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Journal Entry- 20th June, 2007.

I know you are sad! she has hurt you…but tumhe to pata tha who kaisi ladki hai! Fir bhi kyu bharosa kiya uspe? – Are yaar! I thought… just maybe.. par ab samajh mein aa gaya na ki kaisi bitch hai who.. bas ab aur dil mat lagao… har us cheez se dil hatao jaha dil tootne ka dar laga rehta hai.. khud mein khush rehna seekho.. kuchh cheese yaad rakho-
1. Kabhi unhe phone na karo jo tumhara phone nahi uthate hai.
2. kabhi unka phone na lo jo tumhara phone nahi lete hai.
3. Kabhi unse kuchh mat mango jo tumko kuchh nahi dete hai.
4. Par dene se zyada mat katraao, kyuki Allah dene waalo pe Rehem karte hai.
5. Par kabhi itna bhi mat do ki khud lut jaao.
6. Be independent- Dusro ke saath aane jaane ke khwaab mat sajaao.. Allah jab saathi denge tabhi saathi milega.. Tumhaare hath failane ka koi faayda nahi.
7. Agar koi doubt ho to koshish karo teachers se poochhne ka.
8. Apni khushi ke liye magazines khareedo, craft karo, novels padho… par dukhi mat raho.
9. Allah ne jo diya hai uski kadar karo! Aur Maalik ka har haal mein shukr ada karo.
10. Jo log pyaar karte hai tumko- unko kabhi dukh mat do- Abbu, Mummy, Aapa, Azhu.
11. Akele ghumne jaao... duso ki parwah mat karo.
12. Padhai karo—in the name of Allah- that’s wat ypu have come here for.
13. Pursue ur hobbies- write poems, letters, stories…
14. Apne akelepan ko apni taakat banao, not weakness.
15. Write ur diary regularly- isse dil ka bojh halka hoga- and wen you write, write as if no one will ever read it- apna dil khol ke rakh do ispe.
16. cleanse, tone and moisturize daily.
17. Pray regularly.
18. Keep a hisaab of ur expenditure.
19. Stop being jealous- it kills!
20. Never lament over the time you have lost… there’s always time if you have the heart to do anything.
21. Don’t waste time being sad- baaki doing anything won’t be a waste of time e.g. if u r listening songs, you are relaxing; if you are dreaming, you are doing wat u like doing best; but, if you are simply sad.. you are just sad and doing nothing…
22. Dress up well- if it makes you happy…
23. Always save some money to buy some junk jewellery- I know you love it!
24. Don’t save too much money for Fiza and Faaris- do that wen u start earning- now spend on yourself… just be happy!
25. Don’t forget to spend on Fiza and Faarsi wen you do start earning- Remember they are your jaans- your first babies…
26. Always buy something for Ayaan wen you go home- even if aapa tells you not to… remember he was like your nephew for 5 years… Learn to be grateful!
27. Always but things for aunty’s kids… they are a blessing of Allah… Again, learn to be grateful.
28. Please make yourself the picture bok- even if you are dead lazy!
29. Never mind dreaming unrealistic things.. it’s OK even if they don’t come true.
30. Remember all dreams come true some way or the other!
31. If you ever get a chance to choose between anything and happiness, plz remember to chosse happiness… don’t forget!
32.Remember to take care of your parents wen they are old… keep it as a condition to your husand… whoever; and if Azhar.. remind him of his promise…
33. Don’t fight with Azhar… he’s a good boy with a bad temper… it’s OK.
34. Leave the habit of talking bad bout others in front of etc. people.. Bitch only to abbu, mummy, aapa and Azhar… :) .. others- if you bitch to them, they’ll ditch you.
35. Never let someone- anyone break your heart.
36. Live in ur dreamworld… in ur fairyland, it’s O.K.
37. It’s OK- in general.
38. Plz stop feeling jealous of Azhu.. remember he’s stood with you through everything and InshaAllah will.
39. Clean your room regularly.
40. Don’t leave things unfinished.
41. It’s OK to make mistakes… even if they are big ones.
42. Kabhi kisis ke saamne mat bolo ki you hate this one or that one- kyunki actually mein you don’t.. but you say just to say… and others don’t know this… Never let anyone use your words against you!
43. Don’t compromise on your ego except with Azhar.
44. Remember to talk to Sahil daily- he’s your baby.
45. Never give a word- you’re too moody for that.
46. Show what you feel- never pretend.. I know you don’t. So, good! Be that ways…
47. if a person is much good to you with little faults to others… overlook the faults.. as long as he/she is good to you.. you can’t go about sudhaarofying the whole world.
48. It’s OK to talk to yourself . Loudly.
49. It’s OK to be fat.. but, fir bhi try to reduce.. if you can’t.. don’t die.. be fat.. be happy…newaz.. slim or fat.. you have to die.
50. Read advertisements- they give good slogans!
51. Try not to cut ceitics to much.
52. Be happy with Alleppey, you wouldn’t have been able to see Fizhu Faaru or even Azhar, had you been in Lucknow!
53. Don’t talk wisdom to fools… they won’t understand.
54. Don’t talk to people who are known to be wise.. coz’ they are bull shit hypocrites… you are the wisest… of the sinning mortals, I mean! Allah is the Wisest… Sorry!
55. Read this regularly… and add up further..
Now, good nite……
56. Whenever you love, love sincerely!
57. Each day try talking as little “bad” as possible. Try not to bitch even to mummy… if not possible.. OK.. tell them.. but still pehle try not to bitch…
Ok!now goodnite!

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