Saturday, 8 November 2008

"WE" love "YOU"...."WE" love "YOU" not.... "WE" love "YOU"...."WE" love "YOU" not.....

I hate the way some people wish bad for Pakistan when actually they themselves
are being Pak’s benefactors…… no, I aint trying to be a Gandhi… I do talk bad bout Pakistan, many times, if not always…. And I think its pretty ok to talk bad bout Pak (something like ….the birthright of every Indian), its absolutely normal….. but what I find really horrendous is the wrong way in which some people hate Pak (wrong in my opinion!!)…. Lemme explain…

well…many months bak (am not sure if the number of months were enuf to be rather told in years, so, am stiking on to usin ‘months’) I saw this little piece of news on tv that there are many Pakis who entered India legally, yet, there are no records of these people returning even after their Visa dates were over (now, im not getin the rite word for ‘visa dates were over’… newaz , I guess u get wat I mean)….of course, we all know that there are a lot many Pakis in India, entering illegally, for all the wrong reasons… but those in question are the ones who have got a LEGAL entry into India….so, is this of no concern to people??????????? I mean where did all of them disappear ….. the last thing I want to hear is that they have been falsely accused of terrorism by Indian Police (that “gift” is reserved for Kashis..:/)… no, that’s surely not the case… but, wat upsets me more than this indifference towards the vanishing Pakis… is the extra interest being shown on the legal traffic between the 2 countries…. I mean why are the authorities, in spite of knowing bout the ‘vanishing Pakis’, still not doing something bout stopping the incoming load from across the border…. (im saying this only coz we aren’t able to keep a trak of their whereabouts…. Otherwise, I think, there’s no real reason), instead all we hear (often, i.e.) is bout boosting the ‘friendship’ between the 2 nations….. welllll… “friendship”, in general, is good, but “aa bail mujhe dhoondh dhoondh ke maar” is not…

And how can we forget the way Indians seem to be infatuated with everything Pakistani.. like their songs, their singers, their actors etc. etc. … they have been hyped too much by our media and even the general public…. I don’t mean you shudn appreciate talent… you definitely should. But, even when you appreciate others… remember 2 things…. Firstly, never keep your own countrymen below others… if you like atif aslam .. no harm in that.. but if you want to go “CRAZY” bout someone… let Shaan (any Indian singer I mean) be the one…..Secondly, always look at the nationality of the person ( “I love humanity” is gr8 stuff!!! Newaz… lets be truthful…) even if you do like anything non-Indian, its pardonable, I mean .. its ok ok kinds…. But…. Wen it comes to Pakistan… plz.. and I plead with all my heart.. pllllllzzzzzzzz remember its PAKISTAN.. I mean … see… its actually PAKISTAN… THE PAKISTAN….. you see?????.. WE r supposed to be no.1, not THEM…ok???? So, plz do keep this in mind.. (just a humble request)

So, coming bak to the kind of people I hate…… now these are the people whom you will hear saying things like “unko to zinda jala dena chahiye” (they shud be burnt alive), or “kutte ki maut marenge sale” (they will die a dog’s death (‘sale’ is a slang… don know which English slang can be used in its place)) and yet ..these very people are crazy bout Atif, and think Adnan is India’s (??????? :-0) best singer, and feel Umar Sharif’s jokes are funnier than Shekhar Suman’s….i mean kya bhang khaake baithe ho kya??????????????
And these people can also digest things like “dono mulko ke log agar zyada milenge to dono ke beech “muhabbat” badhegi…hum Pakistan se “muhabbat” ka paigham late hai….aur yahi ummeed karte hai ki Hindustani adaakaar bbhi “muhabbat” ka paigham Pakistan lekar aaenge” (in a highly stupid interview, the highly stupid Meera had said something similar… I don’t remember the exact words… but, had the same message…. She pronounced “muhabbat” in a reeealllyy peculiar way….:D)….

I really don’t mind if there are people who curse Pakistan (their lives for them!!!), but… I do mind people (Indians) preferring anything Pakistani to anything Indian (my life for me!!!)

And no.. I don’t hate Pakistan… I’m one of the few who can say that I do love Pakistan… I don curse them..i have many Paki friends on orkut (without any fear, without any shame), I never say “Pakistan shud lose”.. in stead I say “India shud win”, in fact..i support Pak in their cricket matches against other countries, for the simple reason that they are (in spite of all the differences) like us…very much like us (and don’t u think.. all things in Pakistan that existed b4 ’47 is Indian??? For e.g. the land???? :D :D:D:D:D:D (yupps!! I know.. I’m mean…. :D .. reeeallly mean!!!) and yet, if you noticed.. I said “other countries”….coz no country is dearer than my magical India… had I been an Ethiopian, I’d have loved Ethiopia… had I been a Paki, I’d have loved Pak.. but, very fortunately for me, God packed up my soul into a drop of fluid and parceled it to an Indian womb… and so…I love India….:)
But, I never choose them over Indians, and I’m strictly against anything that can hurt India (like letting millions enter India in the name of friendship)

Sau baat ka ek baat….whether or not you like Pak…never keep anything Paki above anything Indian…..

How did I suddenly write all this???? In Alleppey, whatever you buy is given wrapped in newspaper… today I bought Dabur Vatika hair oil…it came wrapped in an English newspaper… letters to the editor… one was by someone who felt the need for better ‘friendship’ with dear Pakistan…(whateva he meant)…and this reminded of a few statements I hear here and there ….and so….i wrote (typed) it all….ok????

Now, at last I’d like to mention how beautifully my mummy hates Pakistan (yupps!!! I’m the black sheep.. all others in my family HATE Pakistan)….
I call my mummy, “mummmeeeee, aao yeh gaana sunkar jao.. bohot achha hai”
Mummy comes, listens to the whole song,…. And then I ask, “kaisa laga mummy?”. She answers, “acha hai kiran, koi naya ladka hai kya?”
I (not lukin at her), “nai..pakistani hai,” (now lukin at mummy), ”achha hai na?”
Mummy says, ”ek kism ka hai!” (makin a bad face…..btw ek kism ka hai means she doesn’t like it!)
The next day I again call mummy to hear a song, this time from some hrithik or shah rukh movie and she replies, “kiran, dekho humko Pakistani log ka gaana sunne mat bulao… achhe log nahi hai who log!”
:D :D :D :D

And this is something I enjoy too much, whenever I speak to mummy about something serious, I somehow bring the topic to my marriage and then I say, “mummy, humko na Pakistani se hi shaadi karna hai”or “Humko to Pakistan mein hi settle karna hai”… and my mummy gasps with her eyes and mouth wide open and her hands on her chest and says, “Kiraaaaaaaaaan, tauba karo tauba karo, …..”
:D :D :D :D we do tauba wen we commit a sin…. So, accordin to mummum, it’s a sin.. :D :D…. we shud always speak good things coz’ Allah kab humara kaun sa baat kubul kar le.. we never know….but, I like teasing her…… I miss her so much….

Ok.. chalo
P.S - now wen I read this post, I realize its only been written for Indians…. So, just in case there’s a Paki reading it… you can ignore me or hate me… up to u … I give a damn… don’t bother a shit bout wat I speak…. And I don’t bother a shit bout wat u speak… big deal!!!!
Allah hafiz

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