Monday, 11 May 2009

Be With Me . . .

All I want is You to be with me.
I'll cross every mountain, every stream
I'll never let You down, never will I see defeat
All I want is You to be with me.

They give me pains if they please
I'll live through them in total ease
Life full of disappointments and people mean
I'll move on with my Faith, my Belief.
They crush my spirits, they hurt me deep
I'll slip, fall and back I'll leap
I'll have a broken heart, I'll cry, I'll weep
Then wipe off my tears and smile with zeal

I'm lucky to have a difficult life to live
Burdens are given only to whom strength You give
I'll live up to Your expectations of me
All I want my God, is You to be with me.


Lisa said...

Oh sister Allah is definitely with you. Inshallah I will make dua for you, and pray for good outcomes in your life. I am thinking of oyur studies and your inching towards marriage. Love you.

queen said...

salam Almas, missed you tons, big big hug from Aapa, some of your recent posts have been so sad...therefore another massive hug from me, i hope that you are smiling now, love you

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

thank you so much for remembering me in your duas :)
love you too sis, and im too praying for you.

salaam aapi
howz you? I missed you a lot, too. Hope you are better than before.
ya, have been feeling low lately. :( . . But, life is a blend of joy and sorrows, today if it aches, happiness will come tomorrow. :) isnt it? :) thank you so much for the hugs. . I needed it :) and see, am smiling. . :)
love you. .


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