Sunday, 1 February 2009

A Thousand Splendid Suns - ummm not much bout the buk!!!

Just finished reading this book by Khaled Hosseini. Had heard a lot bout this book… and all my friends who’d read it had also found it very ‘touching’. One of the gals even told that she had found the story so depressing that she stopped reading the novel midway.
Well, I, too found the story touching. But, I wudn say it’s one of the best ive read. I liked it alrite, but didn’t find it all that grt. Prolly I’d have liked it better had I not expected so much from it… it generally happens na, ki wen we expect too much from something, it remains wanting at the end. Khair, newaz.. it was a good read.
There were two realities .. one, the Afghan war, and second the plight of women.
But, wat I found most intriguing was Tariq….
Don’t we always fall in love with one person in every novel, not necessarily the hero…. Am not sure if men feel the same bout women characters wen they read.. but, am sure women do search their own princes in the books they read..
I wonder if there can be two princes in one’s life…… there are a million things we mite want in that perfect man of our dreams… now, it’s not practical that all those qualities exist in the man, we finally settle down with. Is it wrong to keep a prince alive in our dreams, someone other than the prince we share our lives with? I don think so… but then it makes your love half- hearted… but, then.. is there anything as full-hearted love???? And wats the difference between love and infatuation? A very thin line I must say…. And how strange it is that wen you are with someone you say you are ‘in love’ with him… the moment he is out and someone new is in, the previous relation is reduced to ‘just a crush. ….. a passing phase…. Sabko hota hai yaar!’…. then how dyu know wen it’s true or not?
How can you say that the boy you liked wen you were 13 wasn’t your true love but the one you like now, at 21 is??? Of course you marry the person whom you are seeing at the the ‘marriageable age’…. Par that doesn’t mean ki it was the ‘true love’ of ur life…
And I believe in every relation, at some point, things come down to commitment…. I don say it’s not needed… but .. I don know… somehow everything in life seems like a big game of commitment….
Have you heard aunties talking bout ‘couples’? if a love story in the neighbourhood succeeds… they go like.. “oh! The two love each other soooo much… blah blah blah blah” and if it fails… “ That gal???? oh, shez ‘loose’.. used to go around with that boy … falaa falaa falaa…. Bas ghumne firne ka tha…. Shaadi thodi karna tha dono ko”(they just had to go around… they didn’t wish to get married)…. So, if I marry Azhar, people will talk of how long we were together… how we were together in school. How we remained together inspite of being away… we met only once or twice in a year.. etc. etc.. and in case we don’t marry… all these facts will cease to exist…. We wud be like all those people who just ‘go around’ … 7 ½ years of time pass (and don’t know how many more years ahead!!!!) huh!!!
Seriously, love.. the love between lovers… it’s strange…..
Newaz… I really like Tariq…. His love is Laila..Tariq means ‘one who visits us in the night’, at least that’s wat I think it means… and Laila means ‘night’… :) :) .. I like such names.. my mummy’s name is Rehana meaning ‘sweet smelling plant’ and abbu’s name is Shamim, meaning ‘fragrance’…Almas means ‘diamond’, Azhar means ‘shining/bright/illuminated’ :)

Newaz…. The best thing in the whole story is that 2 lovers have an illegitimate child… but finally, the lovers get married…. I loved this part of the entire story.. the one dealing with their love story… prolly dats y I didn’t really think much bout the other things…

I somehow find myself so attached to illegitimate children…… I love them.. and I love those women even more who allow them to come to this world…. And I don’t mean by the deceit of marrying someone else (as one of the 2 in this story), but openly… telling the world that yes, this child is illegitimate…. One mistake shudn cannot erase another mistake… a mistake is after all a mistake…. And if cane erase things, we rather repent. Newaz…

Just one thing from the book,

When the Taliban had found the paintings, Tariq said, they’d taken offence at the birds’ long bare legs. After they’d tied the cousin’s feet and flogged his soles bloody, they had presented him with a choice: Either destroy the paintings or make the flamingos decent. So the cousin had picked up his brush and painted trousers on every last bird.
“And there you have it. Islamic flamingos,” Tariq said.

:) :) :)
Got lots of work…. Finish my record…. Reports on the various community visits and then prepare for that stupid seminar… I hate the studies part of life…
Allah hafiz


NiDa said...

I Refused to read that book. Did you find that there is a whole lot of stereotyping and awful lot of lies? Yeah its cool as far as a peace of literature goes, but the story within i find quite ofenssive! It represnets nothing of Afghanistan nor the terrors of war!

But that's just me, usually I am a hard critic when it comes to political novelty!

queen said...

i use to love reading but like everything in my life that too is a rarity. every book is inspected. I wouldn't mind reading the books you mentioned, they sound good. You seem so free, true to your name jalpari!

JaLpArI said...

am sorry sister.. but i dont really know much bout the afghan war...
i just know that the Taliban were a crazy lot who were sort of anti-females....

newaz.. i was way too absorbed in the love story, as is evident from my post....

wud you mind telin me wat is exactly is wrong in the buk?

JaLpArI said...

@ queen
May Allah grant you the freedom you ddeserve, my sister.
take care... and know that you are remembered in my prayers..:)


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