Monday, 8 December 2008

Twins down with pharyngitis!

My jaan, my jigar, my jaaneman.. my little dolly baby.. Fiza.. wasn’t feeling since 3rd Dec.. That evening aapa called up to tell that Fiza has got fever…. Abbu and I went to aapa’s house (5 minutes by gaadi) and spent the evening playing with her… she was running a temperature but … she was oki kinds… newaz..the next morning aapa called up again and told that Fizhu had fever throughout the nite and hadn’t eaten anything.. so, abbu and I went to babas’ place again in the morning….. abbu returned home after dropping me there.. I stayed there till 3pm… initially Fiza was quite playful.. both Faaris and Fiza were laughing and running bout the whole place… but dheere dheere Fiza started getting irritated… she started saying ‘naee’ (‘no’) to everything… she still hadn’t eaten anything.. and wen we asked her things like. “Fiza doodhu peeyegi?” “naeeee”…. “Fiza choodi pehnegi?”.. “naeeee”…and everything was “naeee”, “naee” “naee”……. Bhaiya aapa… took her out to the Traffic Park, we thot she mite eat something there.. coz she likes this place so much.. but .. no… she wudnt eat there too…newaz.. then they dropped me home….

For the whole evening, my mind kept going back to Fiza (I, myself, was highly irritated .. but then mummy and I had gone out to buy me a salwar kameez piece.. we bought a patiala piece from Kalamandir.. that got me smiling again :) ).. now, our Fiza is such a charming kid.. shez just so full of life.. talkative.. naughty.. that wen shez down… it really shows… so, I wasn’t feeling really good.. newaz… late in the nite.. guess it was 11.45.. aapa called up to say that Fiza still hadn eaten anything and was going on crying continuously….. they were getting really tensed.. so, bhaiya wud come to take mummy and me (we don’t have a car! So, all of us cant go together)… wen we reached there, we saw our little angel crying so bad that our hearts went out to her…. To make a very long nite short.. I’d just say that Fiza didn’t eat anything, didn’t sleep for a second and cried non-stop.. we were all sure that she has been affected by some “bura nazar”… (bout ‘bura nazar’, I’ll mention in another post) , newaz.. my baby wasn able to lie down. She wasn even able to drink water.. it was getting scarier with each passing second… coz the longer the duration from her last meal grew.. the louder her howling became…..and the sleepier she got, the more difficult it became for her to lie down….. the moment we put her on bed.. she got up crying as if she was in terrible pain….. and she was doing this strange thing that we didn’t really understand…she was covering her mouth and crying.. as if she’s goin to vomit or if she had pain in the mouth somewhere.. but, Fiza is a smart gal.. if she had any such problem.. she wud have told us definitely.. just the previous nite wen I’d gone to her place.. she had vomited on the bed.. I remember very well that she’d showed her hands towards the bathroom and told ‘waha leke chalo’, I hadn understood.. they later told me that Fiza was telling that shez bout to vomit..newaz… my baby wasn’t even able to drink water.. prolly shez got some ulcer in the mouth.. Hafiz Saab had come at 12.30 to ‘dam’ upon her… we took her to G.B.Pant at around 3 in the morning.. the doc told she needs to be kept under observation…. We didn’t admit her….

The next morning, Fiza slept for a little while…..and had milk…but, that was to it… we shud her to all the docs we cud think of… none of the docs really did much… they didn’t even examined her mouth… we kept on repeating that baby probably has some problem in her oral cavity…. But no one heard us out… finally, in the evening, Parveen phuppi, bhaiya’s mom, told us to take her to Dr. Shanmugham… he was the only doc who examined my baby properly… she was diagnosed with pharyngitis… which had got really severe….. she was started on the IM genta dosage…. She took nearly 5 days to be oki kinds…. Shez still sort of irritated…:)

And as happens with twins…. Faaris has now fallen sick… he’s not able to eat or drink …and is crying a lot.. but since he’s basically a calmer kid as compared to Fiza…. He’s lukin more Sick than Troubled….he simply lies down and looks at us with tearful eyes…angel baba.. He’s also on genta….and inshaAllah he too will be ok soon….. just hope, everything turns out well…

Tomorrow is Eid-ul-Zuha here (in Kerala, it’s today… they follow Saudi, … they are Arabs :D) and aapa’s family wont be celebraring much…. Coz jaanus are sick…. Mummy is also very pareshan….
Newaz…Allah will set it all rite….
Allah hafiz


Vibhore Gupta said...

tooo baaaaadddd :( :(
hope both of thm get well reaaaallll sooon.....


JaLpArI said...


me too hopes the same...


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