Friday, 30 January 2009

Millz... Thanks a Million for the Award.. :) :)

Millz is being a fairy princess and showering gold dust on me....:) :):) she's nominated me for this "Butterfly Award" and I thank her from the deepest parts of all the four chambers of my heart.. :)
thanks thanks thanks !!!!

now,I have to nominate it to 10 others... and since all others have been nominated... i'd nominate 10 blogs i love....including both Muslimah sisters and others....

G.B.C.I-Gujarat Bred Confused Iyer- the first blog that got me hooked.... i love the way Revathi writes, her wit, her sarcasm, and her confused blah blahs... God!!! do i love this female !!

The Barefoot Empress- i came across this blog only minutes ago... and hell!! I'm in love.. :)

Seeking Serenity- Blog by A recent revert sister (and of course, my fairy princess! :))...she writes from her heart.. this is one of those few blogs that i've read from the first to the latest post.. :)

Happy Muslim Mama- love this blog... totally!!! i find this the most feminine blog... the prettiest blog... speakin of bein a mum... and ya.. those lovely craft pieces... i'm myself a grt fan of craft work.. :)

So About What I Said- another blog i came across recently,.... written with a heart overflowing with life.... :)

A Muslim Wife- i find this blog heavenly....:) M.J. takes a lot of pain to come out with the most perfect posts that cud be possibly written... besides, the Nikah stories are grrt... and of all the hijab pics in all the blogs.. i like her's best :)

The Ideal Muslimah- again, a recent addition to my favourite list...beautifully written...and her post on the Bosnian gal's rape actually brought tears to my eyes...

Words Can Fall Short- a superb poem Vibhore.... very clearly written poems... simple.. but with very deep meanings.... i don't need an Oxford Dictionary by my side wen i sit down to read his poems (something that i need to do for most other poetry blogs)... waise! he hasn't posted in a long time...

The Delhi Walla- sexy blog!!! A very beautiful picture of the Nation's Capital City... Hindustan ki dil- Dilli :)

Mama I Married A Masri- Ange's blog.......ROFL.. that's how i'd describe it!!!! she'z hilarious!!!well, of course she writes serious stuff as well, but her humour is simply superb..!!!

so... Congratulations to all the winners.. :D :D :D :D

Allah hafiz

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tagged!!!! for the first time :D

I have been tagged by Millz
and hey! this is the first time i've been tagged!!!so, i'm llike.. wow!!!!!
:D :D :D :D
here goes:

NOTE: You have to add one additional "favorite" thing to the end of the list when you answer

Favorite color: BLACK ,,,but I love BLUE and GREEN as well..

Favorite perfume (guys): Sport by ADIDAS… that’s my boyfriend’s latest favourite..

Favorite perfume (girls): I don’t use perfume…. Mogra Ittar is my favourite among ittars….

Favorite pj brand: Sorry!!! What’s a PJ ???? for me PJ means ‘poor joke’…. :D:D:D

Favorite clothes brand in general: for western wear.. Levis…. And for Indian, the best two wud be… AKRITI and JOLE.. I also love BIBAS and FabIndia…. Westside is grt for both kinda clothes..

Favorite person in the entire world: Mummy :) :)

Favorite country: Never been out of India….. so, INDIA :) :) .. But, there are many countries I’d love to visit….. Pakistan :) , Burma, Egypt, Turkey…. And many more …

Favorite car: Skoda Octavia & Honda CRV….the only reason I want to be a doc is to earn enuf to get myself a CRV and an Octavia.. :)…. Tata Indigo Marina and Toyota Innova are other favs.

Favorite sport: I’m an Indian….. Cricket Cricket Cricket :) :) :)

Favorite sport player: Previously Saurav Ganguly from Team India….no hot favs now… but, Zaheer Khan and Ishant Sharma are grrrrrttt….
Waise… I have a massive crush on Dimitar Berbatov presently… :D :D

Favorite spot in America: Never been to America…

Favorite animal: Cats Cats Cats Cats………… meeeeeeeooowwww!!!!

Favorite movie: many….. current favt… Jab We Met…… another all time fav is Na Tum Jano Na Hum….. I don’t watch too many foreign movies… among the recent few I saw …. I think Apocalypto is the best, though I don’t know if it’s a recent release or an old one…. However, I think Jumanji beats everything…

Favorite singer: no fav singer…. Love all music that sounds good.. though I’m trying to avoid music… I fail, I try again, I fail, I try again.. let’s see…

Favorite day in the week: Saturday….. I was born on a Saturday… and somehow all good things in our family happen on Saturdays…

Favorite time of the day: night…..and day-college….ummmm actually, college is fine.. let’s say.. day-hospital..

Favorite holiday season: Christmas…..i love the Christmas season!!! :)

Favorite number: 1 and 3 and 6 and all other numbers that add up to 1 and 3 and 6 …

Favorite food: given my present state, I love plain Daal, Chapaati and Aaloo Sabzi…..[mumma, miss you :( :( ]

Favorite chocolate: 5 STAR Crunchy by Cadbury…. ARRRREEEE!!!

Favorite cartoon: love all cartoons…. :) As a kid my fav was Uncle Scrooge and his nephews…. Filhaal, my favourite are Popeye and Johny Quest… and I also love watching Hindu Mythology Cartoons… Baal Ganesha is my fav… :)

Favorite blogger: ohhhhh!!! There are many many favs.. to name a few… Revathi, Indscribe, Kenneth
Among the sisters… I love the blogs- A Muslim Wife, Mama I Married a Masri and Happy Muslim Mama…

Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Chocolate… and strawberry… and Pista…..and black currant …. And… well.. all flavours!!! :D

Favorite Mobile Brand: Nokia…… I find it the most user friendly..

Favorite name: I love names…. I maintain a diary of all my fav names… so, it will be very difficult to write one or two…
Newaz… I shall write my current favs… for boys- Iman, Ivan and Zulfiqar
For gals- Medina, Tuhina, Kiswah, Gabriella, Trishna, Tripti, Thayyaba……

Favorite hobby: Reading, writing my journals, blogging, reading others’ blogs, and making greeting cards and gift wrapping papers….

Favorite room in my house: my grandmother’s room….. lots of stories bout my family related to that room!

Favorite Fruit: I hate fruits.. newaz…. I think jackfruits and mangoes and bananas are fine!!!

Favorite flower: lolz! Strange as it may sound.. I HATE flowers!!! … still, if you ask me.. white flowers (any, be it rose or rajnigandha or any other white flower) are better than the coloured ones…. I prefer buds and dried flowers to blooming ones…. :)

Favorite book: GIANT’S BREAD by Agatha Christie…. I love many more.. Snow By Orhan Pamuk, …. And Chokher Bali by Rabindranath Tagore and many many many more..

I add

Favourite T.V Shows- MTV Roadies (awesome!!), The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai…

and hey!!! everyone has already been tagged!!! i wanted to tag A Bangladeshi wife and A Muslim Wife... they've been tagged..
so, I tag



Allah hafiz

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Happy 2nd Month Hijab Anniversary to ME :D :D

A lot of things bout the headscarf has been happening since I started to wear the hijab exactly 2 months ago……. Yupps!!! It’s my 2nd month anniversary today :D :D :D ….Alhamdulillah…
So, here goes…
1. We are 3 hijab-clad gals in our batch…. Not the class batch, I mean the clinics batch A… (90th batch has 100 students, of it batch A has 22), Anisa, Aneesha and Almas (me :) :) :) )……. Aneesha had been a great support wen I first decided to wear the headscarf…. (thanks dearie! :) love you!)… newaz… so, the other day we were talking bout how we all buy shaylas of different colours but still always wear the same black ‘maftha’ (headscarf) …. There are two reasons for this, one being that we don’t really know how to wrap the shayla properly…. Properly matlab in a way that it wudn fall off or get loose or simply make us uncomfy in the hospital (we r all docs-to-be inshaAllah), second that we r toooo self-conscious to dress up in such a grand way without any occasion…. The black hijab is simple, comfy, stays in place, goes with all colors and doesn’t contradict the professional look…. Newaz, we have decided to wear it one day, all of us together (for giving each other moral support :D :D :D )… Ani gave the stupid idea of wearing it for the 84th Batch Convocation Ceremony….. huh!! gr8! We have no idea how funny we’d luk… and we r planning to do it on a seniors’ Convocation Party… wow!!! newaz… I won’t let it happen…. I think we shud wear it on some normal day.. see if it’s ok.. and only then go for wearing it on ‘occasions’ :D

2. Long back I had come across this blog where the blogger spoke of how Indians wore ‘those sticky black things’ on their heads…… she also complained of how we wore short sleeves kameezes with a headscarf….. now, the ‘short-sleeves’ thing is very true…. I mean, we shud know dat short sleeves don’t fall under the category of ‘hijab’ and if we r tryin to hijabify ourselves, we shud try to do it properly (well, I, as of now, am wearing full- sleeves and 3/4ths coz’ I have a severe dearth of clothes since I started to wear the hijab… I have started collecting only full-sleeved kurtas from now on… and im a getting a sleeve made to wear under the others.(now, that wud be again a terrifying day, coz’ no one here wears such things!))… but, I seriously think that there is no harm in wearing a ‘sticky black thing’ on our heads…. I mean God commanded women to cover themselves up…. He didn’t command us to cover ourselves with glittering colourful printed matching rhinestone-studded hijabs…. I mean, what the hell yaar!!! If we r doin something against the command of Allah Paak, reprimand us for that… I don mind it at all… but, if we r not goin crazy with fashion (as many hijabis seem to be), that’s not against Allah’s command… so why pass such silly remarks on a nation…. My mummy and aapa were initially very much against my wearing the hijab…. Later mummy agreed, but, on the condition that I wear ‘beautiful’ scarves (whatev she meant!!!)… that’s wen I got myself those stoles to be used as shaylas….. newaz… wen I went home and showed her the 2 things.. she finally chose the ‘sticky black thing’…. Whether a hijabi wants to be fashionable or not is an entirely personal thing…. In any case, if a hijab is not Islamically wrong, I don’t see the need to pass a negative comment on it. Remember, you are, after all, commenting on Hijab……

I got these pics from google..... this is the way we dress... salwar kameez and black maftha (headscarf)

3. anyone who sees me for the first time with the scarf asks me ‘why suddenly?’ fine, I answer them.. not a prob…. But, very amusingly, many , and by many I mean MANY, have asked me if I have chopped off my hair and is that the reason why I’m wearing the headscarf….. today the aunty at the college canteen called me aside and asked if I had some sort of scalp problems and was I losing hair….
:D :D :D :D now, many seem to be baffled by the fact that I got my hair straightened only days before my birthday ( I started hijab on my bday(I had CURLY CURLY CURLY hair earlier ))….. and they cant digest it that I’d cover the hair after spending a fortune on their appearance…. :D :D :D

4. I suffer from a skin disease called ‘VITILIGO’ since October, 2002… it’s a depigmenting disease… I have a white patch on the bridge of my nose…. Just in between my eyes… and sufficiently big…. So, wen you see me.. this is the first thing you’ll see on my face….. the centre of my face…. Newaz…. Alhamdulillah! Coz’ most people have it worse… Allah Paak has kept it under control for me till now and I pray He keeps it just there always….never spreads it…. So, the thing is.. since I started wearing the headscarf my face is the only thing visible.. no hands, no hair, no neck, no back, no chest…. The only skin yousee is on my palms and the posterior and my face.. the face with the white patch…. So, people who have seen me allllllllllll thhhhhheeeeeeessssssseeeeee 3 and a half years, now come to me and ask, “Almas, what’s this on ur nose??????????? Never saw that before””””” wow!!!!!! gr888888888888!!!!!!!!!!! Full focus on my trouble spot!!! :D :D :D:D

5. when I was at home for Christmas, I met this lady at the gym, who spoke to normally initially, but wen she saw me leaving the gym with the ‘sticky black thing on my head :D’, she started giving me those weird looks… she stared at me with an expressionless face.. totally blank… :D … one fine day, she asks me why do I wear it? And I told her the answer… well, I expected a nod or if she was against the headscarf, an argument.. but this lady of ours.. just went on staring with that same blank face.. I didn’t know what to do, so I just smiled and looked away… the blank looks continued … :D then later another Muslim (non-hijabi like most of us back home) saw me with the scarf and asked me wen did I start wearing the ‘maftha’…she was a relative. She told me that it’s gud that I’m thinking of the other life… now this blank-faced-lady got another chance to speak of my scarf…. She asked me again ‘Aap yeh kyu pehente ho?”(why do wear this?)…. ughhhhhhh!!! Madam, didn’t I answer you that day? ….so, the Muslim non-hijabi sister answers on my behalf and tells her as an additional fact that ‘no one in her(mine) family wears it… she’s the first one’…. And then the lady gives me an all the more blank look and asks, “Ajeeb nahi lagta aapko?” (don’t you find it strange?) :D :D :D :D….now, seriously, I had never expected THIS .. I mean… c’mon… you are a stranger, who spoke to me only coz’ we r in the same profession, you are someone whoz absolutely normal with others but gives me ‘the blank stare’…. And then you ask me such a question….. my dear lady, it’s not the headscarf but it’s people like you who make me feel ‘ajeeb’…..wud you ask that question to a gal who wore a short skirt and a tank top with a plunging neck line???? No, you wudn…. Or did u expect me to say “oh my dear aunty! Save me from my cruel Muslim parents, who FORCE me to wear this horrible thing because they follow the cruel religion of Islam… save me O wife of an army officer… save me.. Show me the way to FREEDOM!!!”… and since you got no such answer…. I became ‘ajeeb’ and my choice of dressing became ‘ajeeb’ ? huh! newaz…..

6. Ann, a junior, saw me yesterday and was shell-shocked… she told me, “Chechiiiiiiiiiii, from wen did u start wearing this????????? I didn’t even know u r a Muslim!!!!”
:D :D :D :D
Wow!!!! am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally, after ages of appearing as if I never pray or fast…..
I look like a Muslim!!!!!!
:) :) :)

Allah hafiz

Monday, 26 January 2009

What the hell is WINTER ????????

all the Kashis are talkin bout only one thing to me 'Winter'....aren't these Kashmiris lucky??? (well, ya..... 'lucky' is again quite a subjective word).....

winter in kashmir

and here, i am dying to know what in the world is "WINTER".... seriously, its amusing how all my life i've known only two types of weather 'hot and humid' and 'rainy'.........(well, the hot and humid is how they describe it... me thinks.. it's quite pleasant....)
i wonder how it'd feel to be wrapped in 4 layers of clothing,how it'd be to wear a kangri inside ur clothes(kangri is sort of an earthen vessel with charcoal, used by Kashmiris, they wear it inside their 'pheran', their traditional dress),how it'd be to have a fireplace at home, how it'd be to have a heater in ur car and not AC, how it'd be to touch snow.........'Snow'... sonds so good... does it feel good???? forget bout snow.... plain cold...... hows it live in 'cold'?????? the only cold i know of was way back wen i was a little girl... and we had those terrible rains... cyclonic rains... (I live in the Bay of Bengal....)....and it got cold cold cold.... we wore sweaters to keep off cold..... however, it doesn't rain much....nowadays.. not as it used to.... deforestation..... an evil.....
I can tolerate heat better than cold.... adapted to heat, i guess.... most of the time, the fan in my room is off.... any more than 1 hr in AC, and i start getting uncomfy....more than 2 hrs...and im nauseated.... but i guess.. this part is sort of a psychological thingie.... coz i associate AC with planes and airports.... and ya... operation theatres... so... AC brings on nausea... coz' it somehow triggers on the air sickness switch in my head...
even a slite drop in temp...say if it gets 23-24.... makes me rub my hands and feet...will i even survive the winter of Delhi, Kash and such places....
The other day i was talking to a gal who is also from Blair and doin her MBBS in Kerala... she told me how she dropped the seat in New Delhi, coz she wasn sure if she'll be able to take the winter :).....
strange how it is....
the only 'cold' place i have ever been to was Kodaikanal... we reached there at night around 1 am or something... i wanted to die....however, twas quite ok in the morning....

i wish to experience winter at least once in my life..... and ya i also want to live in a desert... i love the desert countries.... deserts are so beautiful.... and Rajasthan.. wow!!!! 'heat' is ok.... im scared of cold..... and yet i think... i want to know how it feels.... just once.... i don think i wil be able to take it more than once... just once....
im happy in my island full of tropical forests and pristine beaches.... i need no place other than the coast, sun, sea and sand.....
but... winter....just once......
Allah hafiz

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Give up!!!

Have been watching LOST …. Started with season 2 only yesterday….. so today, after returning from college, I got busy watching it….

Sun had lost her wedding ring…. She had searched for it everywhere but cudn find it…. Out of frustration she rips apart the vegetable garden she had literally nurtured with such pains…. John happens to be goin that way.. they sit down to talk wen John says that he too had been really angry in the past but now , he’s not…. On being asked how did he manage to do it, he says that he ‘stopped lookin for it…’…..

I’ve just returned from the mess hall, where sister chumma commented ‘O Almas is eating rice nowadays’ ….. now, I don really know why but that got me hit really bad… Amachhi was kind enuf to say that she likes me now coz I’m being a good gal….i didn’t look up even once from my plate… I only told ‘what else can I do?’.. sometimes I feel Allah Paak isn’t helping me with Malayalam for the simple reason that I’d be thrown out of this place, if I cud actually speak…. Shikha didi also used to tell the same thing, that sometimes some patients are so irritating, they fight, they scream, as if doctors were their slaves… you feel like yelling at them so bad they forget the way to the hospital…..but you are forced to keep ur mouth shut only coz u cant really ‘get angry’ in Malayalam… same happens to me….like today, I cud have told 5988 things to my dear Sister Warden (watev her name is)…. I chose to look at the plate coz I cudn really do much….

so, then I was reminded of what John said….. he ‘stopped lookin for it’….. wen we stop lukin for something that’s lost, we get it!.....
now, I lost ‘food’, and I have been banging my head on the walls, lukin for some edible things everywhere….. I failed, got pissed off, cried, called up mummy, yelled at her, shouted at God for putting me into this mess….
I was never at peace, always hunting for food….. everywhere….
But, I finally gave up… this time wen I went home… I ate rice 90% of the time… and since I have returned, I haven’t tasted or even had a whiff of chapatti, salted bread and butter, and those kind of food items…. I have been eating rice…. The same chor and mor and manga and tenga, that I so hate…..
Am I happier?
Yes, I am…
Do I like this kind of food now?
No, I don’t
Yet, I am happier….coz’, somehow it has reduced my burden, the burden to ‘look for it’….

However, weird that sounds, I believe a lot in ‘giving up’. Im not one of those who believe that man can achieve all that he wants…… may be its just the typical Sagittarian in me, maybe all this is just coz we rnt hardworking, or coz we r such happy-go-lucky people….. I try, I fail, I try again, I fail again, I try yet again, I fail yet again… I say, ‘screw you’ .. and go my way… and being a Sagi I am not short of things to keep me busy ……… I really do feel that ‘letting go’ of things, ‘giving up’ and knowing that certain things cannot be helped after a certain extent .. is really important to be happy…..
And then do things work out for me? Alhamdulillah they do!
Allah is to you what you think He is to you . (Read this somewhere long ago).. if you believe God will take you out of ur probs.. He will….
Sometimes all u need for something to fall in the right place is to let go…..

There are three other things that I say all the time.. people who know me well must be hearing these things on a daily basis..

“Taqdeer se bada Tadbeer nahi hota” (mummy had read out a story from an old and tattered Urdu book…. This was the name of the story)

“you are not to struggle wen u r drowning, u lose out on the chances of being saved”

“what belongs to you will come to you, no matter what… it will knock on ur door itself”

i don’t mean that I never try.. I told you, I do… its just that I never myself to get something…. I don’t… but for food, (now a Sagi is half horse, remember? So he has the appetite of a horse), I got myself screwed, and not a minor form of screwing…. Huh!!! I screwed myself real bad…. As time passed, I was letting this prob take over me…. So, now I finally decided to let things be the way they are….. and trust me im happy.

I bought this little memento that read “SINCE I GAVE UP HOPE, I FEEL MUCH BETTER”….. that was in eighth standard…….i was 13 then…. Am 21 now… I still keep it on my table in my hostel room……..
Have I given up hope?
Hmmmmmmmm… not really……… “Ummeed par duniya qayam hai”… :) cant really give up on hope…..
But, I think it reminds me that at times, it’s better to give up…….

There’s this song we sung at skul…

“Love is something that you give it away, give it away, give it away
Love is something that you give it away
And it comes right back to you…..
It’s just like a magic penny
You hold it tight and you won’t have any…
Lend it, spend it, give it away….
And it comes right back to you”

Now here, love is to be given away without any conditions…..that doesn’t relate to wat im oh-so-desperately trying to explain….here the meaning of ‘give it away’ is the kind of ‘giving up’ I’m talking bout…. Like you want ‘x’…. you try to get it….. (normal humans do try…)
After a while you just ‘give up’ not in a pessimistic way…. But in the typical Sagi style of optimism…. With a positive belief………that you’ll get it, dat prolly it’s not yet time.. or watev that your heart and ur thoughts decide for you….. but, you believe that you’ll get it…….watev it is dat u want…..
We all want something more than the other things………. Maybe sub-consciously…but then ther’s always one main desire in everyone… one wish that is so overwhelming that no other wish stands close to it…….. this is the wish you see fulfilled, wen u ‘give up’…. In the way I mean……

And just in case, you know, jusssst in case, it doesn’t come bak………
Now, weren’t You the person who had let it go in the first place???????????

“Let it go… let it go where it goes..” (again, read somewhere.. don remember where)

I had gifted this bookmark to my sister (which she didn’t take care of, so, I took it for myself….), it has this quote by Swami Vivekananda, “He gets everything, who wants nothing” (or ‘he who wants nothing, gets everything,…. Don’t remember exactly)
I think I was in ninth…. Us waqt, I interpreted it to mean
‘if I don’t crave for things (meaning material and spiritual, both), I’d get it………’ e.g., I stop myself from desiring good marks ……. I get it………..
Later, in twelfth std., my interpretation of the same quote had changed (and remains the same even now)
‘if I don’t desire things……. I free myself from the need of those things… and then getting them or not is of no consequence, ….. I wud still have everything, everything that makes up my world….if I don’t desire something, if I don’t want it, and then I don’t have it, it doesn’t make a difference coz newaz I never gave it a share in making me whole’

So, wat I mean is … If I get over my desire for something, let go of something in the hope that it’d come bak……. Not because you are dependent on it to come bak (coz’ that doesn’t mean letting go), but coz, as I told, wats urs wil come bak to u , no matter wat….. and If it dosnt (coz’ it wasn’t urs, so, it didn’t come bak), big deal!!! You had let it go, you had freed urself from its contribution to ur wholeness….. so u r newaz…..Whole……

Is there anyone who’d understand this post?
Yes, mummy :) :)

“Know that all is well always, everything is unfolding as it should”

Know Agatha Christie???? Shez a famous author, famous for her suspense stories…….
But, she has written some love stories as well, under the pseudonym, Mary Westmacott….. I have read only one of these, GIANT’S BREAD………..
It’s the most beautiful novel, I’ve read in my life……
Here’s something from Giant’s Bread,

“I know what I want and go for it—he doesn’t know what he wants, or, rather doesn’t want it. But, IT goes for him… and that IT whatever it is, will be served—no matter at what cost.”

Also from Giant’s Bread,

“You can have the brains to foresee things, and the wits to plan things and the force to succeed, but with all the cleverness in the world you can’t avoid suffering one way or another.”

“God knew best. One rebelled at the time, but one came at last to realize that whatever happened was really for the best.”

Let’s end with the serenity prayer
“God, give me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

Allah hafiz

Splendid Kerala Part 2 & My Identity Crisis :D

So, the latest news is that my homesickness phase is over and I’m back in love with Kerala… no, actually.. I never was out of love with Kerala… just that the love was overshadowed by my love for home…..:D :D :D,, no place like home you see..
Today we had paid a visit to the Tuberculosis Control Centre as a part of our Community Medicine posting (well, yeah! The same posting that I am crazy about *sarcasm*sarcasm*sarcasm*) … the Dr. there was so passionate bout his work… Khudaaaa Paaaaak.. made me feel so bad… how horrible a doc I’d be…(trust me I do try to be better.. I just can’t :S) he was talking bout Tuberculosis (bout which I’m planning to write in Confrontation… he he he .. I do remember that blog of mine… just that the busy me isn’t getting enuf time to post in it…. :/ :/ :/ ) and wen he mentioned that leprosy has been Alhamdulillah eradicated from India and in Alleppey, the incidence is 0.4 in 10,000 people ….i was mad with happiness… :D :D … seriously, I feel so happy listening to Kerala achievements…. And esp Alleppey.. when you’re studying in a college, you are with people from all over the state… so, we have a lot of Trivandrumkars, Kollamakars etc… and though we do have a lot of day-schis (day-scholars, i.e Alappuzhakars ( meaning the town, not the district)), I somehow have come to believe that if Alleppey belongs to anyone in the batch, it’s ME :D :D , the same ME, who far from being an Alappuzhakar, is not even a Keralite, oh God! Does not even live in mainland India !!!!!

For the same reason (that I believe Kerala is MY state, Alleppey is MY district, Alleppey town is MY town, and Punnappra is MY locality), I give myself the freedom to talk bad bout wat is bad…… like the time wen I told that I hate Mohan Lall, a girl went off ranting things like, ‘who are you to talk that way? You are not a malayali…. You have no right to pass judgements!!!’… well, probably, I’d say the same if I were in her place… but, God!!! She hasn’t yet heard me fighting with my parents and Azhar, the moment they point a finger at Kerala….. for reasons very obvious (yet, I don’t see the need to mention them), Malayalis are not really liked by many….. I wudn say that there’s nothing bad in Mallus, but, doesn’t every community have something or the other peculiarly bad in it??????? So, I don’t understand why ‘some’ people are so anti-Kerala… newaz…. I love this state… I hate the food, but then I love this state…. Hmmmm.. but, I do like the fish curry…. They add tamarind, I think… I don know… but its like…. Mmmmmwwaaahhh!!!! I belong to Andamans where you get splendid fish…. Super Mast ….. (sea- water…. So, you cant’ say that it’s sea water- fresh water ka difference)
But, I hardly even taste fish back home…. But, do I eat fish here!!! Uff uff uff ….. I love the way they make fish….. mmmm… I hate everything else… chor and mor and maanga and tenga….. I hate it all….


I love kerala….. in fact if I was to ever award someone with the ‘best defender of Kerala’…. I’d award it to ME :D :D :D

Waise, im not really interested in doin rural service here… prime reason being the language… (people here tell that it’s the second most difficult language in the world, well.. I don’t really buy it!.. I’d have learnt it by now.. had I been in practice… I’m living alone and friends with people who are fluent in English.. so, didn’t really get a chance to learn the vernacular).. the second reason is the horrible food….. and third is that MBBS was of 5 ½ years wen we joined… Kerala Univ is lagging by 3 months…. I don’t want to be any longer stuck up with my graduation…. I don’t mind rural service…. I think it’s sort of OK… but plz… at home…. The whole of my Islands xcpt my town is rural ( I think)… so plz send me home.. I’ll do the rurals there….


I love kerala….the only place other than home where I wish to settle down…. ( Andamans, Kerala, Tamil Nadu… in that order….. I can’t imagine myself in any other place….. esp… not in the North… I don’t want to live anywhere other than South India)

Other thing that I’ve noticed is that wenever there are those ranking things goin on (I don know the name)… where states are ranked on the basis of many things….. I always am with Kerala…..:) probably coz’ I don’t have a state of my own.. Andamans is a Union Territory, not a state… I don’t really find myself connecting with West Bengal (my mummy’s family is settled in Calcutta), my own family’s native state, Frontier Province, is now in Pakistan (“NOW” in Pakistan. If you remember, until 13th Aug, 1947.. there was NO Pakistan , and definitely No bangladesh…….. so, if you are, by any chance, calling me a ‘saali Pakistani’… KICKS ON YOUR ASS….. GET LOST!!!)…. So, the only state I’m left with to call my own is ‘Shyama Sundaram Keralam’ where, I’d have spent almost 6 years of my life… prime years of my the time I finish my MBBS (hoping that rurals wudnt be in Kerala)

Hmmmm… talking of this reminds me of not having an answer to WHO I actually am, you don’t know wat a strange kind of an identity crisis this is…. I mean I, my father, my grand father, my great grand father… were all born and brought up in South India……….we have been in Andamans for a minnnnnnnimum of 127 years….. is it wrong if I call myself a Southie???? And sure… the North walas call me a Southie… coz I live here… this is my ‘state’ (or U.T, if you want to be very particular), this is my soil, I belong here…..
But, fortunately or unfortunately, my culture is still of the North (my family hadn’t bred with any pakka Southie until my own generation….. my sister is married to a half-Kerala-half-Frontier man….. my boyfriend Azhar is a half-hyderabad-half-now-in-Pak-territory (he doesn’t tell me exactly where in Pak!!! I don’t know why…. As if I will tease him or something!!! Huh!!! newaz)…. So even my sister and me are not really falling into a ‘southie’ cultural fold….. to add to it, my mum is from Calcutta (people from my own U.T are somewhat merged with the south culture, food etc) , mummy is horrified by the southern languages, she is one of those Hindikars who wonders how can a person live in India without knowing Hindi (judges please note- Hindi is Indian, Indian is not necessarily Hindi), she learnt making idlis and dosas wen I was in 11th, i.e., 5 years bak( by that time she had already been in Andamans for 26 years)…. And they were so fantastic, that I never asked mummy to make idlis again…for her, every South Indian was a ‘Madrasi’ and since now I am in kerala, somehow, every South Indian has transformed from being a ‘Madrasi’ to a ‘Maryaali’.. yupps!!! It’s gotto be ‘Malayali’ , but, my mum says ‘Maryaala and Maryaali’.. :D :D what to do????? We all still talk in hindi ….. even the pakka southies talk in Hindi.. but then they have a mother tongue and they know it…. In our case… Urdu is our mother tongue (err…. Count me off that one.. I’m stikin on to Hindi, given my proficiency in urdu….:D )… AND SOOOOOOOOOOO, when we come mainland India for our studies, in south India, I mean…. We r always branded ‘Northies’ and it actually irks me a lot…. Not that I have anything against the North (that’s actually where my roots lie.. remember??? And just in case someone wants to snigger saying ‘your roots are in Pakistan gal… you are a ‘saali Pakistani’’….. KICKS ON YOUR ASS… GET LOST!!!)…………….
And I, for one, am NOT A NORTHIE…

In my college there were a bunch of Northie seniors, who told things like ‘Southies are inferior to us, they shud be kept under our feet’…… I locked horns with them and stopped talking to the fools (I didn’t give in to their ragging… did nothin that they told me to), but just coz’ they are seniors (and we got to respect our elders :D), I let them have the upper hand by saying .. ‘ I was boycotted’… :D seriously!!!! Was i??? I lost the only group of people who spoke my language, ate my kind of food, celebrated my kind of festivals, had my kind of superstitions…….. coz’ I cannot stand people showing a middle finger to another group.. esp esp esp.. if this ‘other’ group is my group….. I was left with the malayalis who were culturally, socially, and all the other ‘ally’s dfferent…..the only thing common between them and me is that we r both geographically placed in the Southern part of India… :(
And this is the secret behind my exceptional loneliness during my college life….college life.. a period of life we hope to enjoy…. Gone down the garbage can…. Newaz….

So, the thing is….
I am no one…. I cannot ‘actually’ be an Andamani coz there is no such thing…(all Andamanis belong to some place in mainland India). (there’s only a tribe called Great Andamanese and they are uncivilized people, don’t really wear proper clother, live in jungles, and they are Stone-Age people….now ‘I’, Almas, am definitely not THAT)
I cannot be a Frontier waali (watev those people are called) coz’ it’s no longer in India, and ‘I’ very much am in India.
North Indians call me southie, and south Indians call me northie….
So wen someone asks me , “where are you from”
I say, “andamans”
They ask, “ok andamans.. but, where from?”
I say, “Andamans”
They ask again, “I meant, which is ur native place?”
I say, “Andamans”
They don’t stop and ask again, “but, everyone in Andamans belongs to some place.. some state in India”
I feel like saying, “abbey sale! Don’t you know Andamans is also a PLACE and it is also IN INDIA”
But, I don’t say that… instead I say, “Peshawar nativity, sir!”
And they go,,,, “ohhhh Peshawar…!!!!! Pakistan alle????” with a look that deserves “KICKS ON YOUR ASS…. GET LOST!!!!”
Having got entirely fed up of reminding people that Pakistan DID NOT EXIST back then, I now say, “Andamans sir!!! Am a native of Andamans”
And now I get a look that reads, “oh so you are a Stone-Age tribal wearing clothes and speaking English!!! Cool!!!” :D :D :D I like this look better than the other :D :D :D

Huh!!! so , we the people living in Andamans, who lost our ‘natives’ with the creation of a country called Pakistan, who don’t belong to any other place in India…. Somehow believe that yes something like ‘Andamani’ does exist…. Whether you call us qaidi ke bache (children of the prisoners… :D :D :D yupps!! That’s what we are…. Ours was British Raj’s penal settlememt for this part of the world :D :D), jungli, tribals, jarawa (the oldest existing people on Earth), or kaalapaani (blackwater….. life imprisonment in Andamans was given the name kaala paani )… we r happy….:) :) :) ……… thank you God…:) coz all in Andamans are either tamilians, or biharis, or rajasthanis or whatevs….
But, we.. we the people who lost our homes to Pakistan…. We call ourselves…..Hindustanis or Andamanis….. we have an entire chain of islands all for ourselves (you can out the no. of such families on your fingers!!!) errrrrrrr…….. ya… we do share it with those negroid and mongoloid tribals……. And our dearest Nicobari bhaiyyas (also tribals!)…….but then, its ok…. :) :) :)

Ending this very very long post…..

(and I don’t know what shud be the name of this post…. Shud it be Splendid Kerala part 2 by the way it started or…. My Identity Crisis …by the way it ended :D :D :D)


Allah hafiz

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Monday, 19 January 2009

Manchester United - A Love Story

Manchester United

Dedicated to:
“luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyy boy mera luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkyyyy boy :) :) :)”
Who’s sick and suffering from severe recurrent attacks of migraine…… and is sleeping, eating, and watching angrezi tv shows in between the attacks.

This little love story has 3 characters, something of the “Pati Patni aur Woh” sorts….
The pati is Mr. Mohammad Azharruddin…. .. no, not the ex-captain of Team India… ummm.. well, ya…. Both are Hyderabadis, both like biryani, and both are Muslims involved with Hindu gals (ok ok ok , the pati here was Previously involved, not anymore…. :D), but, if you noticed… Mr. pati has an extra ‘R’ in Azharruddin :D….

The patni is Almas Shamim :D

And the “woh” is European Soccer….:/ :/ :/ :/

This “woh” had been always present in ‘lucky boy’s’ life, but, unfortunately…. Almas was so madly in love with Lucky Boy that she never did realize it, when they were together….. but, finally time and circumstances moved them apart (as time and circumstances do to all people in love :S),,, and it’s then that Almas realized that there’s someone else in Lucky Boy’s life who was (increasingly) gaining importance ….. this someone else wasn’t a girl, not even a boy (however odd that sounds… she hates Azhar even with his friends :D) but, but, but …. It was the absolutely stupid and repulsive game called “Football” which is played only by firangs….. and these reportedly-stinking-rich-men don’t have it in them to at least wear full pants… :/ :/ :/

Well, well, well….. as time passed, Lucky Boy started paying more and more attention to this other thing in his life… Almas kept on nagging him… telling him how much she hates the game… how it’d hurt Team India if they’d come to know that there are people in India who like a game more than cricket, how it’s (almost) against the National Spirit to choose any game above cricket (ehmmm, let’s not consider the fact that the National Game of India is Hockey and not Cricket ) and how it hurts to think and feel and know that Lucky Boy hangs down her calls only to see Soccer matches…. :( :( :( *sob sob*

But, love is blind darling….. so, neither cud Lucky Boy get over Soccer, nor cud Almas get over Lucky Boy….. life went on… he kept dipping deeper and deeper into Soccer…. He told her a lot of things bout the game, she kept hearing.. not coz she had even the least bit of interest in this half-pant-wearing-firangis ka game, but, coz she loved her Lucky Boy… she loved him since she was a child..she loves him still.. and I guess, she’ll love him always (as Linda Goodman says, “The Jupiter woman is an incurable idealist. And here’s a secret perhaps she never told you: She fell in love with you many years ago, when she was a little girl and wished on the new Moon for someone to share her honest heart. There were lots of times when she thought she had found you and was disappointed. But when you finally came along, she knew you right away, because you were a gentle clown with a dream or two of your own who took her hand and showed her the way to the stars.”)

Dheere dheere Almas came to know that it’s not ‘soccer’ as a whole that’s playing the part of her sautan.. of course, Lucky Boy liked the game , but, there was this team whose members wore ‘laal shirts’, bout which Lucky Boy was totally crazy…..
He used to send her messages that read
“jaan, aaj hum log ka match hai.. dua karna”…. Now, I really wonder how did he come to believe that Almas was even remotely inclined towards calling these men-running-crazily-after-a-ball as ‘hum log’, but, newaz…. Love is blind… so she let it pass…. Things were getting really bad now…. She was so weary of these good-for-nothing-except-kicking-and-so-i-am-a-footballer men, that she didn’t even call them by their names (which, by now she had learnt was “Manchester United”, huh!!! firangi log, firangi khel, firange naam!!!) she gave them a standard name, indicating they were no special from others…. She called them “Laal Shirt waalas” meaning ‘the ones with the red shirt’….. just like there were chaiwaalas, paan waalas, jhaadu waalas, police waalas…. These were the laal shirt waalas….

Yaha tak bhi theek tha… but after that to Lucky Boy simply crossed his limits….. one unfortunate morning, he confessed his love for one ……. one …. Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxttttttttttttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa special person…..
The man who’s oh-so-hated-yet-so-loved, the person who can brag bout himself non-stop, he wont even stop to breathe.. the chudaila, Cristiano Ronaldo

Curses upon the man who stole Almas’s love from her…..uska to ‘neend naa aaye, chain na aaye’ ho gaya….. the poor gal wept and wept and wept…. But later decided to put up with this heart breaking news too…. So, Luck Boy continued talking bout who’s who in soccer esp. ManU, how’s the game played, how are dealings done, who gets how much cash, who wins how many prizes, who was born where, who’s the youngest player, who’s the oldest player, who wears which color ke shoes, who’s married, who’s engaged, who broke up, who … who.. who….how…where…where

Almas cud understand only one thing from all his blah-blahing….
Lucky Boy was head over heels in love with Cristiano Ronaldo…..

And Lucky Boy, by this time, knew one thing…. Almas hated CR7 :/ :/ :/ :/

Life kept running by….. and then came the turning point in their lives… for both of them…. The talks of Ronaldo leaving for RealMadrid…. Almas didn’t lose this golden opportunity of bitching bout the asshole whom she hated no ends….kitna kameena hai, jis team ne itna kuchh diya, usi ko chhod ke jaa raha hai….. Lucky Boy went thru one of the saddest phases of his life… know the that kinds ki wen Lucky Boy has kids, he’d say dekho-beta-papa-ke-saath-aisa-aisa-hua-and-this-is-how-papa-faced-it…. That kind of sadness…

Almas always gave a rone ke liye shoulder to her Lucky Boy, but, in her heart of hearts, all she wanted was this crank-headed-ears-studded-dangerously-charming footballer to LEAVE…..

Almas was sort of happy, even if the asshole didn’t leave, at least, Lucky Boy’s love has been shaken………….. and tabhi.. bijli chamki .. badal garje…. Aur ek phone aaya…
And Lucky Boy told her that ManU wants to buy a certain player…….Lucky Boy got fresh matter to talk bout… who’s he, from where, how old, former clubs, price, height, hair, style, position…. Blahblahs blahblahs…. :/ …. This player was signed in….. The next day Almas saw his pic in the paper… she liked him……later Lucky Boy told her bout how this new player had shooed away bigger offers, to be in the team he had always dreamt to be in…….. Almas realized.. she was in love………………
“aa aa aashiqui me tereeeeeeee ja ja jaayegi jaan meri
Ting ting ting titing ting titing .. ting ting ting titing ting titing”
Woh bhi bechari kya kare??????? If she wants Lucky Boy to love her, she’s gotto love soccer... and to be able to love soccer, the poor girl needs some bahaana na,,,!!!!!!!!1 ;) ;) ;) (hope you understand!)

This new player was the oh-so-sexy-oh-so-sweet, the lazy lucky lad, the ONE footballer who doesn’t run crazy on the field, the such-a-down-to-earth antagonist of Cristiano Ronaldo, the man with the once-in-a-while-Princess-Diana-smile, the bErbie doll....King of Bulgaria

Aur uske baad to sab kuchh badal gaya….
“sardi mein paseena lage na bhookh na pyaas lage
Yaar yahi pyaar to nahi????????//
Daddy se pooch loongi……………………………”

Ab to Almas ka one and only topic of conversation with her Lucky Boy was ‘football’ …. Ab whether he speaks of Ronnie’s innumerable pranks, whether he tells her the life stories of Rafael-Fabio, whether he repeats CR’s dialogues like “My favourite player is ME” and “I am the 1st 2nd and 3rd best player in the world”………. Ya kuchhhhhhhhhhhhhh bhiiiiiiiiii…. Almas is most happy to be listening……….. :) :)

In these ways, Dimi has actually helped strengthen Lucky Boy’s and Almas’s relation.. they don’t fight as much as they used to, they have something to talk about, and most importantly, Almas is no longer jealous of the kutta….

In fact, ab to things have changed to such an extent that Ronaldo is pyaar se referred to as “Bhaiya” by the couple….. coz’ Almas feels “duniya mein sirf do log bada baat karte hai.. ek Ronaldo aur dusra Azhar” … to hua na Ronnie bada bhaiya……
We can actually modify the name to Bada Baat Bhaiya…. ‘BBB’ :D :D :D

Newaz, so now...since there’s truce between Almas and her Lucky Boy, I wish him all the best for his ultimate desire of seeing Ronnie play, of meeting them, and “kuchh bhi kaam karunga mai, kitne bhi kamti paisa mein!” ………….

[and btw I still don’t believe ki Omar met Rooney…. He just can’t…. :p :p :p ]

Also, congrats to you, Lucky Boy… and your Lady Love… errrrrr……wellllll….. I mean , Ladka Love, Mr. Cristiano on winning the title of the best footballer again…
Just in case you’ve forgotten.. this was sent by you…
13th Jan’09 1.42 am IST

So congrats my dear…
And all this is just for you…. ( irrespective of Berba’s presence :D.. I luv u dear)


Rank 6

Rank 5

Rank 4

Rank 3

Rank 2


Lekin for the simple reason ki ‘self love is first love’, I keep my choice above yours.. and the crown of the King Of ManU goes to…………………………………

Dimitar Berbatov :D :D :D

And just guess, if you were a player, what wud I chant for you????????????

“Hugurugu Zaga… Zugurugu Baga!!!”:D :D :D :D

So, my dearest ”zinda khaane waala ladka”.........
Get well soon and take care... :D :D :D

Love always
Chidchidaee Phadphadaee Sir Darad Ladki


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