Wednesday, 29 April 2009

O My My!!!!.... Tell Me Why............


I wonder why girls have to be the one at the receiving end of so many things.. and I wonder why girls are still the worse ones, and I wonder why is it true that they are worse than others in so many things.
Assume a couple who isn’t married, whose marriage hasn’t been officially fixed.. as in.. their parents haven’t spoken to each other…
In that case wud it be ok for the boy’s mom to complain that the girl doesn’t love her??
Why is it that the girl has to nibhao all the rasms… ?
Even before the marriage the girl can be asked to think of a career that’s at terms with her wud be husband’s. she’d be told how she shud choose to work in a city where the boy is most prolly goin to settle… y shud a gal fulfil the responsibilities of a wife wen she’s not one???? And why, if she’s being a wife’s responsibilities, is she not be given a wife’s rights? Now, if the boy decides to work in the States or somewhere else to earn loads of money, will his parents then think ki ‘oh, we need to ask wat the gal thinks, after all shes goin to be his wife’….. if u cant give her the right of a wife b4 marriage.. you cant point out her duties to her.
Why is it that men are so better off in so many ways.
Today after working for 13 hours, I ran back to my hostel coz I am a girl and I live in a hostel and my hostel has an ‘in-time’ …and THIS made me lose attendance.. after those 13 hrs.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… :x
But the boys… they can enter their hostel at any time they want…. They don’t need to worry bout the time of the last bus, coz they can jump into anyone’s car ..askin a lift…
I have a lot of talking to do with God!
So, wen we meet God inshaAllah, I shall ask Him why He did all that He did…..
My mom reads me the Noor Naama regularly (wen I was at home, i.e.)
[and Ya!!! I’ll ask God why he never taught me to read Urdu well….and if He didn’t want to teach me Urdu.. why did He make it my mother tongue (apparently).. and why didn’t he teach me Bengali and Malayalam:( and why did my grandparents and great grandparents lose Pashto on the way to Hindi…it’s sick actually that they cudn learn a new language, Hindi in this case, without killing their own Pashto…]


Well, the part above the line was written yesterday after I returned from the labour room and I dozed off midway…(yes, without turning off the lappy)…

So… my mom reads me the Noor Naama
And it tells the story of the Noor Mohammedi S.A.W…. how was it created and why was it created and wat happened next….
It begins with telling how God wanted to have someone to share His beauty with and so He created the Noor Mohammedi from His own Noor. And then the world was created from the Noor Mohammedi…

While the Noor Naama discusses how Noor Mohammedi goes to the four elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth and how they accept Islam and how Noor Mohammedi chooses Earth (soil) over the others… another book ‘Kasasul Ambiya’, (Stories of the Prophets) discusses the creation of the other things from Noor Mohammedi…Noor Mohammedi was made into a pearl, then it was liquefied and divided into a certain number of parts..and from each part something was made.. the Great Pen, The Book, The Four Ashaabis… etc etc etc it’s quite a long story of Creation actually. There is an Urdu book at home which only mummy can understand (Once upon a time in the magical land called India……Mummy had learnt Persian….. so her Urdu is better than abbu’s), but later at that tiny little shop in Shadipur near Rajesh’s Medical Shop, I found a Hindi version…. I have it with me here in Kerala, I will inshaAllah write it in parts in MyIslam-my 3rd blog. … well…. If you read this blog from the first post, you’d find like around 500 million things that I have told I wud write in the future. So, now the Procrastinating Parenthesis-Loving Me has such a lot of things to write (not including the looonng list of topics I’ve written at the last page of almost every note book) that if I start writin now… I’ll go on and on and on and on until Jesus A.S. wud be bak on Earth and tap on my shoulders and say, “Beta, ab rehne do.. bohot likh liya!” and ya .. while you’ll be reading this blog to luk for all the things Almas so wishes to write about , you’d also notice how Almas always compares something in the future to the return of Jesus A.S…. wud seem to you that no one awaits Jesus as much as Almas…. And you’d also notice how Almas keeps switching between First person and Third person for herself….:S
Newaz…. So wat was I saying?
Ya this book Noor Naama… twas originally in Persian I think and later translated into Urdu… don know.. newaz…
To… this Noor Naama says ki God wanted to share his beauty with SOMEONE and soooo He Created the Noor Mohammedi and from it were created allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll these things….. so that WISH of God to share His Beauty with someone is responsible for EVERYTHING including this horrible 15 day internment where we have the GREAT RESPONSIBILITY of staring at wailing ladies’ vaginas… :/ newaz…

Now if you are wondering why I ever mentioned the Creation Story and those two books…………………………….well…………. let’s wonder together!!!! I was very sleepy yesterday and today too, I slept off the moment I lay down on the floor (yes :D I prefer the floor.. for everything… sitting, sleeping, eating, reading… everything…(I use my bed as a place to dump things…. I use my table too as a place to dump things… so wen I have to write a record or anything else… I find no place free from ‘dumped things’ and thus Almas writes her records too.. on the floor :D))….and awoke at 1 am, had my bath, stuffed some food into my mouth and then sat writing this…. It’s 2.30 am now..So I really don’t remember wat made me start this topic…. I only remember being angry at how gals have more restrictions and rules and duties than boys… I guess, I just wanted to say that ‘Why God???? Why all this crap to us????? Why ‘we’ are the ones to blame for the Fruit-Eating-Event of Eve? Why ‘we’ should enter the hostel at a certain time but boys can enter at any time in the whole night?’
I think this last question was killing me the most yesterday!!!!
So u can say dat I wrote bout the Story of Creation coz’ my hostel has an in-time …. And the ‘in-time’ made me lose attendance…

Well… I was so pissed off that I shouted at mummy…… I always shout at mummy wen im frustrated… and after I calmed down I was pissed off with myself…. I apologized.. and ive decided that inshaAllah I wudn talk bout problems to mummy wen im angry… I tend to let off my steam at my mummy who is, just in case you didn’t know, the best mummy in the world married to the best abbu in the world…:) Alahmdulillah!

Today was Alhamdulillah lighter than yesterday.. most of the cases ended in CS… I even got my lost attendances of yesterday.. Alhamdulillah! :)

I really hope all the deliveries in and around Alleppey get postponed by two weeks and all the deliveries that do take place , happen in the other shift :D …. i.e. not in the day shift if I have day… and not in the night shift if I have night.. :D Almas is bad!! :D :D
And I wont write anything more here coz then I’d be left with nothing to write in Confrontation…

And well…. My most regular and most darling reader has finally commented on my blog… and im flying… :) :) :) :) ….. Alhamdulillah!!!!!

Thank you aapu,……………:) :) :) :)
Tanki loves you………:) :) *kisses* .. that can penetrate your anti-Kiss-shield.. :D

Finally, what’s this
“O My My”
….it is a nursery rhyme that goes..
“O my my
Tell me why
Birdies fly
In the sky
One two three
Three four five”

And there’s also this song by AQUA, where the words have been changed a bit
It’s something like this
“My O my, do you wanna say goodbye? To have that kingdom baby, tell me why….”
And I don’t know any more of that song..
Ya just one more line..
“If you were my king…. I would be ur queen”
And this one
“Prince O prince are you really sincere…”
Now, if you had an idea of how well I understand foreign accents… you’d gift me the Qutab minar for being able to understand these three lines..
Need to write for Confrontation then get some sleep before I get busy staring at vaginal holes……….
:/ :/ :/ :/
P.S-…..welllll, I wrote “P.S.” to write something.. but now I feel I can make a separate post out of it [the Procrastinating Me ;)] as otherwise it wud be the longest “P.S.” in the world,,, :) newaz..
P.S 2- i remember 2 other things i wanted to write yesterday.. will write inshaAllah some other time.. its 4.23 am was posting coments in other blogs.. cudn write for confrontation.. gonna sleep.

Allah hafiz


xoxo, nadia said...

Yeah, why does the future in law expect so much of her daughter in law? It's like totally pushing the girl away from the marriage. Decisions should be made between the man and his wife/ future wife and should take into consideration both of their priorities (family/career etc).
Some people will say if you really love the guy, you will follow him to any corner of the world. But, the girl loves her parents too! There should be a compromise reached between the 2.

Yikes your hostel has in time for girls?? and not boys? That is gender discrimination. Stage a protest. Lol.

Shy said...

im so embarassed that i made u soooo happy by commenting. WOW if u could have u wud have put it in BBC.
chalo i m sad that u r happy.
u r so confused like noodles ....i know stupid comparison but i found it apt.
u r post started with a good note of the sufferings of a woman but u ended with the lyrics of aqua...i mean u r NUTS...NUTS...NUTS...

anyway those cutie cats were great...

among the lists that u wish to write posts jus add how u irritated me to the core when u were a pepsi bottle falling and not able to walk on the street and crying in school for 1 rupee..
my anti kiss shield is the latest one and nothin can penetrate into it....ha ha ha

Lisa said...

I mean it's so sad to think of you going to that hostel, sprinting as fast as you can.

And some guy just wandering in at 3am. I know for a fact that you are the smarter one, it's not like he's somehow the brain surgeon and your not. Quite frankly, I think you and any other girl should be the ones testing the in-laws. Not the other way around Making sure they meet YOUR expectations. Because YOU have A LOT more to offer than any of these guys do!

I just hope these in-law types don't expect a girl like you to d it all. Doctor, maid, mom, wife, it's WAY too much. Love you!

Nazish Rahman said...

well every one is equal and u have get out of that mindset that boys have an advantage....U stay in boys hostel or girls rules are everywhere and its just u who have to think that u are no less than others.

take care

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

well yes. . . Its gr8 to feel and think that everyone is equal. . . . But the greatness goes when we see boys not following any of the rules that are so strictly applied for girls. . . I cant say bout every hostel. . . But at least all the hostels i have heard of, are not strict in their in-time for boys. . . Boys come and go as they like. Blame it on the hostel authorities or whatever, it happens .

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

love you too dear. . . . Well, its not bout who is smarter. . . . Its bout being just. Love for in-laws is very essential. . . But it should be both ways. . . Not just me lovin my mil. . . While my husband curses my mom for not teachin me how to cook properly and not givin them any respect. . .
i will love my in-laws with all my heart, if my parents are given the love they deserve. If my in-laws can have a say in my matters. . . My parents should have a say in my husband's.
you sure have read other sisters' blogs. . . . You yourself do know how things are. .
Like i had told another sister, am tellin you too to pray that we never boss over our sons' lives :/
and bout the hostels. . . . Ya, its sad :( :( :( :( i know all that safety thing applies to gals more than boys, but it hurts anyways that we need to Plan the return timing before we think of where to go out for dinner. . . Boys dont need to :(

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

i am all for takin care of my in-laws. In Islam, there is no compulsion for the gal to stay with her in-laws. But Indian culture prescribes it, and i am not at all against it. But every relation works two ways. . . You cant go on expecting from me. . . When my parents and me cannot even dream of 'expectin' love from them.
i wouldn take something like
'i shud love you, your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, your dog, your uncles, your cousins. . . When you dont as much as bother bout my family's existence'

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Lolz. . . :D :D . . . Yupps . . . Kiran is beetel nut :D :D . . . Remember that flow chart ? ?
. . . . . .
and sure my chugalkhor sister. . . I shall write bout all that. . . And also bout how you used to leave me alone among the talk grasses. . . How you never let me wear dresses of the color that you were wearing, how you beat me when i struggled with maths. . . I shall write EVERYTHING :D :D :D


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