Sunday, 9 November 2008

Cats ...

I’m terribly missing cats….. so much, that I really wonder, whom do I miss more? My mummy or cats???? I go absolutely crazy lukin at the cat pics on my lappy… I don think there’d be any other almost-21 yrs old female downloading pictures of cats DAILY…..

I’ve got XP and Azhar has vista… he had told me not to get vista for my lappy… he isn’t switching over to XP coz he doesn’t want to lose his warranty… newaz… I still (somewhere in the corner of my heart) wanted vista coz’ a friend had told me that it was ‘girly’…. However, since I’m so extraordinarily gr8 at computers (plz note- this is a sarcastic statement), I thot of stikin wid the things I have some idea about…. Fir bhi , somewhere in the corner of my heart.. you know!!! …:( :(

Newaz… all those corner-of-the-heart-feelings vanished the moment I heard that vista doesn hav Links(I don know how true it is)…… isn’t it just the most disgusting thing Microsoft could ever do????? (ms word gives a capital m to Microsoft :D)… Links is such a darling…. I’d feel totally lost without her… there are times wen I stop typing (I type a lot….. :D… ) and just sit lukin at her….. click on her without any reason coz’ I love the way she writes …. I also love it wen she tries to catch that blue butterfly…. And of course, the innocent look while sleeping…. She’s the only pet I have in this monster-cat-land……

My God!!! The attitude the jungle billis (wild cats) of Alleppey have!!!! Uff uff uff!!!
Either its plain attitude or it’s a sense of alienness….. perhaps they think they are aliens on a Humans’ Earth… or perhaps humans are aliens on a Cats’ Earth…huh!! Whatevs!!! Highly unfriendly cats!!! (except , of course, the cats of the LH (my college ka Ladies Hostel).. but then, all inmates of LH (yes, ALL!) are peculiar…. So, no wonder… even the cats are slightly different….. they are OVER friendly, gnawing all over you)

We’ve had a lot of cats… I took up the job of naming the last few ( I love giving names :)) I started with the alphabet B….(coz in my opinion ‘Azhar’ luks like a cat, and so “A” was dropped).. Borzoi, Cozy, Dazzle, Elza, Ferozi, Golzu, Hazel, Inzel….. then after a lot of pressure from my side, mummy tuk up this job (since I came to college) (she didn’t name all the cats.. only one at a time :( …newaz… and she even dropped the element of “Z” (that was present in all the previous cat names))…mummy has named only 2 ..Jamaica and Koshi..

My most favourite baby was Golzu, better known as ‘betua’…betua is a name derived from the word ‘beta’ meaning ‘son’… (he was my beta, you see!)…so, it became ‘beta’ to ‘betu’ to ‘betua’…which most of the people mistook for ‘bitwa’ , a bhojpuri (or whicheva that dialect is…) style of saying ‘beta’…. (since, there are a lot of people living around my home who speak this dialect of hindi…(or is it a different language altogether??? I don know… India is such a big , beautiful country :) :) :) ), they probably thot I got ‘inspired’ by the bhojpuri way of speaking!! newaz, I think its my family’s imagination that’s actually been inspired by bhojpuri) he’s got another name ‘pari-pankh-bacha’ , stupidly translated to ‘fairy-wing-child’… now, why was he cald that???? Ye I shall post later..( coz’ I’m so much in love with procrastinating stuff to be written on some date in future (whenever that date-in-future arrives, if at all it does!!!!))
However, betua passed away…. There’ve been lots of cats after him…. But since I am here, in alpy, for the past 3 years 2 months and 12 days (minus the days spent at home, in chennai, or travelin… but then, at the most.. how much wud they account for????!!!! Huh!!!) I’m not really attached to any1 in particular…. :(:( :(

My home has actually become an ashram of sorts coz nowadays I hear mummy saying things like… “bhagaiye ye billi ko”, mummy saying to abbu. (I hear over the phone….)
Me, “kisko? Koshi ko?” (koshi is the official pet)
Mummy, “ nahi, ek aur billi aa jati hair roz”
The next day…. Mummy, “are Kiran, ab ye billi ko bhi khana dena hai”
Me, “kaun? Kal wali?”
Mummy, “are nahi baba. Ek aur bada billa aata hai!”

Amazingly enuf. my mummy is scared of cats… :D :D :D…. scared in the sense…. If they touch her, she feels “ooi ooi ooi”….. :D :D:D

Abbu, aapa and me can spend the whole day with cats, sleeping with them.. watchin tv wid dem on our laps……eating wid them eating beside us…. Etc. etc.
In fact, when I was a kid…. I (as mummy says) always wanted to drink milk like the cats… (from a saucer on the floor:D:D :D) and so they they used to (sometimes, to amuse me! ) put some milk on a saucer and keep it on the floor.. and I used to lie down on my stomach on the floor and drink (try to drink!!!) milk like the cats…. i.e. with the tip of my tongue… (if you have ever noticed how cats or for that matter tigers and lions (as they show on animal planet) drink water…(no idea bout dogs…maybe they sip…:D))…

Newaz.. its time for ‘chaya’ so am going to the mess hall to drink (from a glass) the hot brown tasteless liquid they provide in the name of tea….vulay vulay vulay!!! (this expression means showing the tongue (in a very negative way))
So, I will write other catty things later.. (oh the Procrastinating ME!!!:D)

Jaane se pehle, just one more thing… Fiza and Faris(Faaris more than Fiza…. ) love throwing away the cats, pulling their tails, their ears, their fur…..and all things for which the cats can sue them in the court!!! But, only coz’ fizhu and faaru are 2 innocent babies, and they probably don’t understand how it hurts the little cats how are also lovely babies just like them…

But, the same things (i.e. pulling tails and blah blah) are also the favourite past time (2nd favourite to pulling my leg) of their father, (my bro-in-law) Mr. Mohammed Tabraiz…but, he isn’t an innocent baby but he’s a DON…. He can do anything.. and he hates cats…
Chalo fir tatas
Allah hafiz

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