Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Malayalam Disaster!!!

This happened during the staff registration at the 3D Indiana demo….

I committed the sin of not recognizing the HOD Anatomy and so, when I asked him for his ‘designation’ ….
He told “anatomy”
Now I found it really awkward to ask him exactly what in antomy?... of course, he didn’t himself fill all the posts in the Anatomy department…. Uggh!!
“HOD” he told.
Fine I thot…
Suddenly I heard Anisa say, “She’s in 4th year”
Apparently, Dr.HOD had asked me something in Malayalam, which I didn’t hear coz’ my “Malayalam Antennae” were switched off…
And then ….. Dr. HOD starts speaking in Malayalam and I look at him, he speaks and I look at him, he speaks and I look, with my “Malayalam Antennae” switched on, but, as always happens with me in emergency situations, failing to catch the signals properly…
From the corner of my eye I see Anisa standing up, I stand up too….
From the corner of my eye I see Anisa smiling, I smile too..
From the corner of my eye I see Anisa nodding her head sheepishly, I nod too, trying to be sheepish, coz’ fuck man! I don’t even know what’s happening and all my Malayalam knowledge has deserted me…
I understand one word here and one word there, all of which when put together make no sense to me!
Finally, when Sir leaves, I turn to Anisa with one of my ‘what-the-fuck?’ looks and she says with an ‘oh-the-fuck!’ look (the difference in the two looks being the punctuation marks that are painted across our faces:D) that he had asked me (at the beginning of this Malayalam disaster) if I didn’t know him… and since Ani was quick to realize that I haven’t heard the question.. she had replied that I was in 4th year.. ( and so, I didn’t know the HOD of a first year subject)
But, probably the Dr. had felt bad and so, he went on to explain ALL that he was…. This and that and that and this.. he had started so and so, was the founder of so and so.. etc. etc.. (to which all that standing, smiling and nodding were done).. In short, what he meant was that he was THE H.O.D. ANATOMY OF ALLAPPUZHA MEDICAL COLLEGE and we , disgusting, deplorable, crappish 4th years, didn’t know who HE was, HE, the HOD of a subject we cleared in 2006 , a subject we studied under 2 HODs (like most of our non clinical subjects, coz’ no one wants to work in Alpy)….………..
So, I think safer wud be to go to the Academic Section once a week and get updated bout the transfers and appointments and retirements that happen in the VARIOUS departments.. steal a pic of all the teachers, and write their names below it and paste it on my wall and luk at them every morning, just so that, if in future I ever meet a doctor , I don’t commit the unforgivable sin of not recognizing him/her……………
Allah hafiz.

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