Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Brow Blues

The latest problem in my life is ‘my eyebrow ka shape’… I had those really thick, broad, mota, tropical-forest-kind eyebrows till 9th standard….. when I finally decided to ‘go under the thread’ (as in ‘go under the knife’ :D)….
On one of the occasions, in an attempt to get an ‘arch’, Surya aunty (the parlour wali aunty) did something which made me look close to eyebrow-less… newaz… baal to dobara ug hi aaye the… but the shape changed each time I went for threading…

I always told the didis (the chhota-mota gals at the parlours) only to remove the extra hair that grows…. And they kept plucking out the extras….the extras below the ‘shaped’ part and sadly also the extras at the ends... this not only reduced the thickness of my brows but jaane-anjaane me, they reduced the length too…(coz’ towards the lateral end, my brows weren’t that thick.. they were in fact sparse and I guess they thot it better to remove them) and finally now, I have eyebrows way shorter (that’s how they appear to me !!!) than their original length…..

What I’m trying to do now is grow my eyebrows back, as much as I can till the end of ’08. and then I will go to aunty and tell her to shape them again PROPERLY (in way that wud suit me) and still keep them thick and long (i.e. allow the sparse tip to remain)…

I’m even thinking of applying ‘Zaitoon ka tel’ with a ‘matchstick’ at the tip…as told by my mummy…. And Shikha didi’s bhabhi … and Surya aunty herself….

But there’s another problem… I generally don’t get my eyebrows done during or immediately before any papers….. sadly, I’ve got my first sessionals from 5th.. and getin eyebrows done on 31st or 1st doesn’t really feel good… super-superstitious!!!!

Let’s see….

P.S.- a reeeeallly big dream in my life is to InshaAllah write a novel…..and if God fulfils this dream… inshaAllah I will name it ‘Zaitoon’ :) … (not after the tel of course!!!)

Allah hafiz


Vibhore Gupta said...


pehli pic dekh kar to darr lag raha tha :)

doosri and teesri both r gud...

aur "ZAITOON" haan!!!.. mein agar likhunga to naam rakhunga.. "sarson"... ya ....."dalda"...

lekin honstely.. i wish u achieve wat u dream of.. lekin plsssssss naam kuch aur rakhna..

take care...

JaLpArI said...

Lolz :D :D :D :D :D
ha ha ha ha ha . . . .
ok ok ok . . .
waitin to read 'dalda' :D :D


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