Friday, 12 December 2008


Well… as always am crammed up with stuff to be written… I have no reason why am not writing… newaz…. A few things are…

1. Azhar’s words that irk me no ends…
 Itra kyu rahi ho Almas???

 Almas, tum itna chidchidaee aur phadphadaee hui kyu ho???

 joke tha kya??? Hasi nahi aaya!!!

 Ghar mein koi sikhaya nahi tumko???

 Allah to dude hai !!!!

 Kittttnnnaaa question puchhegi ladki???

2. Azhar’s messages that irk me no ends...
 I’m not feeling well. I’m going to sleep. Bye.

 With parents… talk later..

 ManU match tonite,,, plz pray…

3. The best magazine in the world is “Good Housekeeping”… I introduced my sis to this magz…. Shes hooked! :D …. It speaks of everything.. from fashion to food , from health to home, from love to lifestyle….. And the home décor tips are awesome…:D

4. The best things bout gyms are the mirrored walls :D :D

5. Typing while u r lying on the bed (or floor, or sofa, or other things you can possibly use for the same purpose) is a really really bad idea…. U make a lot of errors…..

6. To err is human..

7. I’m not a human.. I’m a Martian… :D :D

8. If God gives me a lot of money, inshaAllah I’ll buy lots and lots of books (among other things) I’ll buy a copy of ‘Snow’, then that book which I’d seen at Landmark that had a name ‘tips to be a bitch’ or ‘how to be a bitch’ or something like dat (all I remember is ‘bitch’….), that beautiful book on the Nehru dynasty form Reliance ka shop (Timepass… or.. Timeout….wats d name???)(of the shop, I mean… not the name of the book)…., Holy Books of all the religions (in English), all the Richard Bach novels dat I can manage to get, and many other books.. cant think of more at 1.10 am….

9. I can’t sleep in the dark…..

10. I feel so ???? (sad/ desp/ jealous/ hurt/ upset/ ding dong/ ching chong/ ming mong) wen I see local Malayalis… talking in Hindi (that too the local dialect), eating chapatti, daal and other food items that I don’t get in Alpy…..2 of the aunties at the gym are mallus.

11. the aunties were surprised by my weight gain… they told I was slim last year… ha ha ha!!! They call it slim….. :D :D

12. will I ever be able to write ALL that I want to…???????????????????????????

13. Azhar was angry coz I cudn speak to him… it was 11th yesterday .. adds to 2…

14. I borrowed “Linda Goodman’s Love Signs” from aapa, who borrowed it from Yasmeen bhabhi who borrowed it from Khuda jaane kaun.. newaz.. the book belongs to a certain ‘Nadeem’….oh it strikes me now… Nadeem is bhabhi’s younger brother’s name…. Sagi and Sagi make a gr8 pair!!!! Sagi and Taurus isn’t really gr8 or even mildly gr8,,, but, khair !! Kya kare???? Taurus is a beautiful sign actually, just that Sagi and Taurus are so so different… I don know….pata nahiii… im yet to read bout Taurus-Taurus couples…. Kaise rehte honge ek dusre ke saath ye log!!!! Ufff!!!

15. I wanted to be a journalist………… Im studying to be a doctor.. God knows wat I finally become….

16. sweet sixteen……. :D

17. while goin thru my old diary, I came across the postal address of one of my pen friends, Rayees…. That was long ago.. we lost contact after that.. a few months back.. he found me on orkut….i was soo happy… he doesn’t talk to me though…

18.Hindi is not THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE of India. (If the All- Powerful God permits, this humble slave of His wishes to sit down with her laptop one fine morning/noon/evening/night (jaisa Godji munasib samjhe) with patience, courage and determination to complete that which she has begun and elaborate this point)

19.we can cast a vote for ‘no vote’ as per the Constitution of India (“””””as above”””””)

20. I love the Tata Tea ka vote wala ad, and also the ‘thandeeee’ ad… I don remember the product….

21. am 21 years old… :) :)

Am sleepy…
Shabba khair

Allah hafiz


Amjad Ahmad said...

likhna koi aap se sikhe ..
really it is so nice ..
kafi accha laga ..
keep ritting ..

JaLpArI said...

ha ha ha ha !!!


chalo thanx :) :)

hope you keep visiting... :)


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