Sunday, 26 October 2008

Muslims - the Terrorists!!!

I read this blog post recently……linking muslims with terrorism

Its really sad and true that “TERRORISM” is a word that’s associated only with Muslims, when, if you think for a little while, you’d realize that there are bigger sources of “TERROR” for a normal man than suicide bombing attacks by Muslims….

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines:
“terror” :- 1. extreme fear  the use of terror to intimidate people.  a cause of terror
“terrorist” :- a person who uses violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims

So… , is there no other faction, besides the Muslim fanatics, who fall under the above mentioned category? Of course, there are…
Don’t the chronic criminals deserve to be called terrorists? The various anti-government organizations (and there are many), aren’t they terrorists? The fanatics of other religions, who believe in killing and destruction to be their only voice, aren’t they terrorists?

But, no… the media projects Muslims to be the only terrorists…. So much so that, people have started believing the term ‘Muslim’ to be synonymous to ‘Terrorist’…

Even the tv serials which have no reason whatsoever to bring ‘terrorism’ into their stories, somehow manage to bring some element of ‘terrorrism’ into their scripts and show Muslims to be terrorists…. In short, ‘Terrorism=Muslims’ is a concept that sells, just like a few years bak it was ‘sex’ , and in no way will the tv channels let this golden opportunity slip away, even if it’s at the cost of dividing the society, and thereby leading to ‘terrorism’ in the true sense….

However, there’s this really funny thing bout these serials…
In these shows, the ‘terrorists’ always have very long names……..
The length of the names goes on increasing as the rank of the terrorist increases in his organization…… like suppose there’s a local informer, his name wud be……….. mmmmm. Let’s say …. Muhammad Zainulabideen
Then ther’s one whoz the head of these local informers, his name wud be Muhammad Abdul Yaseen Sheikh,
Then, (skipping many in between), let’s reach Pakistan (where all the terrorist organizations are shown to have their bases), the one who is to be contacted to reach the Boss, wud have a name like…………. Muhammad Sarfaraz Liyaqat Ali Shah.
And finally the boss wud be named…….. Muhammad Haaroon Abbas Hameed Zulfiqar Ali Khan …………dyu get wat I mean????

3 points to be noted here
1. ‘Muhammad’ is essential in your name, if you aim to become a terrorist.
2. you should preferably be a ‘Khan’ if you have really high goals.. like heading terrorist organizations….
3. researches have shown that the ‘bin’ and ‘ibne’ system of names are not prevalent in India Pakistan, but are quite common in the Arab World, so, if you aim to be a terrorist in the Middle East, get urself a sexy “A bin B bin C bin D bin E” kind of a name. In this way, you’d also be paying a tribute to your grandfathers…:D

So, you see how small I feel by having a name like Almas Shamim, that just doesn’t feel Muslim , going by the names our wonderful media shows us….
In the worst of all situations are my dear Keralite Muslims (many of them), who have names like
Sibin M
Anoop S
Shanoob Azad (a boy who I met at an inter-college feast, and wile discussing bout
something(I don remember wat), I told him “Ohhhhh,u
are one of the Goddess Sarawati Brahmins!!!!” He (and all his
friends) gave me a blank look… I thot they don’t know who
‘Goddess Saraswati Brahmins’ are…and I went bout explaining it
completely, only to be told, at the end, that Shanoob was a
Muslim….huh!!!! Why God???? Why dyu always do it to me??????)
Sajin T
Etc.etc. etc.

Poor fellows, never will they be considered Muslims by our Media….:D

But, wat bout the Muslims who do have really lengthy names, and yet, somehow, miraculously, amazingly, are NOT terrorists?????????? What wud the Media say bout them??????
Welllllllll, as pointed out by the Indian Muslim Blogger, Media wud present to its viewers (I believe that the print media is relatively sane as compared to the television news channels) that the sole reason that these Muslims (the ones with the long names, and for that matter, the ones with the short names too) have NOT YET been labeled as terrorists and are still BEING ALLOWED TO ROAM FREELY, is definitely and most definitely VOTE BANK POLITICS…………

So much for the beautiful Mother India, we are so proud of!!!!

Allah hafiz


mohammad said...

excellent job dear,superb writing,carry on the good work.

Mudassar said...

well u r right that media has the power too do the right n wrong... we ppl are only directed where they want us to... sometimes willingly and sometimes inadvertently... the atrocities of israel and of russia and of britain itself {in the sunbcontinent a century ago} are not marked as terrorism but muslim ARE terrorist even if they are fighting for their freedom somtimes...

JaLpArI said...

@ mohammad

thanks azhu.... glad that you are reading my blog!!!! :) really....:)

JaLpArI said...

@ mudassar
i agree with you.... a lot many times it happens.... Muslims, today, are in a very vulnerable situation.
it's sad but surely every nite is folowd by a day..
lets hope for the best :)

JOSEPH said...


JaLpArI said...

o ya sure... will definitely do that....i'm a pitara of names...:D lolz...


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