Friday, 9 January 2009

Aashura.... and the Battle of Karbala

Today is the day of Aashura, one of the most important dates in our history…

The day Allah forgave Adam A.S.
The day Allah saved the Children of Israel from Pharaoh
The day of Imaam Hussain A.S ‘s Shaheedi

.i wasn’t able to pray the Ashura ki namaaz today…. Coz I had my sessional exam.. I returned by 2 and by the time I had had,lnch twas already 2.45….. I didn’t know if we cud read that namaaz so close to Asar or not…. I didn’t even fast the past 2 days…. I’m feeling bad bout it but, wat to do now?
Mummy read the “Shahaadat naama” and cried terribly, she told…. Not that it’s something new… bas fir bhi I mentioned…. Some people say “crying” for Hussain A.S. is also biddat…. I don really think so…. ‘crying’ i think is a reflex action that happens wen we r sad or way too happy or too frightened or we cud give many such situations…. Of course, the various things ‘some’ people do in the name of Imaam Hussain A.S. are biddat… am not goin into the details of all those things now…. All I can say is that some of those things are most certainly stupid…. In Calcutta, (donno if it’s done now too, I’d seen it long back, around 11 years ago), they even make it a kind of fair…. There’s a man spitting out fire, another man dressed as a lion and wat not…. Let’s just leave it to that…..
But, what I’m saying is plain ‘crying’…… I have heard people say.. “don’t cry wen u listen to the story of Karbala…. Its an innovation (biddat)!”…
Innovation???????? I wonder……
I wonder how can I keep from crying when I hear of how the Beloved of my Beloved was killed!
I wonder how these people who cry at the killings of sinning Muslims, not cry at the Killing of the Prince of Marytrs!
I wonder how these people can call ‘crying’ biddat wen their only intention is to be different from ‘some’ others!

Emotions are very subjective….. they can be strong in some, not in the others… its not necessary that all of us cry wen we r sad… but will you call it unnatural if someone does??? I cry wen I hear the pains of Huzur S.A.W , I cry also wen I think of how beautiful God is…. And I cry wen I hear the story of Karbala……. Just like my mummy….

“maatam manana galat hai”…… if someone says you something that crushes ur heart… is that called “maatam manana”? if that is the case…..then I seriously don’t mind “maatam manana”….

Back in the olden days, people didn’t buy anything new in Moharram (as I hear from my elders) , they never bought clothes or shoes, never oiled their hair….. if you call this “maata,”, I can still agree… but, crying??????
If I’m wrong, Maalik plz forgive me….

To a lot has happened in the world in the past few days while I’ve been busy with my papers, like the Israel- Palestine struggle…… my papers are to end by the 17th ….. tomorrow is Medicine but am not gonna study for that.. coz newaz I wudn be able to finish it.. besides, it’s a final year subject. My previous two examz were ENT and Ophthalm… and they were Alhamdulillah oki oki kinds…. Not good but going by the way my preparations were.. I’d call them pretty ok.

Spoke to my Kasmiri friend today.. he told me that there were some Shia-Sunni problems today… some ‘nuts’ had thrown stones on some other ‘nuts’ during their procession of Ashura… and thus started a little hungama… I sometimes feel, the inherent nature of people is to fight…. When there are Hindus and Muslims, they fight…. When there are more of Muslims, they fight between Shia Sunni…… all the castes and clans.. I think they all came up to satisfy this basic instinct of humans- to fight….. are we not the descendants of Kane???? Now I ain’t sure if Abel had had children before his brother killed him… if he had, then there are chances of us escaping…. And if not, then see.. we r all the descendants of Kane….. so.. no wonder if we so enjoy fights. Or am I getting it all mixed up bad….?????

I’ve come online only to post on Aashura in My Islam. I shall try to write the little background of the Battle of Karbala that mummy used to tell me…. I will search the net for it later and see if I can find a properly written one.. then there’s also this song from a movie (don know which one) that I really want to post….

I shall paste the link to that post here….. in fact I’m thinking of pasting links to all my posts in the other two blogs in Jalpari as and when I write…. Earlier I’ve been posting the same stuff in both Confrontation and Jalpari or in both MyIslam and Jalpari (if I think the post was relevant in any way to both the blogs)….
I think I’l only paste the links from now on….

I’m also pasting the link to a beautiful post from Hijabee in DC by Hijabee. Hijabee had written another beautiful post on the Filasteen problem that I liked a lot…. But I shall link to it in another post, that’ll be on the same topic…..
Chalo fir
Aashura and the Battle of Karbala from MyIslam

a beautiful post from Hijabee in DC by Hijabee

P.S- post written a few hours ago (yesterday)


M.J. said...

Great post sis, masAllah. It's hard not to become emotional hearing or reading the story of Ashura. I went to the masjid for the 10th and the days leading up to it, and each night I just felt like crying and crying! It's important to remember what happened.

JaLpArI said...

Alhamdulillah sister, you got a chance to attend the mosque all 10 days....
where i live, there's no area for women in the mosque (at least not in the mosque closest to my hostel)

and i surely do understand how it feels.....

who doesnt love the very beautiful Hussaina???

Princess said...

Al salam alyka ya aba abd illah al hussein (3)
I enjoy reading ur blog keep up the good work


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