Monday, 3 November 2008

Happy Diwali !!!! (belated :p)

Current nahi hai,,, so, I thot of writing …. I haven’t prayed since Zohar, gotto run to pray, as soon as Mr.Electricity is bak.
I had thot of writing bout Eid, but cudn coz’ that day I was in a friend’s house, then bout Durga Puja, but cudn coz’…………hmmmm… well, I don remember why… then bout Diwali, but, cudn coz’ I was feeling bad to be away from home on Diwali…. Such a lot of ‘cudns’ show I’m a bad bad gal (Oh! How I love repeating adjectives!)…. But, lekin, kintu, parantu….I’m not… and so, I will (inshaAllah) write bout Diwali and Durga Puja (Bakrid’s in December… I will inshaAllah include Eid with that)

So, first bout Diwali… Kerala celebrated Diwali a day before twas in Andamans… well, I mean Kerala didn’t celebrate Diwali a day before twas celebrated in Andamans… Did u get what I mean????? Probably you didn’t… well, I meant that in Kerala, Diwali is not really “CELEBRATED”…. :( :( :( …… hmm, ok, ther’s a Govt. holiday… but, that’s to it! Nothing else… Maybe in Kochi. Trivandrum, ther’d be people who know what people generally do in Diwali (seriously speaking, I think, even there it’s only coz of the higher presence of Northies), but, not in Alleppey, definitely…..

This was my third Diwali away from home…. My second year Diwali was at Andamans, but my friends were not at home (there are no professional colleges in my Union Territory, and so, all of us , well, at least all of us from Port Blair, come to the mainland India to study(maybe a handful stay back for B.A/ B.Sc kind of courses,… but mostly, people either get the seats under the Central Quota (like me) , or they buy payment seats))
And the Diwali of my 12th standard was also quite bakwas, coz I was down with high fever
{question:::: an important International event on that year’s Diwali???
Answer::: Yasseer Arafaat’s funeral }

So, what I’m tryin to tell is that it’s been a reeeaally reeeaally long time since I enjoyed Diwali :(
And that’s the reason why I wasn’t feeling all that good on 27th (Kerala Diwali)… ok, yaha tak bhi theek tha…. Then, that nite I got a scrap from Anu (my childhood friend, my best friend, my chhota puppy bacha :D) that, shez at home for Diwali… that did it… nothing cud have made me more desp… to top it all, the next day, when it was Diwali at home… mummy told she can’t talk, coz’ she is not able to hear me due to the noise of the patakhas (crackers)… I cud hear the badam budum sounds thru the phone…… I wanted to fly bak home…………..

Current bhaiya aa gaye… wait, will pray and come bak…. Tatas..

Okis.. am here..

If I let my memory go far into my childhood…. I remember Diwali was a grrrrrraannnnnd festival, we used to buy lots of pathakas
{now, all in my family wud say I’m lying, how cud I possibly remember something sooooo old…..}
Newaz… I do remember ( I have got a superb memory of my past)…… aapa was very young, in middle school, I think…..
We used to light candles (cup candles) on the parapet…… :) ….. life was beautiful…
I played with boys… Armaan was my best friend….. he was a tenant’s son… his cousin Shahid bhaiya also played with us…. Then the workers of Dayalco ( a shop)… we all celebrated Diwali…… I don’t know where my sister went when I lit crakers with them, I don remember that part…
Anaar, charkha, fuljhadi…. Then those colorful fuljhadi…… all the
‘Bombs’, which only the boys cud lite…. In fact, everything were lit by the boys…. I cud only play with fuljhadi….. I still am scared of everything except fuljhadis… :D
Then ther was ‘saap’, the snakes… I don know if they are available now… but, we had them in those days… those small black tablets wrapped in cotton… you had to lite them … and they turned into coiled black things… the snakes :D….. they left black marks on the floor where you lit them… so, you had to be careful…..
The rockets….. :D parachutes………..:D……ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh :) :) :)
And of course, Diwali si incomplete without the mirchi patakhas……
Kisi ek saal, I don remember which year. Dayal uncle had brought that loooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg ladi of mirchi patakha from the mainland…. It had started from Vincent’s home and went on and on and on… even crossed the masjid… I think till Hafiz Saab’s home (perhaps usse bhi aage)… ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! All the bachas in the basti (including me) were so excited….

I had met a new gal one of the Diwalis… Shipra, Dayal uncle’s daughter, 2 years younger to me…became a very good friend of mine… for a shrt span , though….

The good thing bout Diwali is that , since its Laksmi Puja, the shopkeepers have to open their shops, even if its only for an hour or two….. so, (in my area, there are lots of shops… back then, there were not as many shops as today, yet, there were many)… there were lots of extra people to celebrate diwali, in addition to the people who stayed there…… I lived in a Muslim ghetto… starting from where the road began till where the road ended… in those days, there were only 2 Hindu homes and 2 Christian homes.. all the rest (around 15) muslims…(19 homes along a road sounds too less?>>>> well, Port Blair is a small place dearies).. Now of course, there are many more non-Muslims, coz of those who have moved in as tenants….. yet, being truthful…. Diwali has lost its charm … probably coz.. I’m no longer a child, or probably, coz’ in spite of larger number of people (people who actually do the Lakshmi Puja, who actually have guests and who actually cook a feast), the segregations have increased….people tend to be on their own… each family celebrating its own Diwali… back then , I remember we used to merge the patakhas… with those of Armaan-Rehmaan and those of Dayalco….

Something’s wrong somewhere… I don know where….

Newaz……….. know wat??? I forgot a bbbbbbbbiiiigggggg thing………..!!!!!!!!!!
MITHAI!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D we got sweets from the Hindu friends and shops……
Dayal uncle gave us sweets from the mainland… in those days, twas not so common to get sweets from the mainland India… so, it was a bbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiggggggg thing for me…

Things changed after aapa left for studies (to Erode, Tamil Nadu )…. Mummy behaved in a very strange way …. Since that year, we stopped celebrating my birthday, I had to beg them to buy me crackers ( before that, there was no need to ask, it was obvious, that if diwali’s here we’d get patakhas)…..i didn’t like it that way… but, it’s ok… I learnt to accept things… coz’ I knew life is changing drastically, the number of guests at Eid went on decreasing with each year….. daadi went away………..
We were left all alone…. I had grown up… I didn’t play with the dayalco workers anymore… and Armaan- Rehmaan had their own friends……….. I didn’t like it that way…. I remember goin to Gupta uncle’s house for one diwali….i met 2 kids- Sachi and Eesha…. Got to know that they were friends of my friends- Tulika, Lipika (twin sisters)… I clearly remember thinking “Port Blair is really such a small place”…

Diwali again became good after I became fiends with Anu Lall…. She is basically a mad female :D… we fite a lot…. Actually we don’t fite… it’s more like… she gets scolded by me very often (and I’m very bad wen I scold:/, )…for her innumerable mistakes :D

She lives in front of the clock tower… proper Aberdeen (I live in a side-road, called Aberdeen Village, no, its not a village…. I don’t know why its called a village … it’s just an area with 3 roads)…. That is the place where the aawaara boys meet to celebrate everything… whether it’s diwali, ya india’s victory, ya, durga puja.. ya whatever…. …
And Anu has a bhaiya… Eklavya bhaiya, 2 years elder to us… so more of a friend to us than a bada bhaiya. He used to call his own friends, Mohsin bhaiya, Shekhar bhaiya, Afaque bhaiya (all were in our school, so, we knew them) and then of course there were the other bhaiyas of bazaar (Aberdeen Bazaar, that’s the name :D), Nazrul bhaiya, Rinku bhaiya, Taufique bhaiya, Parvez bhaiya, Jawed bhaiya, (these 5 bhaiyas are even elder than my sister, yet, they called me ‘aapa’ :D) and the ganda ladkas, whom we were told not to talk to…. ……….. it was terrific there, simply coz’ I love crowds…. And I was alone at home, so, I liked being here.. though I did never more than liting fuljhadis…. Here we used to burst patakhas in the drums…. Kitna shor hota tha :D… (all the above mentioned people were not present at the same time, people came and went , but, we, i.e. bhaiyas friends, Anu, Pavan, Nayan and me were full time on the road :D)

Ek baar, Eklav bhaiya forced me to go and lite an anaar, I went up on the road and was so scared, I simply stood there lukin at bhaiya with pleadin eyes…. Finally Shekhar bhaiya also came and then we both held the fuljhadi to lite up the anaar….. Eklav bhaiya was angry coz’ I was being so sissy… newaz that was the first and last time I went near anything more than fuljadis and snakes…….:/

Sabse mazaa aane laga wen Shilpa and I became best friends (“Anu, Shilpa and Almas”
:) :) mmmmmmmmwwwwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!) since Gauri aunty (Anu’s mom) didn’t cook much…… I really missed good food…., but Prem aunty ke haath me to jaadu hai……….My Goodddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shez suuuucccchhhhhhhhh a bbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnddddddaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss cook ki kya bataye!!!!!! She used to prepare a feast….. literally a feast… unke ghar mein bhi many guests came but, Shilpa’s family was against patakhas… coz’ of the documentaries that were being shown…(that young children are employed to make the crakers… Many families took it to heart……. A good gesture!!!! Newaz,,,, I’m a bad gal :p) we simply ate and lit diyas and ate and did bak bak and ate and lit candles and ate and did bak bak…. That’s all. Good in ways…
(I always went to Shilpa’s house before Anu’s, don know y )

Khair…….. to that’s bout Diwali… here ther’s no diwali… I’m alone…. And gussa aa raha hai, dimaag mat kharaab karo..
P.S- I very well know that it’s a too long post, but, I didn’t beg anyone to read it, so,if you have read it,,,,,,,, your fault….no need to curse me… dhanyawaad
P.S.2- Written on 30th
Allah hafiz


KASHUR said...

Hey salaam
I have left a coment on your previous comment on my blog

Vibhore Gupta said...


abt ur PS...

array baba padh rakha hai it's ur blog and here thr are ur own rules ;p

bt thr's one thing i wud like to ask u..
wht ur weight ???
coz u ate and ate and ate ;D

and wht else do u do besides.. eating and bak bak ;p

bt u hav a gift of telling....
ur descriptions are awesum... makes me glued to the chair ar wherever ;)

lookin fwd for eid description....


JaLpArI said...

bade jaldi yaad aaya

JaLpArI said...

bade jaldi yaad aaya

JaLpArI said...

are yaar weight ka to mat puchho...
bohot zyada hai :D :D :D

and thanx dat u like the descriptions i give..... :D :D :D
few ppl have the patience to listen to my bak-bak :D :D :D

eid se pehle have to write Durga Puja....

lets c wen i write :D :D

tc tatas :)

KASHUR said...

Ya was a bit busy

JOSEPH said...


JOSEPH said...


JaLpArI said...

lolz...ya...another of ur gr8 suggestions... will do that...
and nopes my friend...
all of andamans bachas were not my friends.....
only a few....

btw... i AM number 1.... all u need is to understand what number 1 means....:)


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