Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Don't You Cross That Border.......

Am watching Sahara Samay and they are showing (as usual) clippings from The Great Indian Laughter Challenge … and the contestant whoz (badly) trying to make us laugh is Wali Sheikh (or is it Shah??). Hez a Pakistani.. just a few minutes ago, we heard the great Mr. Raj Thackery on Zee News… He was repeating the point his party had made a few days back.. that the Paki artistes shud go bak to their country…they wudn be tolerated in Mumbai or even the whole of Maharashtra…..hmmmm ..Probably the first time, I seem to agree with this party..
Not that the entire country is demanding it… it’s just one political party from one state…. Par fir bhi…. If we apply it to India…. To kyahoga??? The one person whoz goin to be reeeally reeeally happy if this happens is my mummy… shez been saying this very thing from ages… whether relations wid Pak r goin well or not.. my mumma has a very clear stand on that matter.. :D
The other day, my sister too was telling the same thing…
Newaz… now, initially.. I too thot it’s the right thing to be done…I mean , not allowing these people to come to India…..coz just see the way Pak is behaving… a little example..

Masood Azhar has been arrested…. Masood is under house-arrest….and recently… Azhar faraar…. Pakistan main nahi hai Azhar….

Gr8.. isn’t it????

But, if I think a little more (coz I have that tiny little soft corner for Pak….. and a soft corner, however little it is, is after all a soft corner :( :( :()…. I realize that such generalizations can be made anytime on any group of people….. That I’m a Muslim, only makes it easier…. Like we get so mad at people who blame Islam or Muslims in general for the terror attacks… how quick we are in telling that no, it’s just one fraction of the people…so, don’t blame us all…what they are doing is definitely wrong…
The same kind of a generalization was made against the Americans under Bush…ek Bush bura to pura Amreeka bura…… I too had been so anti-American … Obama has somehow erased that Amreeka-khilafi feeling from us (at-least from me…. Don know bout my other friends.. )…
So, wat I mean is.. will it be rite to say that since Pakis are killing us, we shudn let other Pakis enter India?…..…(and by killing, I mean the terror attacks… not the killings at the front… so it doesn’t cancel out, you see…. I haven’t yet heard of a bunch of Indians entering Pak illegally and blowing up places, something that Pakis did to India only weeks ago (and not for the first time)….)
Of course, we can be given innumerable reasons based upon which we can deduce the answer to be a ‘yes’… like, they earn money in our country and then use it against us…. Or.. this is the way we Indians show our anger…. Etc. etc….

Star News showed this mast item yesterday (or was that the day before?) wen India refused to play the cricket series in Pak….. It wasn’t overtly anti-Pak…but was suffused with patriotism…. They told this decision of not going to Pak (given the fact that India had played matches in Pak, wen many other countries had refused to do so owing to security reasons) is a kind of silent resistance….ab mere khayal se, this was a wise thing to do…..i haven’t yet been able to find out the difference between ‘not playing Pakistan’ and ‘not allowing them into India’.. fir bhi, I’m quite in favour of the former thing…. About not allowing the Paki artistes..mmmm.. I don exactly know.. I mean, I’m like.. 9/10… they shudn be in my country.. for reasons so clear…. But the ‘1’ that remains makes me rethink the situation… and also rethink bout wat a gr8 hypocrite I am…
After all, we are Indians… will it be ‘Indian’ to behave this way????? The French secularism wants a hijabee to remove her headscarf in order to be truly secular.. The Indian secularism entitles a Muslimah to wear the headscarf, a Sikh to wear his turban, a Hindu to wear the tilak and Rudraksh and all ‘symbols’ that proclaim our religions and yet be secular…..There had been that time wen India was so hell-bent on going on a war against Pak (a few years bak, don remember the year xactly), but, still at the end we didn’t…. many criticized this act… but, still there were people so happy that India didn’t go nuts and just went and attacked….(a similar situation bout war has come up abhi also) What I mean is, India has her own way bout doin things…. Will it be Indian to let them in? Or will it be Indian to stop them????

Like I had told in a previous post as well…. ‘aa bail mujhe dhoondh dhoondh kar maar’ is not a wise thing to do,,,
Not that Raj Thackery or Manhoman Saab or anyone else will come down to the Islands to ask me ‘To Kiran beta kya socha hai?kya karna chahiye??’… but fir bhi.. you know… …..the ‘that ways’ :)

btw.... plz do read this blog post by the Girl with big eyes
and here are some really nice pics of the Wagah Border..:D :D
i came across these blogs bas abhi abhi.. :)
On a confused note…
Allah hafiz


Vibhore Gupta said...

sab kuch serious serious chalta hai tumhari post mein fir achanak se ek khatarnak humour dikhayi padta hai...
for ex:

"Like I had told in a previous post as well…. ‘aa bail mujhe dhoondh dhoondh kar maar’ is not a wise thing to do,,,
Not that Raj Thackery or Manhoman Saab or anyone else will come down to the Islands to ask me ‘To Kiran beta kya socha hai?kya karna chahiye??’… but fir bhi.. you know… …..the ‘that ways’ :)"

lekin ajeeb si situation hai...
war ki umeed hai.. na hi ho to acha hai..
lekin jo tumne likha hai.. sab kuch to sahi lag raha hai...
m confused

all da bst fr ur xams..

Vibhore Gupta said...

array do me a favour..
chk my blog
the post
"nobody understands me"

read all the comments..
thr was a kinda war.
and thn tell me ur thots abt the situation

JaLpArI said...

lolz.... :D :D
hope you are seeing the news....
they are so eager for war...
kehte hai na... dose dena padega... :D :D
war is a bad thing... par humare mein kehte hai... zulm sehna haraam hai...let's see.

and thanks....need the bestest of luck :) :)

JaLpArI said...

hmmmm... i wil see abhi... that is if agar yadi aapka badaaaaa wala blog apne darshan de de .. to...


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