Friday, 3 October 2008

Poster Uncle

I am trying to cut short on my expenditure this month coz’ I don’t have a penny left that I can call my saving. I used up all that I had saved during Ramzaan. But, today (just the 3rd day of the month) I already broke my resolution of buying only the things I need and not buying just for the heck of it. When I started from the college for my hostel, I was happy coz I hadn’t spent a rupee on anything useless; but, when I reached the hostel portico, I saw a man sitting ther with posters to sell. Now, I have always bought lots of posters from the man who visits the college hostel (I don’t know if he’s the same man, I’m too bad at remembering faces), but, it was different then, coz I never used to run low on cash during those days… newaz, I wudn have bought any today either, had I not seen him looking hopefully at two gals who were walking a little ahead of me…. His head turned in anticipation to follow them as they passed him like he didn’t even exist…. I felt so bad. Here was a man who was actually trying to sell things and earn money, not just going bout begging for money. Begging isn’t allowed in Islam. Even the Zakaat (obligatory charity, one of the five pillars of Islam) that’s given shud ideally be given to the mustahak, the people who are needy but don’t show, who don’t beg. Nowadays, there’s a trend where muslims who are financially ok also go bout houses asking for Zakaat, the sad part is that many a times these people don’t just have enough not to be given Zakaat, they, in fact, have enough to afford luxuries. I know of a lady who is given charity money from almost all muslim households in our locality ( Andamans is a very small place with very very little population of what you call “poor” and these too are mostly made up of Bangladeshi refugees or beggars flooding in from the mainland India), and now, she says mummy, “bhabhi, main aapko apna mobile number de degi, aapko jab bhi Khairaat Zakaat dena ho, mujhko phone kar ke bula lena!” ugghhh!!! Well.. newaz
I have always found it very difficult to keep myself from buying things from these sort of people…. Like the “ice”, “jhaalmudi”, “balloons” and those “khilaunas” that are sold on the roadsides…. I cudn help buying today, only two posters… one showing two kids kissing and the other showing an infant in his mother’s arms… for how much? Rs. 25 … it’s so strange that the man sat there for God knows how long only to earn so little… how many posters does he sell in a day? I don’t know.. and I don’t want to know… I rather be ignorant than deal with something that I have not yet learnt how to deal with. Each thing that we have whether luxury or a basic need, is a mercy from Allah coz there are so so many people who don’t even dream of getting what we have…. Glory be to Allah, the Ruler of the heavens and the earth and all that exists.
That uncle first showed me some laminated ones of Jesus and some Christian saints (I wonder why people believe that all living in a Christian hostel wud be Christians… newaz… not he, but, I am to be blamed… I don’t even try to look like a Muslim :( )
I, then asked him to show me other things.. he showed me those sketch type waale… babies waale, etc etc.. I bought 2 which are really good, but, I will never be able to put them on my wall… they are big pictures.. I’m scared of big images… they are so ghostly… guess I will give it to amuda. Hmmm. As I was entering the hostel, he told me “I’m just sitting to sell here… I have good ones.. when you go in , show them these posters… only then will they like.. and tell them to buy if they like”…. I smiled…I told yes….
How cud I tell him that I hardly speak to anyone in this hostel, even if I wanted to, I possibly cudn.. coz of my fantastic Malayalam…. Besides, I know no one here would buy…..
Allah guide us all.
Allah hafiz


Mudassar said...

dear blogger,
althu the whole post was intersting but i liked the part really which explains the begger woman giving her mobile to her mother... i wonder such people exist... or rather started existing now... lol
anyway keep it up...

p.s. i recieved ur comment thnx :)

JaLpArI said...

Hey. . Thanks for your comment. . . :)

Hmmm . . . Probably not in other parts of the world, in my territory, we dont really have a "poor" lot. . So, we face this problem of giving Zakaat. Thats not the case in mainland India. . . In fact, during Ramzan, there are lots of people representing mosques and orphanages from the mainland who fly down to our islands to collect the money. . . They know that we have no where else to give. . . :/ :/


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