
when we go to shops, the way you buy things for me so stealthily, that i don't even come to know..the way you help me decide how to study, in spite of not knowing anything bout MBBS.
the way your heart melts when you hear me crying, even when we are having the most heated fights....
the way we have spent most of our time together in Shopping malls....
the way you told me sorry after coming bak home for all that had happened in those last months of your college.
I love you Azhu and I sincerely pray to Allah for things to go well.
Allah Hafiz.


Mohammad said...

all i would say after reading dis post that no 1 on dis planet is as lucky as i am, i love u too.....and i m sorry for being a jerk at times..i love u dats s all i knw

JaLpArI said...

dearest jerk-at-times
i know you re the luckiest... :D
i'm lucky too :)
(see, 2 people can't be luckiest... so, i give you the chance :D)
P.S- the times u behave like a jerk are on the increase, plz try to limit that :D


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