Thursday, 21 May 2009

Jumbled Words ----My Language Crisis


I am exactly 21 years 5 months and 23 days of age. And all these years I have been using the word ‘tiktiki’ for lizards, not knowing that it is actually a Bengali word.

Now, I don’t know shud I blame it on my mom or the dialect of Hindi back home, or the fact that my place is ACTUALLY made up of people from all the Indian states (no, it’s not like Delhi or Chennai or other places where there is a huge influx from outside but there definitely is a Local population,
the Local Population in my state is ITSELF comprised of people from other states.)
So, newaz… I don’t know the aetiology of this ‘Jumbled Words Syndrome’ that my family suffers from.
But since it’s goin to be realy tuf moving ahead widout knowin a reason, lets formulate some hypotheses…
1st- The Bengali population

The Bengali population( including the very few pre42s (descendants of the prisoners brought in by the British Govt) and large number of settlers(brought in by the govt of India, post-independence and absolutely GIANT SIZE of the population that came in on their own for trade or whatever)) brought with it words… u know.. Bengali words… that have now got so blended into our ‘own special version of Hindi’ that it’s hard wen we come out into mainland India and try to convey something to any other average Hindi speakin person….
You go shopping anywhere in the islands, whether you are a TamBrahm or an Anglo or a Bihari… you gotto say ‘mudi’ for the thing which otherwise-in-Hindi is called ‘murmure’ or many such strange names, I have heard on tv.
And wen u add a chilly or two extra in ur curry, the curry becomes ‘jhaal’…. And not ‘teekha’…… wtf is ‘teekha’? :0 :0 :0
And ya.. dat means the thing being sold in those red colored dibbas near the park, on the footpaths, near the schools is called…. JHAALMUDI….. (and not ‘TEEKHE MURMURE’ :/ :/ :/uuuggghhhh!!!!! Wat an ugly word!!!)

And soooooo, my family too has picked up Bengali words… which we say as if these words were of our own language (…. Mmmm.. thinking bout it now! I guess, it IS after all, our own language… the gr8 Hindi of the gr8 Andamans :D)

And ya.. it’s the Bengali population which is also apparently responsible for the loss of the ‘feminine gender’ from our Hindi.. but THAT is something we can keep for later….

2nd- An Imported Mummy

Yes, if you have a mummy from any state other than your own, you are bound to learn ‘imported’ words… and then use those words in front of ur friends only to receive a look of ‘exactly-which-language-was-that-darling-and-please-tell-me-wat-it-means’ ?.......

so, yes… wen u need to boil something, u say ‘futana’ instead of ‘ubalna’ :/
And I learnt an hour ago…. That ‘TIKTIKI’ (my best friend *sarcasm*sarcasm*sarcasm*) didn’t have its name ‘tiktiki’ invented by my mom (ya.. that’s wat I believed allllll these years), but it IS its OFFICIAL name in Bengali. :/

3rd- An Imported Mummy who is herself heck confused.

And that is becoz this mummy of mine is NOT truly a Bengali… I mean her family has been living in Calcutta from like ever and ever (kind of the way My family is in the islands from time immemorial )…and in that way, yes she’s a Bengali… yes, she wears that ‘red bangle’ (not the white one.. coz the red and white together wud make her an absolute Bengali… :D :D :D she wears only the red one to show she’s only partially Bengali :D :D :.. hell!!! No… that’s coz’.. well…I don know why…:D)… and yes she can speak Bengali fluently… but.. and a big BUT at that (not butt… single ‘t’….) the fact that my mummy’s mother tongue is Urdu…her family spoke Urdu at home (I don kno y I wrote it in the past tense… newaz…. I her family SPEAKS in Urdu)…
And let’s not forget the fact that my mummy had also learnt Persian…no, she cant actually speak in Persian… but, give her words and she knows the meanings and set her in the mood of ‘preaching’ and she starts talking in that alien variety of Urdu which uses all the words that are in all alien languages but in Urdu.

So, if you are a daughter of this kind of a mom.. u r sure to be speaking in a language that is kind of absurd….
With one word from here and the next word from there and the third word from everywhere…. Making the sentence, in its entirety, from nowhere.

This ‘Jumble Word Syndrome’ was not that prominent back home coz… like I told in point no. 1, certain ‘Bengali’ words are known to almost all the people there…. And another reason being that any average Hindikar… one who speaks in ‘Khadi boli Hindi’ knows Urdu to some extent.. thanks to the movies :D

But, here in Kerala… God’s Own Country, people are not born speaking ‘hum tum yeh who’ (me, you, this, that)
They say ‘njan, nee, itha, atha’ (same words in Malayalam)
And for these paavam people the whole of my Language Melodrama is too much to handle…
Especially coz…. Im more of a Hinglish user than Hindi or English….
So, its not ‘Udo mat’
Nor is it ‘Don’t fly’
For me it…. ‘Don’t udofy’

[the expression ‘Don’t fly’ means “Alrite-you-got-a-99-out-of-100-big-deal-now-don’t-be-on-cloud-9-just-get-back-to-ground-and-stop-bugging-me”]

So, with the Hinglish+Urdu+Bengali Jumbled Words Syndrome, I am a source of extra special pain (pain in the wrong place, like my sister says it :D) to the Malayali population.

No wonder… I hardly get a chance to talk…. :D :D :D
Gotto pray….
Time for maghrib…
Allah hafiz


Nazish Rahman said...

lolz!!....nice post!!!

actually nice observation..."aapnar post khoob bhalo"...m born n brought up in calcutta but never have been able to speak bengali can understand it!!
So seems that the lang has not influenced me or my family that!!!

Jokes apart but we in India have a diverse population with really different background so thats the reason of this Jumbled Words dear!!

** lol...even i never knew that in bengali tiktiki is used for lizard...thanks !!!

take care!!!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

lolz.... you cant speak bengali????

heyyy... do learn it... y miss a chance of learning a language, wen u r livin in that state??? nai???



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