Saturday, 14 February 2009

blogs and orkut and anti-Muslim hackers !!!

Have been so busy……that I haven’t even emptied the waste bin…. Uhhh!!!
Newaz.. so am really upset bout letting my blogs whither away this way… I have seen so many blogs die.. that it really scares me… esp coz noe I have hardly 4 months left in my prefinals…. inshaAllah by Aug-Sep my final year wil have started.. and dats goin to be a tite screwing for me coz I haven’t studied anything in the past 3.5 years…… oh ya!! I cleard but that’s to it.. I am not goin in the direction of actually being a doc…
After that will be the house surgeoncy… Allah help me!!!
So, will try to be as regular as I possibly can.. btw am thinking of concentrating more on Confrontation and My Islam.. I’ve just started the series of posts on HIJAB in My Islam… will do it an a tortoise pace.. but I really want to do it… and then of course.. the thing bout ‘boyfreinds’ from an Islamic p.o.v…. and then the Series on “Hinduism and Islam”… this will need extra effort… hmmm. Newaz.. inshaAlllah will try my best…

I have also realized that I cant handle orkut and blogger together… :( :( .. very sad.. coz I absolutely love orkut…. Fine.. I agree aome communities are real waste…. But trust me some are simply superb…….

Btw… many many Islamic comms on Orkut have been hacked by Hindus…. They are being corrupted by crap talk….. people create fake profs and get down to insulting Huzur S.A.W and God… and there’s this bitchish female (claims to be a Jew).. whoz out there shitting over all religions… but of course with a special attention to Islam…..
For people who cant take slang.. plz unjoin.. and for those who can talk sense in spite of the severe form of islam abuse.. I request them to hang on and talk to them… but plz don’t reply to threads that r started widout purpose…. U’ll know wat I mean if u happen to come across one…
DJ hoodlum is the hacker I’ve seen sabse zyada… “Hijab- A symbol of Modesty”….. one of the largest Hijabi communities on orkut has been screwed by him.. they are RSS funded…..not just the hackers but even the ones with fake profs who post in the threads….
And plz don’t use slang….. I mean .. don’t abuse their religion…. It feels so sick… wen we see Muslims talk slang bout others’ religions….
Reason where and until reasoning seems sane.. beyond that plz ignore….

Newaz….today's posts
My post in My Islam - HiJaBi LiFe #3
My post in Confrontation- Finally... I'm Back!!!!!!

More later…
Allah hafiz


Djen said...

There has always been confrontations on this matter. It is extremely difficult to manage and control all these kind of actions. no matter how hard we try, it's almost next to impossible. One one way it can be called as a cyber crime, hurting other's sentiments. The best option left with us is to answer them with gentle and effective response.

Vibhore Gupta said...

quite true...
people hav every rite to put fwd their views bt they do not hav ny rite to abuse other religions....

JaLpArI said...

ya i agree... we need to be gentle.. and if we feel we cant be soft, we rather leave such comms.... and just ignore it!

JaLpArI said...

@ vibhore
yupps!!!! put forward ur views... but dont hurt others....
talkin and discusin is always gud... but hurting others can worsen situation

george said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first

comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep

visiting this blog very often.


JaLpArI said...

hay thanks!!!
hope you visit again!


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