Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Deleted messages

Well, I think I really shud get over this stupid ‘deleting’ habit of mine……coz’ its bringing me across very awkward situations….
Now, for this bad bad habit- … hmmm. ..wen I’m oh-so-desperate to go home or wen I oh-so-terribly miss my parents…. I do this absolutely crazy thing… I delete messages from my inbox, delete contacts fom my cel, delete friends from yahoo and orkut, delete scraps…delete stuff from my lappy.. delete.. delete… delete….. I have no idea how it started, and how to get over it….but, ya…. I sincerely wish to come out…coz… just now a few minutes bak.. I got a message from a friend and I asked ‘who is it?’ ….my friend replied with his name but also a ‘I thot you had my number’ which is now a days one of the most common message in my inbox… newaz…..worse happened wen I deleted shilpa’s number (Shilpa is my bestest friend) (I didn’t realize it then, coz’ I don’t look at whom im deleting)…..and later wen I wanted to talk to her (this happens wen I miss school….i feel like talking to Shilpa and Shilpa alone), I realized that her number had been blown off my cel, in one of those sick ‘deleting days’…. I had to call up a thousand people to get her number….(and this happened becoz Shilpa hates giving her number to others (for some strange reason that I don’t clearly understand), and as soon as she feels a sizeable population of friends have somehow managed to gain access to her number, she changes her sim.. :/ :/ :/ :/ … and gives this brand new number to a select few (im always in the select few :) :) :) , luckily!!!))….
Why do I do it?????????????????????
Its like… ok so, if I cant have mummy, why shud I have others?????? So.. delete … delete…delete….
Newaz… hope this phase gets over soon..
Allah hafiz

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