Sunday, 19 October 2008

Welcome to Sajjanpur

I have been doing little other than watching movies and reading novels for the past few days…. And possibly that’s wat id be doing in the near future as well…
Well, for the movies , I’ve seen Welcome 2 Sajjanpur, Khuda ke liye, A Wednesday, The Happening, 21……………
Lemme start with Welcome to Sajjanpur…. Coz it was the worst of all….
It’s bout a graduate who cudn get a job better than becoming a letter writer…. And thru these letters we come to know the lives of the people of that village, the lead role is played by Shreyas Talpade, who, I believe, is a really good actor, but, even a good actor needs a good script….
The movie desperately tries to be funny, but cannot earn more than a smile and that too in very few scenes…. 1 being …. Amrita Rao goes to Shreyas to get a letter written for her husband whoz workin in Bombay, it begins like “yaha sab raaji khusi hai…. Gay byaahi hai, doodh bohot hoth hai…tum hote to peete……”..:D
Amrita Rao was a darling as always…….. she is the sweeeeeeeeeeeetest female in bollywood… she does her typical sharmeela role very well  I simply love this gal.
There is a scene which shows how an influential person (as he assumes himself to be) scares off another contestant in the upcoming pancchayat election, by falsely claiming the contestant’s husband to be “an ISI agent and Pakistani Jasoos(spy)”….. :D this reminds of the innumerable ways in which Pakistan affects an average Indian Muslim’s life…(average Indian Muslim means one who iz not on the Mohammed Ali Jinnah (formerly) end of the spectrum and neither on the Dr.Kalaam end , but, somewhere in between….. )
On the whole it was a very bakwaas film, was more like the plays we perform at school, with hardly any rehearsals….
Chalo… tatas
Allah hafiz

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