Thursday, 15 January 2009

Snake In The Toilet !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the LH (Ladies Hostel- of my college ( i dont liv in the college hostel.... i live in St. Joseph's Hostel for Ladies which is 4 stops from the college, by bus)today, after my exam... and had to make use of the loo... i saw a notice that reminded me of a similar one in another toilet in the LH.... i had taken a pic back then; i saw if i still had it in my cel.... yupps!!! i had it!! it was taken on 15th September

and today, this was the notice i saw in the toilet ..... :D :D :D :D

seems like our gals are havin a grt time with the snakes
:D :D :D :D

actually, that whole area has many khaandaans of snakes...
Anisa and I had seen two snakes mating..... uufffff!!! what a scene that was... mummy told that snakes don't generally make out so openly... and that it's considered 'shubh' to see them do it.... wow!!! Am i lucky!!!
:D :D :D

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