Saturday, 8 November 2008

To Sorrow, with love....

Dearest Sorrow
I’m really sorry, but, I wil hav to ask u to leave…. I know im being rude but luk, I cant help it…. You just HAVE to leave… I accommodated you for a little while alrite…but, that doesn’t mean I’ll keep you in forever….see, im being frank… there are others who I wish came, and they’d need space to live.. you take up a lot of space within me…. So much so that many others, whom I’m eager to invite, like Tranquility, Patience and Success, wudn be able to fit in…. so, if you please leave soon, it’d be good….. and ya… I’d also request you to please tell your friends, Failure, Impatience and Lament to please stop bothering me… I have in fact, got complaints from Laughter and Happiness, who are my permanent inmates, against your friends……they are being troubled by you as well as your friends, and I really wont tolerate anyone else troubling them coz they already have to deal with Loneliness and Anger who are other residents in me… I have somehow tamed Anger, besides I feel a certain security in having him live inside me…. Loneliness, I have to admit, is another big problem… but she is so pervasive… that it’s next to impossible to get rid of her completely…. Happiness and Laughter cud manage her, if it were not for you. However, I like her friend, Solitude…so, I think… I can even allow her in…but, I really am sorry, hope you understand… you are the only one whom I can ask to leave… coz’ you bring me no good…
I know you are not to be blamed.. Jealousy is such a bitch.. she keeps popping up every now and then and brings you along knowing it well enuf that u’d find it difficult to move out… she departs soon, but, you remain, and so, you get all the blame…please be on guard against her…don’t accompany her anywhere…… I wudn like ur coming to see me along with Jealousy… please don’t…

Otherwise, If you ever feel the need to visit me.. you can… though I can’t promise how long I’d let you stay… I have my own limitations… and im sure you understand…
Wishing you gud luk in ur endeavours and better luck to your enemies.
Take care


Khyle Dean said...

Well as confusing as that all sounded at first, it was awesome in the end. I have never read anything like that and I would like to keep reading stuff like that later on. Keep up the good work.

JaLpArI said...

thanks khyle :)
but, wat was confusing you???? :0

and u have a nice blog!! i love the names ;p

Khyle Dean said...

Haha. I am not really sure, but it was a pretty cool post to read. Like at first I could not figure out what was going on until I actually started to read on. I guess you could say i'm a little slow.

The question about working, I do work quite a bit. It is good for me though, work more now and less when im older, right? :) Anyway, thanks for the comments and I created those names just off the top of my head. Hehe, thanks again.

JaLpArI said...

you're most welcome :)


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