Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Barack Obama

A lot is being said bout Mr. Barack Obama….the 44th President of the USA….. now I read this blog post by Revathi Ramani(my favourite blogger :)) according to whom, His Royal Highness shudn actually be given the status of ‘His Royal Highness’…
In a mail that I received from a yahoo Islam group, the same thing was mentioned…. That why such a hype bout Obama…… well, I completely agree with it… I too wonder why does India need to behave in this way…. Ok… we have signed this nuclear deal (which in my opinion is not the kind of deal India shud plunge into, given the fact that America is such a highly dominating country---- (entirely my opinion!)), but that doesn’t mean we shud be such a drooling puppy……..
Yet, see..all of us are still writing bout the same man……and this is because he is, today, at a position which can actually shape the history of our coming generations ..
And this position has such an influential value, again, coz’ America is a highly dominating country (and half of the reason why she (or he or it.. whatever is used for the U.S!!) is dominating is that the other countries, in some way or the other have gotten used to be subjects)

To be very frank, I was so pissed off by the U.S. coz of that asshole of a prez they had chosen in George W. (for ‘woman’) Bush….. that I had no interest, whatsoever, in American politics…. This indifference was helped by the fact that I have no access to television…. And when I read the newspaper… I start from the last page (this preference has got nothing to do with sports (I even prefer studying text books from the last chapter to the first !!! ….)) and so, by the time I reached the front page… it was time for the college bus, or the class, or something else ….(and we all know that the U.S. elections got a front page coverage in India)… (btw…. I can READ newspapers only in the college library, coz’ in my hostel… we have the Malayalam papers only… the papers that make me feel like an illiterate crap.. who only leafs thru papers lukin at the pictures,wondering wat cud be written bout them.. lukin at the ads…. Admiring the cars….and then handing over the paper to someone who can ACTUALLY READ it!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!)

I had heard long back that Hilary Clinton was contesting against Obama… and wen a few days bak Azhar told me something bout how happy he was that Bush was finally leaving… I started arguing with him,, that these are not the Presidential elections.. but something else….. (I was still hanging on to the one against Clinton).. only after this argument did I read bout the elections (again on the first page) and came to know of that McCain man…..newaz….

What I mean is that (since I didn’t follow the elections as whole-heartedly as the Indian media) I didn’t know ALL that bout Obama (his family and dogs and blah blah..) until I read Revathi’s post… and I’m totally with her wen it comes to disliking such a close coverage of a foreign Prez’s life….but, I wudn say that it is out of nothing….

The U.S. is a Nation whose financial fluctuations can rock the world’s economy (we just got the notice that our hostel’s fees has increased (again)); who can , one fine morning, decide to LIBERATE another country, can enter another country by force (for umpteen reasons), kill her people (in my blog, all countries will be ‘she’ ; whether they are ‘she’ or ‘he’ or ‘it’ for their own people…I don’t care) and still go on ranting bout ‘democracy’….. and above all.. still have countries to support her…
No wonder, the world’s eyes were fixed on the U.S…. and so, very obviously, our media (which has no better work than providing us with a lot of crap (well, alrite…not the papers… usually, television news channels!!!)) had its eyes extra-fixed (hope you get wat I mean) on the elections…
(remember how the zee news crew had rushed to Italy, when Sonia was about to become the P.M…. I’d mentioned in a post that India is infatuated with everything Pakistani… I shud rather say, India is infatuated with everything foreign (no, I ain’t sayin Sonia is a foreigner, I’m just saying that Italy is a foreign land (and that it surely is!)))

Now, coming to Mr. Obama… why was he the favourite of many? In my opinion, coz’ he was a black… (at least, that’s the only reason why I preferred him over the other).. it somehow felt good to see a black holding the most influential post in the world…
Ther is this mail and this mail, both sent by yahoo Islam groups, I have posted them in My Islam… which speak of the high expectations people have of Obama….

I’ve also read recently bout the wide support Obama’s got from Muslims the world over… ‘people’ say that it’s stupid for Muslims to support him, coz’ he’s not a Muslim…. I don know why these ‘people’ assume that the Muslim world considers Obama to be a Muslim goin by his name….. well, maybe there are many who do… but, I’m sure there are a lot more who don’t…. coz’ well…. He’s after all, NOT a Muslim….
I believe that the reason many Muslims (including me) are happy seeing Obama in the White House is coz’ he belongs to a minority (if I can call it that)… a race that was a very suppressed one, not so long ago… so, probably, he mite be able to understand the situation of Muslims today…..

Having said that, I’d add, that though I’m hopeful of a better U.S. (I hated the U.S. throughout Bush’s atrocious RULE) and a better foreign policy of the U.S… I’m not letting myself be blinded by this hope…. We never know….

I’m scared by his stand on outsourcing and am against his stand on abortions… but, then, we can’t like everythin bout every1… so, I guess, its ok…. But, I do doubt Obama’s capability…. In making the world a better place… is being expected of him….

Newaz…. The good thing is that the gr8st Pig of our times is gone… and I hope we don’t see a Pig worse than the previous one….. of course, having someone good at the White House wud be gr8 for all of us, but, even if we have someone bad…. I pray to the Almighty Allah, that he shudn be worse than the one gone……
{this I ask for the sake of the beautiful Earth He created with so much love

And bout our own ministers.. well. Since India is a P.M. oriented country, we can’t really expect ourselves to be much bothered bout the president….and I (cant say bout others, though) do know enuf bout our P.M., Manmohan Singh (surely not bout his dog,if he has one!!)…. And comin to Pratibha Patil… well, I don like this woman…. Don know why… guess coz she replaced Kalaam Saab (am madly in love with him…(his support for the Nuclear Deal being my only pacification)) and I don think I’d ever like any president as much as him…. Had it been aanyone in Patil’s place, I’d have disliked him/her too…

Enuf for now!! (more than enuf????? :D)

P.S.- my my! Wat a love for (parenthesis)!!! :D
P.S.2- I shall post it in My Islam too coz very sadly, Islam and U.S. have got so close relations :D

Allah hafiz

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