Tuesday, 30 December 2008

India vs Pakistan :Orkut problems!!!!

I hate this crap so much...
i have no idea what do people get by doing these kind of things....
i opened my community list in orkut and saw one with the name "ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN" ... i was like wtf yaar??? wen did i go so crazy that i joined a community with that name???? or is it that one of the general communities (on any other thing) that had been created by a Paki has now been renamed.... whatever... i clicked on the comm to unjoin it.... and then i see.. oh! once again.... it was an INDIAN community and has been hacked by a Paki...... has happened many times before this.... this is the crappest thing that you can do... now this comm is full of "Pak is grt" kind of stuff.....
surely there are Indians doing the same ....but i cant say nething bout that coz firstly i haven come across such a comm (and how wud i ???) and secondly, i'm not a Paki.. so i wudn FEEL it , you know..... and finally, writing bout Indian hackers troubling Pakis is the work of Paki bloggers.... aur hum kisi se uska haq nahi chheente.... newaz....
to all orkut users..... plz chek ur comm lists....to avoid any 'unnecessary' comms.
here's the link of the comm i spoke of islamic repub of pak


Vibhore Gupta said...

this is serious stuff...
people are so messed up tht they cant see the actions and the consequences of their action... matlab.. kya fayda hua yeh sab karne ka??? kya mila kisi ko.??? u simply unjoined it... and many wud hav done the same.
kya mila kisi ko..???

JaLpArI said...

pata nahi yaar.....
agar itna tha to they cudve created a comunity of their own....\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

JaLpArI said...


.... i found from feedjit, someone searched "how to unjoin islamic republic of pakistan community in orkut"

i went and checked my account....
im unjoined.....
so u just need to click unjoin...
i dont think it pops back.....


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