Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Extra-Terrestrial Biryani !

Well, am not able to sign into my google account thru my mobile.. dat means no blogging, no commenting, no orkutting :( .
So, today as I sat in the labour room trying desperately to sign in to blogger to write the song, “One Day At A Time”… (yes, the prayer song! Yes! I have written it earlier too, but well.. isimply love this song!), I thot .. why not tweet on twitter?
So, here are my tweets… I have copied them here in an almost continuous way, hitting an “enter” for each new tweet…

Anyways . . . My second last night in internment is coming to an end. . . . Its 6.50 am . . Work ends at 8 am. Then attendance and tatas
InshaAllah gotto return at 6.30 in the evening. . . Class from 7.30. . . Then . . . The work :(
Yesterday was the house surgeons' end posting treat. They gave us chicken biryani from Hassan's. Twas ok.

Hassan's is a very small shop. . . But it gives the better tandoori items than the most famous restaurants here. . Its not that famous for
Biryani. . I don know why they got it from there, they could have well got from Halai's. . Their biryani is the best here. They speak urdu
The biryani in kerala is different, like all things else in this place, . . . They make rice, fry it up with lots of oil(coconut oil? ? :o)
Then they prepare onion curry. . Lots of masala in lots of oil (coconut oil?. ?. :o), then they make chicken, dry and tasteless
They keep these three different things in three different vessels. . . When someone asks for biryani, they take a plate,
Put the rice on it, put the masala at one corner, the chicken pieces at another. . . And yes, they also give you one boiled egg (FREE:p)
Nimbu ka achaar (FREE :p) and one pappad (yes you heard it right, pappad with biryani :p . . And yes, this too FREE :P) and well salad too.
The mixing of the masala, the chicken and the rice has to be done by the fool who thought he can get 'normal' biryani in kerala.
This, if you are saying a reasonable price for the biryani, if you are ready to pay some more, you'd get it somewhat mixed. . That is ,. .
You'll get rice with balls of 'chicken-masala' scattered in the rice... But if you want to eat 'good biryani' you should go to other shops
These 'other' shops give you 'dum' biryani, which is an extra-terrestrial biryani in kerala. .
Very strangely, in most of the remainin india, this 'extra terrestrial dum biryani' is the normal biryani made at homes and hotels.
But since kerala is on another planet (most of the times than not. . It actually keeps jumping from
Place to place, at one moment in that other planet, another moment in 'saudi' , another moment in 'qatar', another moment in the 'states',
A fraction of a second in the 'kingdom' and ya it visits !ndia too). . So since kerala is on another planet most of the times, it finds our
'Normal' biryani difrnt enuf to place big boards rding "Dum Biryani" placed in frnt of dose shops dat sel dis special alien type of biryani.

Halai's is one of those shops, (they speak urdu, remember? The alien language! :D )
You also get 'dum biryani' in 'Brufia Timepazz' . So, any alien visitin alleppey, kerala knows where to find the alien biryani.
Newaz.. A litle fact bout Hassan's is that. . They give away the remainin food from each night to 'crescent orphanage' nxt door :)nice Na?
And well i forgot to mention that even the alien biryani comes with the FREE boiled egg, FREE nimbu ka achaar, and FREE pappad . . .
Newaz. . . Since today is Our last day here, inshaAllah, we are also supposed to give a treat to all the doctors and students present in the
Labour room, but no one is interested in even thinking of what to give, from where to buy it all etc etc. . All want the other to make
Arrangements . . Everyone is ready to pay the money but no one wants to work. . . Very obviously, we have EXAMS from 27th. I hate the world.
Today there is a CME (Continuing Medical Education) at Arcadia in gynaecology and obstetrics.
I haven attended a single CME in my life, am not interested. . First lemme finish off d medical eduction, wil think of continuin it later :(
Its 8 am now. . . Don know when will we get the attendance, my stomach is growling. Want to have uzhunavada :) will see if the canteen is
Opened, i will have appam if its opened, if not, only uzhunavada from the bru coffee shop. inshaAllah.

Fine, we got . Now tatas

Am at the canteen :) havin my vada, sambhar and chaya :)

Well its 11.45 am and i thank God for not making me eat appam from the canteen, its sunday-the 'appam' day in the hostel, :) i love appam.:)
I was thinking bout the 'biryani' situation. . Well, if i was in kochi, maybe, just a maybe, i wouldn be so troubled by food. We get good
Northie food there. . Not just the expensive hotels, good cheap ones too.
There's punjab house in broadway. . And bimbis at 'some' junction, dont remember the name of the junction. . Bimbis isnot as cheap as
Punjab House but still. . Relatively i mean. . . Not to mention the roadside 'chana masalas', 'puchkas' and 'chhola batoras' :p
Im such a laalchi wen it cums to gud fud :p azhar calls me aankh ki bhookhi. .


Fine, so, after coming bak to the hostel I thot I cud well make it a post.
So, if you have read the post till here, you may as well have got a clear picture of how much I love the biryani here!
Truly speaking am not that much of a ‘biryani lover’… I prefer the ‘ pulaav’
With chicken curry to biryani, anyday.. lekin fir bhi…
As I have said earlier too, I hate most of the kerala food items… rather ‘kerala food preparations’.
Well, yes! I absolutely love the ‘meen curry’ (fish curry)…the one with tamarind…

and also appam-kadla…and many such things….

And there’s also this large chunk of food items to which im neutral… I neither like them nor hate them… but the fact remains that I live in a hostel in Alleppey… and I don’t get good food….most of the hostels, in general, serve bad food… and if this ‘bad food’ is also something you had never eaten at home….you are not going to find it edible, trust me! So I forgive myself for telling how ‘bad’ the biryani in Kerala is… coz’ im sure there must be good biryani available as well..
Newaz… I miss home, I miss mummy, I miss MY kind of food and so im forgiven for talking bad bout any food at all. [Sorry Allah, you forgive me too pllllzzz :)]
There are a million things in kerala that I’d never eaten at home, namely… unniappam, appam, kadla (not in the form of a curry), pazhampuzhi (watev the spelling is), mango ka curry, coconut ka curry, avial, pulshery, puttu

puttu kadla


Plus, I hate the over-usage of coconuts… coconut is to keralites what potato is to northies (I am not a northie by the way!)
Just like we have the aaloo-matar, aaloo-gobhi, aalo-gosht etc etc etc.. they have ‘coconut’ with matar, gobhi, gosht and everythin else that the cook…
In fact, it gets unnerving at times…coz they add such a lot of coconut that you are left wondering if it was supposed to be a beans’ curry with coconuts sprinkled over it or was it supposed to be a coconuts’ curry with beans sprinkled over it!

Anyways… I think it’s good that I don’t like kerala food… with all the love that I have for kerala, my parents fear if I will choose never to return home….
I guess chanting the mantra
“the food is bad, the language is tough” 600 times daily will keep me in my senses, and help me return home to my parents and my land from this state I have come to love so much. But well, I think 99% of the reason I love this state lies in me… im that kinds you know…. i wud have been as much in love with Assam, had I been studying there….
That’s just so typically me! Oh baby baby! Oops I did it again! :D :D :D

Well… more later.. eyes hurting!

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Allah hafiz


Nazish Rahman said... biryani is made differently....

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Hey. . I didnt get you . .
you mean in your place they make a different kind of biryani?

Nazish Rahman said...

yup in kolkata we make biryani a bit is the case with most places. Every different regions the same food is made differently!!!


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