Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Good And The Bad. . .

The whole bloody problem is that we expect people to be like us. But, fortunately or unfortunately, we are all different, very different. So, someone who is bad expects people to be bad. . . Coz . . . Well. . . He knows the golden rule of 'You Get What You Give'. . . And since he is so full of hatred, he feels others too are like him. . And even if they arent showin it . . Thats what they inherently are - BAD! ! Likewise, we can speak of someone who is 'good' and goes bout thinkin that everyone around him should and will love him coz, after all, he loves them.
but since the world is burdened by such a rapidly growing human population, chances are that you meet people (more often than not) who are as different in their thoughts and beliefs as is the difference between Paris Hilton and Mother Teresa. . .
and such 'clashes', 'meetings' or whatever you want to call them, lead to a totally bafflin world..... Where the good ones go on getting their hearts broken (coz they were being good but their goodness wasnt believed and they got no reciprocation) and the
bad ones go on turnin the world into a bad place (coz they are bad and they cant see any goodness, and this narrow vision strengthens their dedication to be bad ).
And this discrimination of nature against the 'good' makes them. . . Forces them to turn 'bad'.
And this 'All bad' situation means a total collapse of love, faith, hope and everything beautiful.
And thats exactly how and exactly why the world will end.
There shud have been a barricade dividing the good and the bad, so that, the imminent collapse of the bad would affect only their side of the world; leaving the good in peace.

Now dont go about the 'life needs both bad and good' song. . . I have heard it enuf and know that 'Yes thats how its gonna be'. And what 'IS' is precisely what 'SHOULD BE'. But, that doesnt rule out things that 'COULD HAVE BEEN'.
For all I know, a life of such a heart-tearing variety is not something I, personally, would like to call a 'LIFE'.
But, this is what 'LIFE IS'. I know it. And I see no one but God takin the pleasure out of this mess. And probably the mess is not actually a mess, it is the most organized thing in the world, but, I believe this kind of 'organization' is only for the Immortal Being to know and understand and amuse Himself with. And again, I dont believe in 'Everything is Immortal' kind of things. I am most definitely a mortal, and so are 'you' , if there is any 'you' reading this- whether you buy it or not.
So, well. . . The majority is sloggin it out to please the Minority, . . . . And oh! What a Minority! A Minority of one single (entity).

And so I reach the conclusion that there is no chance of any 'good' remaining. Any attempt anyone takes to do any good is entirely at his own risk. You can move on, stand still, turn back, or jump into the sea. . . Your wish. There is always a choice . . Even the choice of not choosing is, after all, a choice.
So, go ahead make your choice between the good and the bad.

P.S - The 'good' and the 'bad' are very subjective. . . The lesser we speak bout it the better. Each one with his own meanings of the words. . This is an example of 'goodness' in my philosophy.
P.S 2- No apologies to any care-takers of the English language for repeating the same words so many times. This is an example of 'badness' in my philosophy.

Allah hafiz


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