Friday, 30 January 2009

Millz... Thanks a Million for the Award.. :) :)

Millz is being a fairy princess and showering gold dust on me....:) :):) she's nominated me for this "Butterfly Award" and I thank her from the deepest parts of all the four chambers of my heart.. :)
thanks thanks thanks !!!!

now,I have to nominate it to 10 others... and since all others have been nominated... i'd nominate 10 blogs i love....including both Muslimah sisters and others....

G.B.C.I-Gujarat Bred Confused Iyer- the first blog that got me hooked.... i love the way Revathi writes, her wit, her sarcasm, and her confused blah blahs... God!!! do i love this female !!

The Barefoot Empress- i came across this blog only minutes ago... and hell!! I'm in love.. :)

Seeking Serenity- Blog by A recent revert sister (and of course, my fairy princess! :))...she writes from her heart.. this is one of those few blogs that i've read from the first to the latest post.. :)

Happy Muslim Mama- love this blog... totally!!! i find this the most feminine blog... the prettiest blog... speakin of bein a mum... and ya.. those lovely craft pieces... i'm myself a grt fan of craft work.. :)

So About What I Said- another blog i came across recently,.... written with a heart overflowing with life.... :)

A Muslim Wife- i find this blog heavenly....:) M.J. takes a lot of pain to come out with the most perfect posts that cud be possibly written... besides, the Nikah stories are grrt... and of all the hijab pics in all the blogs.. i like her's best :)

The Ideal Muslimah- again, a recent addition to my favourite list...beautifully written...and her post on the Bosnian gal's rape actually brought tears to my eyes...

Words Can Fall Short- a superb poem Vibhore.... very clearly written poems... simple.. but with very deep meanings.... i don't need an Oxford Dictionary by my side wen i sit down to read his poems (something that i need to do for most other poetry blogs)... waise! he hasn't posted in a long time...

The Delhi Walla- sexy blog!!! A very beautiful picture of the Nation's Capital City... Hindustan ki dil- Dilli :)

Mama I Married A Masri- Ange's blog.......ROFL.. that's how i'd describe it!!!! she'z hilarious!!!well, of course she writes serious stuff as well, but her humour is simply superb..!!!

so... Congratulations to all the winners.. :D :D :D :D

Allah hafiz


Empress Anisa said...

Thanks a million for the nod- I came here thru Millz's post- I like! I added you to my list as well...

Millz said...

Well sister you are quite welcome and very deserving of this award. Look forward to reading more of your posts!!

NiDa said...

Bohot Bohot Shukriya jaani :D Kya pata mein bohot khush hoon lol my oportunity to practice my hindi/urdu. Thank you very much for the nomination, likewise, you are a sweet sister and I'm looking forward to reading many many more of your posts :) inshaAllah

JaLpArI said...

@ Empress....
hey!!! :) wow!!! thanks for the add sister!!!

JaLpArI said...

@ millz
thanks sister....
hope you like my future posts...:)

JaLpArI said...

@ nida
wow!!! you speak urdu?????
:) :)
dats gud...
u r being taught by a Pakistani, rite??? its they who usually say 'jaani'... indians generally say 'jaan' ...::D :D :D :D
hope u like my future posts....
tc care sister!!!

malizea said...

Tumare blog bohot ghbusurat hé! yé sach hé!! my hindi is not very good hun!! :D very beautiful blog mashallah

JaLpArI said...

wow!!! my sisters are really amazing!!! ur Hindi is pretty good my dear....
and thanks!!! you have a beautiful blog as well, my sister...
keep writing...
i love ur posts :)

Revathi said...

Thank you so much for the award Jalpari!! :):)
i m honored!! :)


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