Monday, 8 December 2008

i repeat....its MY blog!!!

There’s only one thing I’d like to make clear thru this post…..
This is MY blog….. so, I’d be writing ANYTHING in it… ANYTHING… I don want people telling me wat I shud be writing, or what I shudn be writing…
Oh rite!! Who am I to tel you to stop telling ?????
Newaz, so the point is.. I wudn listen to people who tel me wat to write and wat not to….
If you dislike things I write…fine... Its YOUR dislike…wat am I to do????…plz read the “about me” on the right … and also note the “Blogging Without Obligation” button tat I’ve placed… I’m not the one out in blogosphere to please people…. You’d find many many blogs that are always talking goody goody goody , never criticizing anyone or anything.. ever careful that they don’t enrage the people in their lives by wat they write in their blogs…… you are free to be their readers… I ain’t stopping anyone…. But, I aint a diplomatic kowtowing fool…. So, I do wat I do, I speak wat I speak, I write wat I write…
Am as much in front of you as am behind you.. and the other way round too… so, I don’t give a damn if you find my blog or my attitude or me as a whole…. ‘religionist’, ‘egotist’, ‘too open’ (watev dat means), ‘leaky’, ‘speakin bad of the medical profession’, ‘paving way for communal disharmony’ (oh really????? You are yet to read wat I call BOMBLOGS my friend), or most recently ‘cheap’….(and many such beautiful messages you send me)……
Am not gonna change myself for people who don’t matter to me newaz….
You don’t like my blog, stop reading it…. Did I ever ask you to read it?
You don’t like me, stop talking to me….. see if I care….!!!

I mite be the worst person around, accordin to u….. as accordin to many….. be it!! We r all free to dislike watev we want…. So hate me bindaas… I don care bout that…. And you know it I’m sure…. But plz don’t pester me with the blah blah blah blah bout the contents of my blog……esp. if it is bout you…
Im not the one to give explanations bout wat I write…. So, I wont …
Im not the one to give an ear to negatives…. So, I wont
Just take care… don’t keep me a part of ur life… coz im Cheap and I do things that You Would Never Do……..

People are different.. and we all naturally assume that the world shud be the way we are….
Im amazed by people who talk to their ‘enemies’ with such a sweet smile on their faces… They mite be amazed at how crude im at breaking relations…. Its natural… theyd expect me to be the way they are, and I expect others to be the way I am….. so, you mite feel telling me not to do this or not to do that wil do me good…. And id feel that why on earth is dis stupid person bothering my life!!!!
That’s it for now….
Lemme breathe,,,, lemme live….
Allah hafiz


Vibhore Gupta said...

baap re ....

kya daanti ho yaar....

awsum :)
u r gus at scolding... :)

here's a piece of advice for ur kids... BEWARE!!! don't mess wid JALPARI.....

btw kaun badnaseeb hai woh jisne jalpari ko uksaya ??

mujhe tumse darr lag raha hai ;)

take care

JaLpArI said...

are nahi yaar.... if i dont bother ppl.. y shud dey bother me??

if ppl tel ki dey dont like something bout me.. its ok... lekin whoz any1 to tell me to do sumthin or not to do sumthin....

i had written a post bout a frnd 'Ali' ... had evn told him dat ive written... us waqt he din get angry...wen he read it , he got angry..... prolly coz of the extra things dat i wrote...


ab stop pullin my leg :p :p :p

tc :)


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