Saturday, 21 March 2009

Long time !!!

Writing after a very long time…. Well, I returned from Chennai yesterday and am kind of homesick…. For people who are wondering how can I possibly be homesick after returning from a place that’s not ‘Home’… well, Chennai is the ‘Mainland Home’ for all localites in the Andamans……it’s the one place which feels like our own in the whole of India (mainland India)… sometimes I feel there are more Islanders in Chennai than in the Islands…. Newaz…
My batch has gone for the study tour- Pondicherry, Hyderabad, a place with a strange name starting with ‘M’ and Hoganakkal….. Almas didn’t go :) :) :) remember how unsure I was???? Ha ha ha !!!! so, here I am in Alleppey, feeling lost and lonely… and again dreaming of a life that had people called ‘friends’… my kind of friends….
Well well well… forget it!
Have got myself a few clothes…but am happiest bout the black Scullers shirt :) … know wat? Azhar too has a black shirt by Scullers…. :) we r ‘same pinch’ now!!! :D :D :D
It’s actually to be worn inside the short sleeved and sleeveless kurtis… looks ok wid some.. but not wid all.. besides, I wil die of the heat (wore it yesterday!)
Hmmm wat else?
Gotto write a review of a book for the college mag, wen I tuk it I thot twud be a very boring buk.. but, my God! Wat a sexy buk it is!!! As is the case always, I dropped the buk midway and picked up ‘Interpretation of Dreams’… but, I think I wil go bak to ‘Making of a Rural Surgeon- An Autobiography’ by Dr. Ravindranath R. Tongaonkar….
I really am a crazy nut…. Just the fact that I am expected to write the review in the next 5 days, makes me shirk the book away.
I have got the new episodes of Lost too… I’m in love wid Richard Alpert.. whatever his real name is! :D
Hmmm, saw many movies… old ones… District B13 was the best… bestest best!! :D :D :D
Missing good food…..don’t know if I shud eat from my mess or go to the college canteen… but that wud mean dress up, take a bus and blah blah blah blah… besides those grt batchmates of mine have taken the room key with them.. so I have no place to pray :( :( and I don want to make the namaaz kazaa for no reason…. I have noticed that if we delay the namaaz even a bit.. it gets delayed a lot…. A lot means a lot! So, best is always to pray on time! Esp if u can!
Azhu’s got his joining date.. inshaAllah he starts his job at Elxsi from Monday at Bangalore.. :) :) :) the pay has been cut a bit! But that’s k… considering that placements have been reduced to nil and many are losing jobs…. One of Azhar’s friends was placed in Satyam… kismet!! And ya! Ghazaali has got a 99 pointer for his MBA entrance, he’d got 92 and 95 the previous 2 years…at present he’s in 2nd yr of M.Tech at BITS-Ranchi…. But, he’s trying for the IIMs.. if he gets thru, he’ll leave the M.Tech….
After the training period, Azhar can be sent to one of the many places where Elxsi has its office , one is in Trivandrum…. Earlier, we used to say that Azhar wil come here.. twill be local for us… im actually fed up of spending on STD…. plus, he’d be only 4 hrs away with buses running every half hour!!!
But, a few weeks bak I spoke to Rahul… he didn’t really like the idea! Later, I too realized that calling Azhar to TVM wud be very very selfish of me! Kerala is a difficult place to survive…. Bad food, conservative society, and strange people! Well.. people are strange everywhere… its only the extra rigidity in the ppl here that make them stranger than the rest of the world!
Aur , Azhar himself told me that he’d take Chennai, if given an option.. otherwise wherever… I know wat he meant.. he meant that he wudn opt for TVM…. I felt really bad… but, its ok… coz I know this place is a mess… if I call him to Kerala in spite of knowing the way Kerala runs…. It only shows how little he means to me!!! Coz if he means any deal, I’d keep his life free of the trouble I’m facing! That’s the reason why I don’t pressurize my parents much…I know things wudn be as bad for mummy if she comes here… but abbu will have a really tough time… I do feel bad and I do call them… but I don’t cry and plead anymore… I change bak to normal widin minutes…
Isn’t one miserable life enuf? That I want so many miserable lives???????????

And ya I have come to know that thetre ka sukh mere kismat mein nahi…. I had never been for a night show so, I told hero to take me to one… very strangely, Satyam didn’t have any movies for the nite.. we found a hindi movie at Ega… a film jiska kabhi naam bhi nahi suna tha… newaz…. The shagun was so grt that we were seen at Spencers’ Pathankot Food Court, reported to Don…. Reached the theatre in a bad mood … and came to know that the nite show’s been cancelled- the owner expired!!!
Wat more proof do I want??????
Sometihngs aren’t meant for me… long ago it used to be internet at the cafés and now it’s movie theatres.
Before I left for Chennai, I had been reading my old diaries… found a few entries that really touched me…. Will post some…
Allah hafiz

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