Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Going Hommmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy!!!!!!

Welllllllllll…. We’ll start from now and go backwards……oki???
Sabse pehle..A good nws… am going hooommmmmeeeeeeyyyy!!!!!
In fact im sitting in Chennai-Alleppey rite now!!!! Isn’t that gr8??? Am so happy.. this is one of my most favourite places in the world… this train I mean… well… so lemme tell things clearly…. I was sitting on the panchara vattam in my college wen I got this idea that instead of goin home at the end of December and tryin to extend the holidays into janury..i shud rather go hme now…. During the intermeds….. so, here I am!!!! Going chhuk chhuk chhuk chhuk…. :D :D :D
Actually the 25th All Kerala Intermedicos is goin on (at this moment) in my college…. It started on the 27th ( 26th evening to be precise)..i had initially thot that I will run away on the 26th evening itself.. but later decided against it coz’ yaar.. it’s my own college.. I really wanted to know how it all goes.. people always speak so low of Alleppey that I sincerely hoped that things wud be gr8..(and by the Grace of Almighty Allah, ab tak it’s goin way better than just gr8 :D)
so… my parents booked the flight ticket.. and got a First Class ticket in Chennai Alleppey…but, it was in RAC.. now, the thing was that I have never been in FC.. so, I didn’t know that it was a room kind of thingie :/ :/ :/ … and so, wen I got to know… the usual battle between my parents and me ensued….but HOW difficult it’s for me to get tickets in Tatkal Sewa…(not that I’d ever bought one :p :p) and HOW much troubles paavam Kiran takes, living ALL ALONE :p :p :p….. it’s like I just can’t come home, without fighting 3-4 small wars with my parents and 2-3 with Azhar… I really don know why, but I always get so irritatingly tensed while going home….the 2 mediaal ends of my black line on my forehead :/ :/ :/…….. newaz….
So, in spite of making SUCH A LOT of fuss over the Tatkal tickets, I did go to the Railway Station after all… I reached at 8.15 am :/ and not at 7( I’d been telling my parents that I will have to wait there from 7 in the morning and wake up at God knows when)… (btw.. I didn’t have to wait for more than 5 minutes :p)…. And all this fuss was made over the basis of losing ONE attendance in the Surgery clinics (all this by a girl, who is cutting a week of Surgery postings and a month of Medicine .. not to mention the theory classes of the final and prefinal subjects… huh!!!! I am really really great)

And the worst thing is that after I got the tickets, I didn’t even call up mummy and tell her that everything went smooth…. My poor Mom had to call me up herself only to get a jhatpat reply of “ha ha! Mil gaya ticket..mummy theater enter karna hai theek hai! Chalo khudahafiz” (Operation Theatre…I’m not THAT bad a gal yaar)
Newaz so tickets mil gaye…and day before yesterday our fest started.. yesterday was my bday and the first day I wore a headscarf and today am sitting in Chennai-Alleppey, going home…. :D :D

Im in side lower.. :) :) :) …my favourite seat….coz’ here I can be on my own….:) I can sit throughout the nite and sleep wenever I want and I dunno wat else .. but I just lllooovvveee it!!! Btw im traveling by 3AC… and people are boarding at each station :x .. I want this train for myself !!! :x just spoke to mummy.. she told that she hopes I get a good company.. huh!!! i hate company while traveling!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate hate hate hate hate!!!!!! :x :x :x

Newaz… twas raining wen the train started at 4.20….. us waqt it was difficult to make out if the black masses in the sky were clouds or hills blurred by the rain…later the sky turned golden…twas beautiful.. now its black….black is beautiful, but not wen it paints the sky… it then needs embellishments of stars and moon…and I cant see all that from here… newaz… I also saw two poor kids..a boy and a gal… they reminded me of my two babies…. “Every morn and every night… Some are born to sweet delight… Some are born to sweet delight…. Some are born to endless night…”…don’t remember the poet… sorry!

Another thing that’s becoming increasingly common with all my trips home is that im always sleeeeepy.. now, yesterday the fest went on till 3.45 am in the morning (of today) .. and I reached the LH room by 4.. and there was a little battle there (Almas, not included!!!! Ohhhhhh thank God.. kabhi to ladai nahi kari.. warna jab dekho ladti rehti hai :D :D :D) so, I slept only by 4.30.. and again got up by 7 (coz I’d to get the train at 4 pm :D).. so, you see.. just like THIS EPISODE,, I’m dead sleepy today too….:( :( I’ve had 2 coffees.. hope it keeps me up for a while… newaz… I did sleep for half an hour or so..but that was a kacha sleep with lots of silly dreams.. in one my principal, Dr. Ramala, is telling me something in Malayalam, and as always am not able to understand… (see!! Even in my dreams…. It happens even in my dreams!!)

Oh!! This reminds me of my 3 water dreams!!! I don’t remember them well now (it’s been long since I was on blogger!! All coz of clinics… huh!!) will write later (oh the great Me!!!)
Just hope everythin goes well..i reach hme safe and sound and then back safe and sound… and ya before the exams.. I’d missed my exams last year coz id run away just like this!!! Lolz… :D …all have been telling me since I announced my plans ki Almas.. exam se pehle aa jaana plz.. well.. Allah help! :)

Its been almost a year since I went this way by train…. The last time I went home I’d gone by flight ….i’d missed the train (my transportation problems!!!! Another post plz :D:D)… I’d returned by train but it was to Alpy. Not from…. Newaz… enuf for now da…

Eyes are full of neendu… will try to read Brida.. (again) … will help me sleep better.. :D :D..

Don’t know if I’ll be able to post now.. train hai na.. to the network keeps fluctuating.. if not now, inshaAllah from home.. :)

Chalo tatas..
P.S.- just in case some1’s reading this and doesn’t know wats tatkal sewa, plz search or ask some1.. not in a mood to explain..:/
P.S2- no network!!
P.S3-reminder: autowala, coolie…



Vibhore Gupta said...


as usual the gr8 jalpari is writng her heart out.. :)

happy journey and a fun filled stay..
m at my home toooo.....
it's good be at home ;)
all u do is sleep, eat sleep eat aur agar time bache to again sleep ;)

nyways belated b'day wishes... :)

JaLpArI said...

heyyy... long time
howz u? wherez ur home??? moradabad or somewhere else?? newaz.. wish u a very happy stay at home :)

ha! ha! udao mera mazaak!!! :D...lolz..
ab hum kya kare yaar agar itna neend aata hai....

and thanks!!! tumko bhi very very happy bday..... thoda sa belated :p

tc tatas..:)

Vibhore Gupta said...

tooo... many questions ;)

m doin gud.. actualy was overburdened with xams.... horrible experience....
yup my home = moradabad.....

array need mujhe bhi bahut aati hai....
my sleep record = 15 hrs strait..

tc :)

JaLpArI said...

oh!! exams!!!!
good luck yaar!!! results bohot achhe aayenge..

15 hrsss??????

ha ha ha!!!

so u r a bigger sotu than me...:D :D :D



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