Sunday, 19 October 2008

So, Whoz Crowned PAKISTANI??? (part 1)

In my previous post I have mentioned bout a film that shows how a candidate for the post of sarpanch was made to withdraw, by accusing her husband of being a Pakistani spy working for the ISI…..
This reminded me of an incident which speaks of similar feelings, and this, in turn, reminded me of many incidents falling under the same seamy category of attitude that I call “discrimination”…….
Belonging to such a an Indian minority that had once caused the division of India, and probably will lead to yet another…. I (and am sure, many otherz) have had many experiences of becoming a Paki, whether I like it or not… whether I accept it or not…. And I know, this will never end…not just because of something that happened in 1947, but, because… there ARE Muslims who, I assume, forgot to move to the other side, and remain here , only to litter the land with shit in which the feet that get dirtied are not their own, but actually belong to the Muslims who have CHOSEN to be Indians…..
I shall try to recall as many instances as I can where I or someone I know was labeled a Paki (of course, not including the open remarks of people like Bal Thackery) and even mention 3 instances of the not-so-Indian Indians…
1. I got a message from a classmate (Orthodox Christian, Keralite brought up in
Blair, female… won’t be mentioning any names)…. That read.. “in New York, a man was walking down an alley when he saw an old lady being attacked by a dog…. He found a stick from somewhere and beat the dog until it ran away and the lady was rescued… a journalist who witnessed the whole episode, came up to the man and asked “you have done such a gr8 job.. helped an old lady….America shud be really proud of you, are you from NY?”
man : “no, sir”
journalist: “then you definitely must be from Texas”
man: “no,sir.. am from Pakistan”
the next day’s New York Times headlines
“Muslim Terrorist Attacks Local Dog”

Well,now I really liked this message and so forwarded it to all my friends… and since India has more of non-Muslims than Muslims…. My contact list too has more of non-Muslims… and so many many non-muslims got this message from me….
1 of my friends(plz take note.. of all the people, no one was so crazy except this asshole), lets call him Mr.V replies me “Oh, so you are a Pakistani supporter?” (EXCUSE ME???????? WHAT?????)
Me (thru sms): “no, but am a Muslim and I support Muslims”
Mr.V: “ya, and all terrorists are Muslims”
(((((((( I know that sir, thanx for making me feel so good)))))))))))))
Me: “ya, I know”
Mr.V: “I do agree that there are a few who are good, yet, all terrorists are muslims”
(plz note “THERE ARE A FEW WHO ARE GOOD”…. Oh, so you are tryin to tell me that of the billion or so Muslims only A FEW ARE GOOD and all the rest are going bout killin people……c’mon speak it out , that’s what u wanna say… a few are good but the majority are terrorists….. welllllll.. don’t you think that the world wud have burnt down to ashes long long back had the whole minus A FEW of the second largest religion on this planet taken to killin others)
Me : “ya”
Mr.V : “do you agree?”
Me : “ ya”
(very well, I agree,sir… and do YOU agree that India is killin innocent Kashmiris? Do YOU agree that Muslims in Palestine took the rap when a crazy Christian went bout killing Jews in Europe? Do YOU agree that it is quite illogical to compare the demolition of a temple by A Muslim Foreign ruler who at that time Ruled India to the demolotion of a mosque in the Sovereign Socialist SECULAR Democratic Republic Of India?
I surely agree with you on that one…. Do you agree with me on this one? Or lemme be clearer, do you have the guts to agree with me on this one, knowing you could be PROFILED ?)
I have never spoken to him ever since….. except during the tour when I didn’t really speak, I gave him water (Islam doesn’t permit the refusal of water)
You’d think I played it up…. But…. There was something else that had happened before this little “chit-chat” on the sms that made me cut off all contacts with him after the ‘all terrorists are muslims’ episode….

We started chattin over the sms one evening over general topics, starting with why am I not living in the college hostel (it all happened in my first year of college), blah blah blah… and then suddenly, “Do you believe in my Gods?”
(hmmm, now don’t you know?)
Me: “well, I believe your gods to be Prophets, not Gods”
Mr.V : “ k, leave this topic”
(o ya!!!!! Leave this topic…. Did I start it in the first place??? Or did you?.... and what else did you expect me to answer….. I worship all the so called Gods on this planet, who to aise hi time pass ke liye Muslim bane baithe hai………..
If I say what you want to hear, you like me and if I say what I wanna say, I’m crap…
To hell with you, Almas speaks her heart, dhanyawaad)

I had completely forgotten bout this, and was reminded only wen he started wid dat typical t.v. material of ‘all terrorists are muslims, all terrorists are muslims, all terrorists are muslims’ ….

Newaz…. A few days after his futile attempts to chat with me …. I get an sms from an unknown number… “you have Pakistani ancestry….” (my gr8grandfather’s father was from Peshawar….and if you have any sense of History you’d know that it was long before the existence of a state called Pakistan)…
And a few days l8r… from another unknown number, the same thing in different words “your grandfather was Pakistani” (o ya! My grandfather was a Pakistani and after ’47, he crossed the border illegally with my father on his shoulders, coz he had gone nuts!!! And didn’t want to be in a majority muslim country, coz he cud foresee all the reservations Muslims wud get in India for being the impoverished minority, and lo! Here I am the Indian grand daughter of the Pakistani grandfather)
{just as a little piece of info: my grandfather, M.A.Khalique, was shot dead by the Japanese along with 8 other Indians, as a suspect Indian spy workin in the Japanese Wireless, leakin their info to Indian rebels…… we can still see his photo in the galley of Cellular Jail, The National Memorial….. my father was born in ’46 February posthumously}

Months later, in my 3rd sem, my friends and I are discussing bout my looks… ehm,!! Well, I have been told by Bengalis that I look jusssssssssttttt like a Bengali, by Tamilians that I look jusssssssssssttttttt like a Tamil and by Malayalees that I look jusssssssssssssstttttt like a Malayali……and this gal…. gives me an impish look and says “noooooooooo….. Almas looks like a Pakistani!!!!!!!!”

(o ya! And how may I know can you find the difference between a Paki and an Indian, just by looks?)

This gal, is the soon-to-be-or-not-to-be Mrs.asshole..huh!! She’s Mr.V’s galfriend……..

Me : “ya, I know why I you’re saying so “
She : “(laughs) why? Tell me”
Me : “just know that I know”
She : “ no, still… tell me”
Me : “ mera muh mat khulwao madam”
I don know if she understood the Hindi or not… newaz
She smiled
I smiled…
Smiles can have a thousand meanings…………

Newaz.. this post has gone way too long..
Will write a 2nd part…
……………………………………….TO BE CONTINUED

Allah hafiz.


indscribe said...

Nice to see your blogs. Really interesting and you write well.

Though I stopped updating that list long back, I have made an added your blog.

JaLpArI said...

Hey sir,
thank you . . . . . Thank you . . . . Thank you . . . . .
im really gr8ful ! ! :) :) :)

Ram Kumar Pandey said...

wow.....nice blog..

I really cannot resist a comment....

you're saying that the Muslims are responsible for the partition in 1947 and the ability many others........... you are absolutely right...I'm maximum 100 or say 200 years, there will be a demand of a separate homeland for Muslims again, but believe me there will be no partition again, there will be a bloody civil war like what happened in China in 1949 and millions of Chinese citizen died.

You have brilliantly crafted the story from one side.... but did you ever, for even one second, tried to think about it that why people of India (A very few) and people of west are suffering from this kind of prejudice against the Muslims??

isn't it the kind of hypocrisy that wherever in the minority talk about the victimhood and the deeds of the majority....and wherever in majority..... sweep the minority.

I am fully aware that there are not FEW but MANY that many Muslims who choose to remain in India in 1947, but there are many who didn't move.... not because they have any special patriotic feeling thoughts India, but because their neighborhood is friendly and have had good business here.

Ram Kumar Pandey said...

I mean, can you please think logically..... when the Muslim league for elections in Pre partition won almost all Muslim majority seats within open in agenda of creation of a separate homeland for Muslims Pakistan. I'm sorry to say but it is a reality that, whatever India you see today is because these parts are non-Muslim majority, had any of the part in present day India are of Muslim majority, they would have surely went to Pakistan (in 1947). Did you remember any incident in 1947 when the when any particular are of Muslim majority had demanded that no don't want to go to Pakistan will would want to remain in India? in any Muslim majority India demonstrated the loyalty towards India?

Coming back to your question of Indians are killing innocent Kashmiris?

innocents.... really? tell me how long we will keep tolerating of the partition of our country? people will come up with different ideologies like back in 1947, the 2 nation theory..... and the Kashmir the ideology in current date.... and we will keep losing our land.

I know many innocent Kashmiris lost their life in Kashmir..... but let me tell you whenever and wherever they will be a rebellion against the state the common and innocent people of that particular state will have to suffer. You can check the history of the world and even in India in 1980s when there was a demand of a separate homeland for Sikhs call Khalistan, the innocent Sikhs have suffered. And even if tomorrow there will be a demand of a separate country even in my state then the innocent people of my state will have to suffer... that the reality no country be a communist Nazi nationalist Islamist Christian Buddhist or anything else, will ever tolerate the division of their country.

unless and until people will learn to of their country before the religion...... problem exists.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Thank you for the comments sir.

i agree with you in most things.

i have mentioned most of it in other posts and comments in this blog.

i do look at the other side of things sir. But i cannot be two things at the same time. My blog, the whole of it, does not appease Muslims, if that is the impression you are getting. I cannot, however, write everything about everything in a single post. This is not my job for which i am getting paid or something. :) I just write as a hobby. . Out of things which come into my mind. And my mind, after all, is my mind. It forms and decides based upon things that happen in my life, that i like, that i understand, that i infer.

i have written that i do not like being called a pakistani. That i am an indian. And that people call me a pakistani for various reasons. You, in your comment, do not, even for a moment, appear to understand the pain that an indian feels (irrespective of his religion) on being called a national of an enemy country.

i have not supported the creation of pakistan. I have not shown any unconditional love care and goodwill for that country. I have even mentioned in altered words that we, MY FAMILY, chose India.

you dont seem to recognize me for my love towards my country, but, justify the pakistani label that is attached to indian muslims. My dear brother, if i didnt know the reasons behind being called a pakistani, do you think i would even tell that muslims were responsible for creation of pakistan? ? ? Inspite of the fact that many (not muslims) have claimed that the two nation theory was initially proposed by hindus.

of course, you will write your side of things.
of course, i will write my side of things.

when you can comment bout all the reasons why a muslim is called pakistani, you shouldn be surprised that i, as an Indian Muslim, who is called pakistani, has a written a post like this.

i am not saying that your comment was in any way wrong. Coz you are obviously responding to a stranger's single post written in a blog you hit upon incidently.

but, i can only say, that people to whom i am not a stranger and who know me more than a few blog posts, wouldn actually write the kind of comment you have written.

people always tell me to look at the other side of things, people like you, strangers. But what leaves me amazed is that all these people are themselves not doing what they want me to do - look at the other side of things- look at MY side of things.

sir, i look at things, from all sides my limited knowledge enables me to see. But, finally, i have to settle for one side, rite? My side.
coz if everyone saw from every side . . . Do you really think we would even have the concept of 'other side'?
i can be diplomatic to an extent, beyond that, i , like everyone, should know what i stand for. I am only being me.

and i dont think i can give any further explanation on why i am me.

no hard feelings.
god bless.


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