Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Happy 2nd Month Hijab Anniversary to ME :D :D

A lot of things bout the headscarf has been happening since I started to wear the hijab exactly 2 months ago……. Yupps!!! It’s my 2nd month anniversary today :D :D :D ….Alhamdulillah…
So, here goes…
1. We are 3 hijab-clad gals in our batch…. Not the class batch, I mean the clinics batch A… (90th batch has 100 students, of it batch A has 22), Anisa, Aneesha and Almas (me :) :) :) )……. Aneesha had been a great support wen I first decided to wear the headscarf…. (thanks dearie! :) love you!)… newaz… so, the other day we were talking bout how we all buy shaylas of different colours but still always wear the same black ‘maftha’ (headscarf) …. There are two reasons for this, one being that we don’t really know how to wrap the shayla properly…. Properly matlab in a way that it wudn fall off or get loose or simply make us uncomfy in the hospital (we r all docs-to-be inshaAllah), second that we r toooo self-conscious to dress up in such a grand way without any occasion…. The black hijab is simple, comfy, stays in place, goes with all colors and doesn’t contradict the professional look…. Newaz, we have decided to wear it one day, all of us together (for giving each other moral support :D :D :D )… Ani gave the stupid idea of wearing it for the 84th Batch Convocation Ceremony….. huh!! gr8! We have no idea how funny we’d luk… and we r planning to do it on a seniors’ Convocation Party… wow!!! newaz… I won’t let it happen…. I think we shud wear it on some normal day.. see if it’s ok.. and only then go for wearing it on ‘occasions’ :D

2. Long back I had come across this blog where the blogger spoke of how Indians wore ‘those sticky black things’ on their heads…… she also complained of how we wore short sleeves kameezes with a headscarf….. now, the ‘short-sleeves’ thing is very true…. I mean, we shud know dat short sleeves don’t fall under the category of ‘hijab’ and if we r tryin to hijabify ourselves, we shud try to do it properly (well, I, as of now, am wearing full- sleeves and 3/4ths coz’ I have a severe dearth of clothes since I started to wear the hijab… I have started collecting only full-sleeved kurtas from now on… and im a getting a sleeve made to wear under the others.(now, that wud be again a terrifying day, coz’ no one here wears such things!))… but, I seriously think that there is no harm in wearing a ‘sticky black thing’ on our heads…. I mean God commanded women to cover themselves up…. He didn’t command us to cover ourselves with glittering colourful printed matching rhinestone-studded hijabs…. I mean, what the hell yaar!!! If we r doin something against the command of Allah Paak, reprimand us for that… I don mind it at all… but, if we r not goin crazy with fashion (as many hijabis seem to be), that’s not against Allah’s command… so why pass such silly remarks on a nation…. My mummy and aapa were initially very much against my wearing the hijab…. Later mummy agreed, but, on the condition that I wear ‘beautiful’ scarves (whatev she meant!!!)… that’s wen I got myself those stoles to be used as shaylas….. newaz… wen I went home and showed her the 2 things.. she finally chose the ‘sticky black thing’…. Whether a hijabi wants to be fashionable or not is an entirely personal thing…. In any case, if a hijab is not Islamically wrong, I don’t see the need to pass a negative comment on it. Remember, you are, after all, commenting on Hijab……

I got these pics from google..... this is the way we dress... salwar kameez and black maftha (headscarf)

3. anyone who sees me for the first time with the scarf asks me ‘why suddenly?’ fine, I answer them.. not a prob…. But, very amusingly, many , and by many I mean MANY, have asked me if I have chopped off my hair and is that the reason why I’m wearing the headscarf….. today the aunty at the college canteen called me aside and asked if I had some sort of scalp problems and was I losing hair….
:D :D :D :D now, many seem to be baffled by the fact that I got my hair straightened only days before my birthday ( I started hijab on my bday(I had CURLY CURLY CURLY hair earlier ))….. and they cant digest it that I’d cover the hair after spending a fortune on their appearance…. :D :D :D

4. I suffer from a skin disease called ‘VITILIGO’ since October, 2002… it’s a depigmenting disease… I have a white patch on the bridge of my nose…. Just in between my eyes… and sufficiently big…. So, wen you see me.. this is the first thing you’ll see on my face….. the centre of my face…. Newaz…. Alhamdulillah! Coz’ most people have it worse… Allah Paak has kept it under control for me till now and I pray He keeps it just there always….never spreads it…. So, the thing is.. since I started wearing the headscarf my face is the only thing visible.. no hands, no hair, no neck, no back, no chest…. The only skin yousee is on my palms and the posterior and my face.. the face with the white patch…. So, people who have seen me allllllllllll thhhhhheeeeeeessssssseeeeee 3 and a half years, now come to me and ask, “Almas, what’s this on ur nose??????????? Never saw that before””””” wow!!!!!! gr888888888888!!!!!!!!!!! Full focus on my trouble spot!!! :D :D :D:D

5. when I was at home for Christmas, I met this lady at the gym, who spoke to normally initially, but wen she saw me leaving the gym with the ‘sticky black thing on my head :D’, she started giving me those weird looks… she stared at me with an expressionless face.. totally blank… :D … one fine day, she asks me why do I wear it? And I told her the answer… well, I expected a nod or if she was against the headscarf, an argument.. but this lady of ours.. just went on staring with that same blank face.. I didn’t know what to do, so I just smiled and looked away… the blank looks continued … :D then later another Muslim (non-hijabi like most of us back home) saw me with the scarf and asked me wen did I start wearing the ‘maftha’…she was a relative. She told me that it’s gud that I’m thinking of the other life… now this blank-faced-lady got another chance to speak of my scarf…. She asked me again ‘Aap yeh kyu pehente ho?”(why do wear this?)…. ughhhhhhh!!! Madam, didn’t I answer you that day? ….so, the Muslim non-hijabi sister answers on my behalf and tells her as an additional fact that ‘no one in her(mine) family wears it… she’s the first one’…. And then the lady gives me an all the more blank look and asks, “Ajeeb nahi lagta aapko?” (don’t you find it strange?) :D :D :D :D….now, seriously, I had never expected THIS .. I mean… c’mon… you are a stranger, who spoke to me only coz’ we r in the same profession, you are someone whoz absolutely normal with others but gives me ‘the blank stare’…. And then you ask me such a question….. my dear lady, it’s not the headscarf but it’s people like you who make me feel ‘ajeeb’…..wud you ask that question to a gal who wore a short skirt and a tank top with a plunging neck line???? No, you wudn…. Or did u expect me to say “oh my dear aunty! Save me from my cruel Muslim parents, who FORCE me to wear this horrible thing because they follow the cruel religion of Islam… save me O wife of an army officer… save me.. Show me the way to FREEDOM!!!”… and since you got no such answer…. I became ‘ajeeb’ and my choice of dressing became ‘ajeeb’ ? huh! newaz…..

6. Ann, a junior, saw me yesterday and was shell-shocked… she told me, “Chechiiiiiiiiiii, from wen did u start wearing this????????? I didn’t even know u r a Muslim!!!!”
:D :D :D :D
Wow!!!! am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally, after ages of appearing as if I never pray or fast…..
I look like a Muslim!!!!!!
:) :) :)

Allah hafiz


kashif said...

great post almas.

Loved your sentence "it’s not the headscarf but it’s people like you who make me feel ‘ajeeb’"

very true.

Let people live the life they want as long as they don't harm their own life or of people around them.

with best wishes,


JaLpArI said...

thanks kashif

100% with you....
we all have the right to choose our way of living as long as we rnt harming people....

Millz said...

Happy 2 Monthiversary!!! Thanks for the post it was great to read. I was surprised to find that you get such reactions wearing hijab in India. I was under the impression that so many women cover their hair (regardless of religion) and that it wouldn't be a big shock to see a woman wearing hijab.

Millz said...

hey you've been TAGGED

JaLpArI said...

hey... thanks!!!! :)
yes my sister, i know people are in that impression, i have no idea why...
and bout the women covering their hair.. well.. they do it only while praying or for the Sunday masses and wile visiting the temples.... not thruout the day... like we do...

i wudn say there's discrimination against hijab... but people definitely find it stupid that a progressive lady shud be wearing a hijab....
got me???
:) :)
and hey...
thanks for the tag... my first !! :)

Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Almas,
good for you, it takes strong charachter to wear hijab sometimes.

If you ask me, the "ajeeb" lady with the question seems to be rather lacking in social skills with the staring and awkward questions.

I wonder how many other girls will have the guts to start wearing it now, because they see you wearing it mash'Allah.

JaLpArI said...

Walaykum assalam sister!
ya... me too thinks the same...
that lady lacked manners, in a gross way..
and i do hope more gals adorn the hijab...
Allah bless us all.
keep me in ur prayers..
Allah hafiz


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