Wednesday, 27 May 2009



Someone from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan wants to study. But, he/she (let’s take a ‘he’ for convenience) isn’t very happy with the educational standards in Pakistan. And, like many many people in our countries,he too feels that studying in any country other than our own is gr8. So, he doesn’t apply to many colleges within Pakistan, and the colleges to which he does apply, reject him (uhm uhm!). now, if I had met this person somewhere, I wud have definitely tried to help him… you know I have cousins in Pak, not in Lahore… but, still.. I think if I asked them to, they wud have definitely found out info bout some really good and affordable colleges in Lahore… Lahore is a big city… if you cant find colleges in Lahore… trust me , your visual acuity is so diminished that you newaz wudn be able to read the print in the text books, so, why even bother looking for colleges?
Well, so he doesn’t want to study in Pak… and then from somewhere he hears about a country…. A country where the educational standards are very high… the standard of living is very high…. A country incomparable…and he thinks… ‘Hey, why not study there?’
And so, somewhere between 17:15 to 17:30 of PST (or whatever it’s called), he turns on his computer, goes to the Gr8 Google Search Engine to search for something that brought him to my blog and his visit to my blog is the inspiration behind this post. He searched for


Allah hafiz


Nazish Rahman said...

Those who people think like that i can just say is that they have the colonial hangover!!!

Quite strange he was searching for colleges and howcome he landed on this blog...!!!


JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Are bache
look at what he searched for . . . Gross spelling error. . :) :)

and ya otherwise too, its stupid to always look at some other country as superior to ours in everything.

Shy said...

well this is to ultimate joke of the year....ha ha....
chalo do inform the kid to be ready..someone is out to do a masters on him....ha ha ..or may be a Phd............

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Kid is such an irritating taurean. . Thank God you are a cusp baby! !

and ya the paavam Paki got the spelling wrong . . Its Azerbaijan . . He thot some country has been named after a certain azhar bhai jaan . .


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