Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Me.. the Water Baby... 7th April,09


Another Water dream.(sumwhr b/w 1 am and 5 am)

I again see myself going thru a narrow path on a mountain and the sea below me… the color of chelpark ink….. so blue … so clear… and I can see many other mountains, so, proly am on a mountain range.
It’s the same
Always the same
Me on a narrow path on a cliff with the vast sea crashing on to the cliff……..
So, this time too, it’s the same…. Im sitting behind someone on a bike or a scooter. I ain’t sure. I don even remember who the person was, but, twas a male… not abbu. And not from Blair, coz im thinking ‘wow! it’s so beautiful.. this person must be thinking Andamans is really such a beautiful place.’ Matlab ki its Andamans in my dreams.
The mountain in front of me is white, sort of, or maybe white and brown .. and I also se some shining stones… the stones are also royal blue in color. And they are sparkling in the sunlight. Us waqt the word ‘crystal’ comes to my mind. Now I can think of ‘neelam’,
Twas like they were mountains of ‘neelam’ instead of the normal rock
.. donno….
But, they were the most beautiful things ive seen ….
This scene was so perfect, I hope I remember it always.
I also notice ‘streaks’ of snow… exactly dat.. ‘streaks’ and I wonder…’oh! Snow in our hills???????????’
Then we move ahead, and Im thinking ki I too have never been here, wat kind of a place is this… the next mountain in front of us, I mean, right in front of us, blocking our way, is so steep and the path up is as narrow as the one on which we had been riding… that I say ‘him’ to move back… that it wud be a risk to try and climb that way…..
While we r returning, we see another hill.. where some men are working.. the hill, it’s printed… like the kind of prints we see on clothes… this one is printed.. and somehow the ‘man’ is now replaced by abbu, and abbu tells me ki there are many such hills.. one hill is ------ (he says something that I don’t remember now), and another hill ‘Bleeds’… wen humans touch that hill, the hill starts bleeding and the people, wen they return home.. get a severe itch…
We move ahead, downhill, to be precise… and now it’s night, it’s raining heavily and we again come across some men working. (and now wen I think, I can make out the black sea from the side of my eyes)They have unearthed a slab of stone… like a bench.. but I somehow know that it’s supposed to be vertical on the ground….. newaz.. this stone is looooong, maybe ten to 12 feet in length and one foot wide. It has something written on it, in Chinese (or Japanese prolly, wat I mean is that kind of script) and even in my dream im so amazed by it…..i think ki it’s a Japanese temple . and then those men point out the English words written at the bottom (coz I believe it to have been made to stand erect)
and I think of marcus, and then abbu says ki a time is also mentioned (I don remember it now, but my father reads it aloud), and then they say ki wen ‘this’(they mention something wich I don remember now) had happened ‘there’ (somewhere in the world), this had been written. All I infer is that the stone was to mark an event happening somewhere in the world.
Bas itna hi.
Allah hafiz

P.S. A combo meal of Easter and Vishu with Election Garnish gives u wat???? an 8 day long holiday season! and Bonus: the entire hostel to you (and the nuns!):( :(
no hospital.. no canteen.. no college bus... a deserted hostel... being locked outside the hostel each time you go out.... easter eggs with greetings written in Malayalam... i hate it sooo much!!!

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