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Hijab - A Conversation Between Two so-called Muslims!!

An interesting conversation took place today.. between a friend and me…. This friend is a male, Muslim, Malayali, medico (not Aleppey medical college, but some other medical college in Kerala) whom I had met at the All- Kerala intermeds held last year at Kottayam (for anyone who has read a certain post in my blog “Jalpari” where I mention bout another male, Muslim, Malayali friend whom I met last year at the intermeds.. Shanoob Azad…..plz plz don’t mistake this person for Shanoob.. I’m not talking bout Shanoob …so plz…) we have a common friend…

After the intermeds too, we kept in touch thru messages and of course the grt grt Orkut.. During my final sessionals…this friend helped me a grt deal by teling me wats important, wats not.. coz’ I had told him that I find mbbs reeeally difficult…
Recently, he had started sending me messages (sms) in Malayalam.. bout general things.. I used to reply in english… last nite he sent me a message in which he had mentioned bout the intermeds (this year’s intermeds are scheduled from 27-30 at Alleppey :) ).. I told him, amidst other things. That I shall wear the headscarf from 28th inshaAllah… I slept after sending the message… and read the reply only today morning…

I shall write the conversation (thru SMS) that took place between him and me…. Word to word.. the same…

To most of his questions I have simply said him to read up…. Not coz’ I don’t know if he is rite or wrong.. but coz I am no hafizah (nor do I intend to be one…at least no such wishes in me at present) and no scholar… so I cant go bout citing verses… I can only ask the saamne waala person to read the Translations and tafsirs of the Quran Paak…. I have been reading the Quran Translation daily (minus the days in which I’m prohibited to touch the Book) Alhamdulillah, since August 2005… and trust me it helps a lot in makin you a better person. But, that doesn mean that I can quote from the Quran…

You know, its something like.. people tell to read the textbooks thoroughly, coz then, you at least have some idea bout everything.. and for the exam , you can at least score a pass mark…by writing a bit of wat u know and a bit of ‘gas’….
But, with Quran Paak, you cant write ‘gas’…. Newaz… I will try to clear things said by this boy.. one by one… over a period of time…( I attend college, remember?? So, I cant be on the net all day..)… for now, im posting the little’ chat’…

Btw…. Lets call him ALI……..

Ali: Almas suhruthe.. enthu parayunnu.. bhakshanam kazhicho..intermedinu
varumbol thaangal kanumallo alle…avide ippol eniku kure suhruthukal undu.. elavareyum kaananam ennundu…thaangal ethelam vibhagangalil malsarikunundu… ithavanayum aangaleya katharachnayaku kaanumallo alle… shariyenal.. baaki nalle….!!! Shubha ratri nerunnu

Almas: ( I replied .. but the message got erased from my sent items folder before I reached the hostel, so, I cudn copy it… newaz.. in this I casually mentioned that I shall inshaAllah be wearing the head scarf from 28th onwards)

Ali: Holy god... Scarf..? why, you turned that religious all of a sudden or wat..arae yaar.. Don’t hide urself behind a piece of cloth.. you wont lose anything if others see that pretty face of yours..!!

Almas: Scarf doesn’t cover the face (Ali).. and I have always been religious minus the scarf… I had tried in 12th.. even the first 4 months of 1st year…. But I cudn continue coz I dint have family support… they used to make fun of me..but now I think its high time… God is above family.. :) :) newaz get ready and run to college… don’t sit with ur cel now… :p tatas

Ali: I know… It doesn’t cover the face… But it really looks stupid..!! Me too am religious… No where in our Holy Book it is said that females are supposed to wear scarf… And dear, don’t think otherwise keto… I dint mean to offend you…!! Just that I expressed my view… If I had a girl I wud never allow her to wear scarf…!!! Anyways … take care… Bye…

Almas: Surah Noor verse 31… Surah Ahzab verse 59.. Quran Paak

Ali: Tell me what it says…

Almas: Its long I will type later.. if its ok.. gotto get the bus da… I will send it while im in the bus.

Almas: “And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers or their brothers’ sons or, their sisters’ sons, or their women, or their slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And O ye believers! Turn ye all together towards God, that ye may attain bliss.” 24:31 Quran Paak

Ali: Dear friend… If you wanna follow each and everything, which others claim, was told by our Holy Lord, you better live all alone by yourself in a closed room…!!! Truly, I should not be watching even a news report… coz the lady reading the news mite not have covered her aurath… That means outside my house I must blindfold myself coz’ I’ll be seeing a lot of females outside, that way… But I don’t do that.. so, does that make me a non-Muslim? way… A Muslim gal is not supposed to romance… Literally she is supposed to be completely under her father’s orders till marriage and husband’s after marriage.. Tell me kutti.. is it possible today?.. A Muslim gal never enjoys the freedom which you are enjoying right now… So all together… if you wanna be a pakka Muslim, you should not be living in this age… Just think ours is a beautiful religion but has been interpreted in the wrong way always… No God will ask His creations to live a caged life… He loves us… Cares for us… He is not that strict… He knows that humans have weaknesses… All He is asking for is to live a righteous life… I’m not offending you kutti… But you must understand… Of course, this is your life… Live it the way you want to… But never let your life be led by false believers…take care dear…lots of love…(Ali):) :)

Almas: “O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters and the believing women that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad) : that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And God is Oft-Forgiving and Most Merciful.” 33:59 Quran Paak

Ali: But that’s not an answer to my last message dear

Almas: How much we follow is up to us.. you are free to follow or not. But you are not free to say that Quran doesn’t command so… say that yes, Quran commands but I don’t follow..

Ali : Almas… you sent of

Almas: my messages are not getting delivered da

Almas: your faith, your interpretation, your god, your life, your death… you too take care.. tatas…

Almas: the answer to your last message is all over the internet… man shud have the courage to know that he is wrong.. God has prescribed things.. you follow it or not is a personal decision… you told that Quran doesn’t say so…so I gave the verses.. of course Islam is a tough religion.

Ali: Dear.. you sent me all these… I appreciate that.. I respect that.. But citing few quotes is not sufficient.. Just ask yourself whether you will be following all these or not… Whether you can have such a life in this period… Think deeply and answer honestly…

Almas: I am answering honestly (Ali).. I will try my best to follow.. I hope you know Islam is a universal religion.. has come till the end of the world.. tomorrow if Dajjal comes, people will say God is merciful… He will forgive, He will understand that to be able to live happily we are forced to call Dajjal God… we are still Muslims, we will enter heaven…this attitude is bull shit

Ali: Ya.. I got them together.. You said Islam is a tough religion… the answer is a big NO… it’s the simplest religion… Over time it was subjected ten [he sent it incomplete, I think]

Almas: Islam is a tough religion,.. for people who don’t wish to obey the commands, like you are saying, it will obviously be easy……..for those who wish to obey. It is difficult.

Ali: Dear, You believe in what others say… Discovering the truths of a religion makes it simple… Whatever you say, God wont make something that’s tough for his followers

Almas: like you said, you will be able to do hardly anything, in today’s age…, it’s difficult if you still wish to follow everything today

Almas: besides the Quran itself says that there are many who believe in part of the Book and disbelieve in the other part.. its just dat.. and bout women… I cant write such a lot.i will really request you to read up… Islam gives the highest position to women.. read up comparative religion… (only if you wish to) hijab is not oppression.. not at all..chalo then tc tatas..

Almas: You are free to disbelieve, you are not free to twist the Book…and by others what dyu mean? Is Muhammad someone ‘other’? I wont argue (Ali).. please search.. and I too hate listening to maulvis.. newaz.. am entering OP… tatas

Ali : Of course yes.. Only Islam gives this lot of respect to females… even a surah in the name of Mariam.. by all way it is a great religion. But dear, before following any religion understand something… All religions ask humans to lead a righteous and simple life… not a stressful one..

Almas : YOU plz understand islam, .. I wud request you to read books of Islam, than to news of reporters.. ok.. da I cant reply now… oki sir vannu

Ali : No I never said that.. nor am I trying to twist anything… know wat, the concept of religion first arose when there was a need for an order in society… and thus came different know why everyone believes so strongly in their religion.. because every person thinks that his religion is right… and that’s the main reason why people fight over religion… it has been happenin throughout… no one tries to understand other religion and that’s the main reason they are unaware of the goodness of other religions… every religion is good.. think this way… born as a Christian, almas would have never thought of wearing a scarf.. na…because then you would have thought only bible is true and that all other holy books are bull shit…

Almas : Bible prescribes scarf… please clear your concepts first… religion arose wen order for society was needed, by whom? People? No… read the story of creation of the world, read the history of Islam… you will know… no point in my telling everythin… internet and books are all available.. just read the tafsir of the Book.

Ali : may be.. I dunno about bible.. I just wanted to cite an example…But then your beliefs would have been different if you were a Christian…and dear friend don’t believe in wat you see in net… think logically.. that must be the basic human nature.. not merely believing whatever things you come across.

Ali : Fine dear.. you said that humans had no role in the formation of religion… tell me dear.. then why are there so many religions.. if it was a process directly under the guidance ( I hope so) of the Holy God, there should have been only one religion… na… so, this thing gets even more confusing.. that’s why I request you to think logically rather than just believing…

Ali : Dear friend.. my questions are still unanswered.. I dunno whether you’ll be able to find an answer this life time… this topic has been under discussion for quite some time…I wont blame you… its difficult… just would like to tell you something.. never stay within the realm of particular concept.. think freely… act locally.. why are there so many religions, if it was God who made them…? (hope you’ll agree wid the fact that there is only one God)… Would you still stand for everything said in our Holy Book if you were born wid some other religion…? ( wud you not believe in the contents of the other Holy Book then…?)… And tell me what makes you think that Islam is a tough religion… You wanna follow all that’s given in our Holy Book na.. For such a person she wont be thinking of Islam as a tough one, for she would be ready to embrace the religion and smile however tough it mite be… And she wont be calling it tough… but you call it tough… why..? And wat proof you’ve to say that wat u’re reading in net or something is not something that have been tampered wid over centuries..?!.. And when someone decides to follow these things they must follow them completely… Should not be like they are following tiny bits from here and there according to their wish and comfort…! Na…kutti… you mite be angry with me…!! Sorry if I hurt you by any means.. just that I’m strongly against being this orthodox and you being my friend I thot I must be sharing my thots.. take care dear.. all the best..

Almas :Firstly, I say its tough coz it is… it is tough for me to wear hijab wen there are people like you, to avoid music, not to look at boys, to tell the truth.. and yet I am trying.. you think all the people who accepted Islam found it easy? You are wrong.. Islam is definitely a difficult religion.. you have to keep yourself clean.. and not take bribe, and so many things.. and yes, im doin all this coz I am a muslim by the grace of god.. Had I been a hindu I mite not… But don’t you know that Islam is the largest growing religion? There are thousands of people accepting Islam in spite of being totally away from Islam.. So, if God had destined me to be a dweller of heaven I wud have accepted Islam even after being a non-muslim… but let us look at wat the situation is now…

Almas : I AM thinking freely..its you who are not…no one forced me to wear hijab… I read, I realize, I do..

Almas: Of course, that’s what im telling, we shudn believe in tiny bits… I will
believe that there is one God, but I will be into singing and dancing, coz its difficult to avoid.. I believe in Muhammad as the last Prophet.. but I wont practice hijab coz it looks stupid…..

Ali : arey yaar. Cant I share my thoughts.. is it a wrong thing to do… did I ever tell you that you should avoid something… as I said before.. your life your wish…I’m not forcing you to avoid way.. everyone has personal interests and must follow them.. and those who are strong enuf will not fall whatever the temptations mite be.. understood?

Almas : have you ever read the translation of the Quran?

Almas : Yupps.. I did :)

Ali : I’ve read some part of it… very little… but I’ve read a lot of books on Islam..and I think that’s a better way of knowing what others think of Islam…And I’m proud of being a Muslim… I’ll always be… and in the last message you sent me you are contradicting yourself..

Ali : good for you if you have..

Almas :no am not.. you are… you say you pray.. who told you to?.. God, isn’t it?.. you keep fasts? Why? God told you to..Likewise im tryin to do all things that God told me to.. things that are written clearly in the Quran

Ali : you say all this and at the same time you say that you cant avoid dance or singing. So, wats the use in speaking all this..

Almas: I said im finding it difficult.. when did I say im not avoidin? And btw.. did I say I hav become all pure and holy?i told im goin to wear scarf.. you told there are no such verses.. I told the verses… then you told don’t listen to it… coz newaz I wont be able to listen to all the told that… what did I say?i just told im trying… coz believing in only a part of the Quran makes me a hypocrite.. a munafiq.. there is a whole surah named surah Munafiqoon.. read it when you get time..

Ali : ya.. I do.. I do that coz it gives me hope.. it makes me strong.. and because I’m a God-fearing person to the core… you too did fast na… But, after the holy month you mite have done things not supposed to be done by you.. so ultimately all the pain you took turned out to be of no use.. so wats the use almas?? Man accepts things according to his wish.. that’s the basic human nature..

Almas : So are you telling me that you have been all good after Ramzaan? You too must have sinned in many ways.. why did you fast then? Coz it clears ur system??? Why not go for a 30 days fast now? Instead of ramzan? Why do we do it in Ramzaan? Coz God told thru Mohammed.. also written in the Holy, I only said im tryin to do all such things..newaz.. I wud recommend you reading the translation of the Book fully.

Ali : nope almas… I never said you to avoid.. I did question the use of it..

Ali : nope… who told that if you fast in months other than Ramzan it wont be accepted… of course it will be accepted… just that your soul needs to be pure and your intentions good.

Ali : and I don’t claim to have done no sins after the Holy Month…. Of course I have.. and that’s my first had experience based on which I told you all this.. and for the same reason I don’t claim to be a pakka muslim (if a Muslim ought to the way you said).. I know my intentions… I’ve faith in lord and that’s more than enough for me to lead a good life

Almas : And you wont fast during Ramzan?????????? Ramzan fastin is farz for all except the sick, the traveler and the menstruating women.. all have to finish it later in the year.. if they miss that month… and there are other means like feeding another fastin person in case you are too sick to do it later too… for all practical purposes it is absolutely farz to fast during the month of ramzan.. third pillar of Islam, my dear.. is not sunnat or nafil.. its farz.

Ali : I’m very well aware of it almas and I’ve studied the religion for sometime… did I say that it is correct to avoid fasting in the holy month… go back to my message.. I said that fasting in other months too will be accepted.. not that one shoul avoid fasting in Ramzan.

Almas : yupps I agree, every word.

Ali : you need not agree my dear friend… what I said is bout my life and experience.. I wanna live as a free person behaving within the limits of society and with faith within.. I believe that everyone should… its that very faith which help me live in peace and breathe freely.. and its not the feeling that I’m doing everything according to the Book, that helps me live… Respect the Lord who gave us this life and make it a good one… It’s a personal decision on what gives you satisfaction… always follow your heart.. if it says you to do what you are planning to do, go for it… 101% that wud be correct for you because you believe in that… not for me coz I don’t.. I only wish to accept the better part…. I cant be that orthodox…Allah has given each and every one of us a mind and heart… use them both..

Ali : Almas you angry wid me?!! Plz don’t be keto… :) :) … you’ll be there in my prayers… include me too in yours… what if time proves me wrong…!!!

Ali : Almas… yaar.. plz be kind enough to send me something dear… its ok even if you call me names..!! I cant lose a good friend like you.. :) :) :)

Almas :yupps .. I too agree.. :) we are all independent..:) and no da am not angry and all.. we were talking.. and I think its pretty ok to differ in views :) :) oki then. Tc tatas.

Ali: yup.. good girl.. :) :) :) almas jalpari… bye .. take lots of care.. hope Azhar too have thots similar to yours… take care dear… my prayers… good luck.. :) :)

Almas: sorry for replying late, was havin lunch :) oki good luck to you too.. tatas

So… that’s it!!!
I showed the messages to Anisa and Aneesha (both Muslims in my surgery unit, my batch)… they too were amazed had how misguided a Muslim can be in a world where knowledge and information is available as it had never been…. And we were amazed coz it’s a so-called Muslim speakin this way… not a non-Muslim.. most non-Muslims talk this way… but I had only ‘heard’ of Muslims who are soooo highly ignorant of the Book we call Holy….of course there are many many many Muslims not wearing the hijab (including me at present), who consume alcohol, practice pre-marital sex… etc, etc.. and yet most of them at least KNOW that all this is prohibited in their religion…. What my friend here said was that hijab is not even mentioned in the Quran… now, such ignorance is uncommon… he also talked bout ‘why God made many religions’ etc. etc. .. answers have been told by God Almighty Himself in the Quran.. I will, inshaAllah.. write them as I get time…. And he kept on questioning my source… well my source as I quoted is the Quran… not Zakir Naik or an Imam or a Maulvi… if you don’t agree to the Quran.. you are saying either of 2 things..
1. that you disbelieve the Quran … (even if its 1 line, or 1 word…).. so, you are disbelieving what God said……????????????????????????????.. you disbelieve in God being God??????????
2. you are implying that the source of Quran is not correct ( coz you keep mentioning ‘not to believe in others’ and ‘source can be tampered with’).. I have mentioned no source but the Quran.. the Quran, as we know is the same as my grandfather read it, and as his grandfather read it and also his grandfather and so on…besides, there are no different editions and writers of the Quran.. like King Edwards Quran… Holy Faith Quran.. etc. etc… so the only source of Quran your question seems to point at is Huzur (SAW)… doubt his Risalat????

Either ways .. you are at the verge of contradicting the Shahadat of Islam….(if you haven’t already done that by having such beliefs as you have)…

Allah guide us all

I ask my Lord to forgive me in any wrong I have spoken… I did it unintentionally, if I did…. Help me and Guide me..

P.S- I have got this new thing - my hands tremble whenevr I type to a person who is speakin anti Islamic… it had happened only once before this.. when I was posting in a community called ‘future- india’ on orkut where an INDIAN named ‘ mayank’ was all grumbles bout Islam…. Had never happened before wen I used to be in the Islam chat rooms (there are loads of ‘haters’ in all Islam chat rooms)…newaz

more bout hijab in My IsLaM

Allah hafiz

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