Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Indians in the tram..

This Sunday, I saw Lagaan on Sony ….. I feel it’s one of the best Hindi movies ever made….. it deals with how the British Raj treated Indians…. Wen Bhuvan (played by Aamir Khan) and his friends are caught seeing the Britons play cricket, they are punished by being challenged to defeat the Britons in a match of cricket…. Failing to do so wud triple the amount of tax to be paid to the Throne…. But, if the Indian villagers won (something the Brits believd wud never happen) they’d be exempted from paying their taxes for the next 3 years……

now, while we were seeing this film, mummy got really senti.... she repeated the story of the ‘Indians in the tram’ that I have heard… like around… 90 milliom times…..!!! uhh!! So, this is a real life incident that took place in Calcutta, India under the British Raj….. my nana was witness to it…

Once upon a time in India, there lived a tram
There were people in the tram
Most were Brits
Very few Indians
Indians scared even to board the tram
One Indian spits out from the window
A Brit lady finds it yyyyyyuuuukkk!!!!!!!!
The tram is made to stop
The man is pushed off the tram
The tram leaves
The Brits on the road surround him
Without even being asked to, they beat up the man.

I, Almas, am an Indian… and I really wudn take outsiders ruling us this way…. But, there are three things I’d mention here…
1. spitting anywhere and everywhere is ACTUALLY yyyyyyuuuukkk!!!!
2. trams were introduced by the Brits.
3. I wonder if Brits in other places of India were as (merciful) as the ones in Calcutta, allowing the Brown Slaves to travel with the White Masters.

Japan’s rule was worse, my father says. Thankfully, it wasn’t in as many places (I doubt if any state other than Andaman Nicobar has ever been under the Japanese Rule) and for as long as the Raj……and so, India doesn’t have that many scars left behind by the Japs…However the only good thing bout the Japs, I feel, is that they had sent convoys apologizing to the people of the Islands for the atrocities meted out by the Jap rule… the last time they came here was wen I was a little girl…. And I was trying to push my way into the camera vision… only to be in the video…. (they were askin questions to my daadi thru translators).. my dada (daadi’s brother…. Not my real dada..my real dada was killed by the Japs) knew their language and was shouting at them :) :) :) Both, my daadi and her brother are no more…. One day I, too, will die.
Allah hafiz


Millz said...

very good movie. I saw it a few months ago

JOSEPH said...

hello almas hope ur enjoying your stay but there are a few problems sorry for reminding you of the problems but i am the one who says all the bad things but the last date for paying the fifth installment of fees is dec 15

and there is sessional exam startng on jan 5th wish you a happy christmas and newyear

JOSEPH said...

there is another problem there are seven subjects med surg gynaec paed
spm ent opthal sorry for reminding the problems

JaLpArI said...

@ millz
yupps!! its a gr8 one!!

JaLpArI said...

@ joseph...
thanks for informing yaar....
no problem.. you are always welcome to give bad news

:D :D :D

Vibhore Gupta said...

yaar to be honest... i dint get wat u ver trying to convey here..
do wajah se:
pehli... tumne itni choti post likhi yakeen nahi hota :D

doosri... baat kahin se kahin chali gaayi... :-?

end mein sab senti senti tha....


ur blog
ur rulez

take care

malizea the french hijabi said...

yes mashallah that's a so great movie!!

JaLpArI said...

@ vibhore
yaar i wasn't trying to say anything specific.. i mean i just wanted to write three things
1. lagaan is a gr8 movie
2. my mummy's hazaro baar bola wala tram story
3. my opinion on the tram story..
uske baad jo likha hai woh apne aap likh gaya..you know...:D :D by my andar ki aatma....:D :D

aur mere bhai kitna taang kheechoge??? kabhi kabhi Almas bhi kam bolti hai..ok.. i had written somethin ek notebook ke peechhe.. i wil post it ..woh padhna...meri vyatha samajhna :D :D :D


JaLpArI said...

@ malizea
ya it is
gr8 to know dat u watch Indian movies..:)

malizea the french hijabi said...

I love indian films I have learn a little bit of hindi trough it
mujhse dosti karoge :D


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